I wish you guys good luck, but I am out after the PSX show.

  • The show was a waste of everyone's time it was unbelievably boring. Don't be so sensitive you just want them to like everything you like rather than speak the truth. Nintendo had a new console out the year thats sold well & had great games. The whole gaming industry agrees with that.

  • I mean I love my PS4, it had by far the most of my playtime in 2017 and I don't see that changing really in 2018, and past PSX shows were at least decent, but that show was just hot garbage, would be hard to talk positively about it for more than 3 minutes tbh.

  • They've been telling it like it is. The show was terrible (the actual content was fine, but it was way too long and way too showy for what they had, and the Allies said as much), and it's no wonder Nintendo talk has increased, given the incredible year they've had.

    Besides, GT/EZA has historically had a Sony bias. This year has shown they can be more balanced. If THAT'S why you've been a fan of them, well, tough luck.

  • Don't mind you dropping support at all, but they were overly down on the Nintendo Switch Presentation as well. EZA are at their worst when they're being snarky and acting like they're too good for this and that. I mean for people who won't shut up about the power of positivity they sure to jump on a lot of stupid, uncritical game hate bandwagons. But yeah PSX was boring outside of the trailers, almost like that Gamescom Xbox thing.

  • I don't know why people expected so much out of PSX, they had a couple of really good years but that's not really the norm, most of it is just the fun of being there and playing the games they have on the show floor.

    Granted much of the "Conference" was quite boring and I noped out once Greg Miller was on stage, but that's not all PSX is. I just wasn't there this year.

    The only thing that usually gets to me is the overwhelming negativity, I mean let's face it Ian generally doesn't like most games so him least of all should've expected anything huge, Fromsoftware said the news about the game they teased at the game awards would be forthcoming within the next TWELVE months, so of course there wasn't gonna be a Bloodborne 2 reveal at PSX, just the really rude comments and body language I could do without, You're on camera either be a little more professional or go outside to mope, it came off very childish.

    I coulda swore even Sony themselves tweeted out that we shouldn't expect a big show and temper our expectations this year, but I can't prove that verbatim to maybe that's my own head canon.

    Either way, yeah they could've chilled out a bit. This is why you don't hype things that don't actually exist. Most of the big reveals were last year and those games still aren't out yet, why would there be MORE new things coming? I just assumed progress reports of what they're working on and not much else.

    E3 is the event you hype for, every other games convention/event it's just an added bonus if there's a secret announcement dropped but it's not to be expected.

    It's all basically due to disappointment, and I get that. But yeah, there wasn't much of a reason to be such downers about it.

  • @ZyloWolfBane
    Even with zero expectations, trash is still trash. I think that's reason enough.

  • If you're gonna put on a show, then, well, you should at least have something to show. To me, it wasn't just the lack of announcements, the interviews also seemed really stilted and weird, like it was all just thrown together at the last minute.

    They could've at least thrown together a few new trailers or something for games we know are coming. And the camera constantly switching to wide shots when they're showing stuff drives me nuts.

  • I always wonder too, when someone claims EZA has a Nintendo bias, if they're not really just saying that they themselves have a Sony one? Cause if you hadn't noticed, some of their favorite games this year have been either Sony exclusive or not present on Switch. Nier Automata, Nioh, RE7, Persona 5, EW2, etc...

  • @Minamik The Switch is dominating

  • I don't think there's any real discussion to be had here. The poster has let EZA know what they think and people have come back with their own opinions. I'm sure the appropriate people have seen the feedback.

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