Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS!)

  • One of the riskiest blockbusters this side of Guardians Vol 2. Pretty great stuff. Glad Disney took some huge risks with this one considering how poor of a movie Rogue One is. Far surpassed my expectations since Rogue One was so bad and the Han Solo movie sounds so dreadful. Glad it made everyone pissed but I hope Disney doesn't double back. Episode 9 is gonna be real good.

  • @siegeh said in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS!):

    -Rey's entire existance, she is a literal Mary Sue. the ONLY training she does is how to lift rocks and almost goes to the darkside, and from this she beats a master retired jedi, fights with Kylo against Snook's own personal guards and stands her own, manages to rip apart Luke's saber with Kylo, and finally lifts multiple rocks out of the way to save Poe and friends. Like what the fuck? Not even Anakin, born from force jizz, could master this shit in a couple of months and was still in training.

    Watch Empire again and Listen to Yoda. Size matters not. Lifting a rock is the same as lifting an X-Wing.

  • Listening to IGNs spoilercast and thinking about this movie makes me want to not go into media blackout for the other movies. I might not go watch it day 1. I stopped caring about the Star Wars. Time to Milk Star Wars
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  • @ib0show blue milk

  • @ib0show Please no... that gif is giving me intense flashbacks of an awful scene. WHY WON'T IT LEAVE MY MIND.

  • I mean you kind of have to stop caring about Star Wars because it's only two hours of anything that actually matters every other year. It's a problem the whole movie industry is running into now that TV can just do the same things, and reminds me of how I stopped caring about GoT in like season 5 because it kept randomly killing off characters in really in-your-face ways.

    Really liked The Last Jedi though,

    the throne room fight and hyper speed sequence was amazing and Rey's internet stalker plot line was compelling.

    It's maybe my favorite Star Wars movie save for the

    Yoda placeholder that they forgot to edit over.

  • So where does Star Wars go from here? It seems like a timeskip is almost necessary at this point, TFA and TLJ took place over a couple weeks if not less. The galaxy needs a little time to mature, the Rebel Alliance has to rebuild and gather its forces while the Empire continues to build up and probably develop a new superweapon. I'm hoping Hux betrays Kylo and kicks him out of the empire so Kylo has to go off with his knights of ren and become this third party in the galactic civil war. In the Rebel camp Leia has died of old age, Poe is still flying x-wings, Finn is now a general because he knows all the FO's strategies (The CIA and KGB were doing it wrong the whole time, all they needed was a double-agent in a janitorial position to learn everything about their enemy) and Rey is training a new generation of broom-wielding Jedi.

  • RedLetterMedia knows what's up. We're on the same page again, it seems.

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  • @Sentinel-Beach Finally reviewers that understand how TLJ got Yoda completely wrong

  • I've talked about this way too much so i'll just say a few things.

    I thought it was great, 8/10 for me.
    I liked Luke's ark and how it concluded.
    Finding out that Rey's parents aren't important is cool, because really who cares. just cuz it's star wars doesn't mean she has to have some kind of great family legacy to define who she is and she isn't a Mary sue they explain why she's powerful with the force.
    Poe's ark and his conflict with Holdo was good(her reasons for her decisions was valid).
    I like the performance of the new character Rose along with Finn but their story arc dragged a little too long and wasn't really that great. Also didn't care for the new character DJ except for the fact that he represents what Finn could've ended up as if he just kept running away and being selfish.
    Kylo was great, really enjoyed his dynamic with Rey and that throne room scene was awesome.
    Snoke was just another Palpatine anyways, didn't care about him at all don't know why anyone did in the first place. Glad he's gone and much more excited for ep9 because of it.
    Carrie Fisher's last performance as Leia was great. I'm glad they didn't kill off Leia just because she died tho, she wasn't supposed to die this ep. Just because Carrie died(may she RIP) doesn't mean the character of Leia was supposed to die along with her.
    Thought Yoda scene was fantastic, he always speaks the truth.
    The resistance failed, pretty much on all fronts(which i thought was cool) then Luke came in at the end to spark the hope up again.

    