Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS!)

  • @TokyoSlim Sith over Jedi?? Waaaaaaaat

  • @Faaip I just hate Ewoks, man.

    There were some weird writing choices that pulled me out.. Luke saying "laser sword" is an example of that.

    I think that was a nod to deep cut nerds like myself, since laser sword was what they were called in early script drafts, and generally how George Lucas himself refers to them when discussing them.

  • @TokyoSlim Ah.. yeah.. I have no rebuttal haha

    Yeah I could see that now that you mention it.. it just felt weird coming from Luke I guess

  • Now that I've seen the film, this is what I took away from it:

    Overall, really enjoyed the film
    Some of the humor hit and some didn't, but the MOST atrocious was the opening banter between Hux and Poe
    I felt A LOT of development for some characters took place here
    Best scene for me, in the entire movie, is the confrontation between Snoke, Rey, and Kylo
    Leia should be dead. Look, I really, REALLY appreciated the different aspects of the force (The interplay of the lightsaber splitting and Luke PROJECTING HIMSELF ON ANOTHER PLANET!!!), but no. Leia Organa should have died in that bridge blast. Keeping that as a death, with Kylo hesitating, would have had a lot more impact.
    Who. Is. Snoke!?!? Where was he during the Empire's reign? How did become so powerful with the force? How did he get as ****** up as he is? Nothing. This and Leia's survival are my two biggest issues from the film.
    The Porgs lasted about two or three scenes too many. But hey, " 'Merch!"
    The text crawl and Crait were straight out of Hoth from Empire.
    I'm..... conflicted.... the most about Canto Bight. Convenience for it's own sake is bothersome and while from a holistic level, I agree with the sentiment it was unnecessary, but there are only two things here that could have potential: Rose could be used in the next Episode (Her purpose here being an establishment) and the very last scene of this movie: The beginning of a new generation of jedi. Of hope.
    Again convenience for its own sake, the slow chase was a plot device to drag the movie, but something that bugged me was how it was possible of the First Order was able to track them through hyperspace. JUST NOW saw a picture from Rouge One where this technology was under development. LOVE Easter Eggs like that.
    Finally, Captain Phasma had so much potential since her unveiling, and she only exists to further Finn as a character

    Again, I really like the film and my snap reaction ranking: V, RO, IV, VII, VIII, VI, then the others.

  • i just flat out hated the movie. The fight in the throne room, the lightspeed kamikaze and the ending looking at the binary sunset were the only good parts

  • Really though... why was that scene with Luke miking that creature in the final cut of the film? I'm having nightmares about that damn thing!

  • @SabotageTheTruth And all he wanted to do was go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. :p

  • Here's my full "Hand Theory" for those interested

  • I watched it for free and I felt cheated out of my money. I've never been so mad with a movie before
    -the writing was just awful, and the humor was so fucking bad. a lot of random scenes just to get a quick laugh
    -Snook's existence is so stupid, who the fuck is he?
    -Phasma too, what the fuck? Is the cause of the Death Planet to blow up and literally thrown in the trash, then gets a pretty mediocre 1 minute fightscene with Fin and dies, is this a joke?
    -Rey's entire existance, she is a literal Mary Sue. the ONLY training she does is how to lift rocks and almost goes to the darkside, and from this she beats a master retired jedi, fights with Kylo against Snook's own personal guards and stands her own, manages to rip apart Luke's saber with Kylo, and finally lifts multiple rocks out of the way to save Poe and friends. Like what the fuck? Not even Anakin, born from force jizz, could master this shit in a couple of months and was still in training.
    -Any time the movie decided to switch to Casino planet
    -the new Admiral's stupidity. literally every problem after the 30 minute mark could've been avoided if she told them what was the plan.
    -The First Order being a bunch of retards, why didn't they just send an entire flock of Tie Fighters to wipe them out? Clearly worked for Kylo and his 2 buddies, or call more support and attack them from the front. they had 13 hours to stop them. And are you telling me Snook's own ship doesn't have anything to blow this fucking thing up?
    -Leia turning into Superman
    -the Text crawl itself, are you telling me the Republic collapsed hours after Deathstar v3 destroyed Alderan v2 and everyone decided that its hopeless to fight The First Order?
    -even the Choreography wasn't that good, you can see the red guards just doing random shit in the background, some storm troopers randomly falling down, etc.
    -what was the purpose of those speeders? they were falling apart which led to yet another quick laugh for the audience, they don't shoot, they can't even defend themselves against tie fighters, probably can't even trip the AT-AT like Snow Speeders. So what the fuck was its purpose? where they going to Kamikazi it? If they were, why did they decide to retreat? Did they really let people get on the speeders, die and retreat? Why did the asian girl decide to eliminate Poe's sacrifice to save the rebels for a retard kiss?
    -Luke. Actually contemplated on killing his 15 year old nephew because of something he MIGHT do in the future (which is now happening so good shit Luke). this is the same guy who went to talk with Vader, the second most evil person in the universe, to try to get him to be good.
    the ONLY good things about this movie was the action, but its impossible to fuck that up anyways. At first I thought that people just had bad taste, but now I know there is a double standard for Disney

  • One of the riskiest blockbusters this side of Guardians Vol 2. Pretty great stuff. Glad Disney took some huge risks with this one considering how poor of a movie Rogue One is. Far surpassed my expectations since Rogue One was so bad and the Han Solo movie sounds so dreadful. Glad it made everyone pissed but I hope Disney doesn't double back. Episode 9 is gonna be real good.

  • @siegeh said in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS!):

    -Rey's entire existance, she is a literal Mary Sue. the ONLY training she does is how to lift rocks and almost goes to the darkside, and from this she beats a master retired jedi, fights with Kylo against Snook's own personal guards and stands her own, manages to rip apart Luke's saber with Kylo, and finally lifts multiple rocks out of the way to save Poe and friends. Like what the fuck? Not even Anakin, born from force jizz, could master this shit in a couple of months and was still in training.

    Watch Empire again and Listen to Yoda. Size matters not. Lifting a rock is the same as lifting an X-Wing.

  • Listening to IGNs spoilercast and thinking about this movie makes me want to not go into media blackout for the other movies. I might not go watch it day 1. I stopped caring about the Star Wars. Time to Milk Star Wars
    Disney Milk

  • @ib0show blue milk

  • @ib0show Please no... that gif is giving me intense flashbacks of an awful scene. WHY WON'T IT LEAVE MY MIND.

  • I mean you kind of have to stop caring about Star Wars because it's only two hours of anything that actually matters every other year. It's a problem the whole movie industry is running into now that TV can just do the same things, and reminds me of how I stopped caring about GoT in like season 5 because it kept randomly killing off characters in really in-your-face ways.

    Really liked The Last Jedi though,

    the throne room fight and hyper speed sequence was amazing and Rey's internet stalker plot line was compelling.

    It's maybe my favorite Star Wars movie save for the

    Yoda placeholder that they forgot to edit over.

  • So where does Star Wars go from here? It seems like a timeskip is almost necessary at this point, TFA and TLJ took place over a couple weeks if not less. The galaxy needs a little time to mature, the Rebel Alliance has to rebuild and gather its forces while the Empire continues to build up and probably develop a new superweapon. I'm hoping Hux betrays Kylo and kicks him out of the empire so Kylo has to go off with his knights of ren and become this third party in the galactic civil war. In the Rebel camp Leia has died of old age, Poe is still flying x-wings, Finn is now a general because he knows all the FO's strategies (The CIA and KGB were doing it wrong the whole time, all they needed was a double-agent in a janitorial position to learn everything about their enemy) and Rey is training a new generation of broom-wielding Jedi.

  • RedLetterMedia knows what's up. We're on the same page again, it seems.

    Youtube Video

  • @Sentinel-Beach Finally reviewers that understand how TLJ got Yoda completely wrong

  • I've talked about this way too much so i'll just say a few things.

    I thought it was great, 8/10 for me.
    I liked Luke's ark and how it concluded.
    Finding out that Rey's parents aren't important is cool, because really who cares. just cuz it's star wars doesn't mean she has to have some kind of great family legacy to define who she is and she isn't a Mary sue they explain why she's powerful with the force.
    Poe's ark and his conflict with Holdo was good(her reasons for her decisions was valid).
    I like the performance of the new character Rose along with Finn but their story arc dragged a little too long and wasn't really that great. Also didn't care for the new character DJ except for the fact that he represents what Finn could've ended up as if he just kept running away and being selfish.
    Kylo was great, really enjoyed his dynamic with Rey and that throne room scene was awesome.
    Snoke was just another Palpatine anyways, didn't care about him at all don't know why anyone did in the first place. Glad he's gone and much more excited for ep9 because of it.
    Carrie Fisher's last performance as Leia was great. I'm glad they didn't kill off Leia just because she died tho, she wasn't supposed to die this ep. Just because Carrie died(may she RIP) doesn't mean the character of Leia was supposed to die along with her.
    Thought Yoda scene was fantastic, he always speaks the truth.
    The resistance failed, pretty much on all fronts(which i thought was cool) then Luke came in at the end to spark the hope up again.

    So i ended up still talking way too much about this. oh well.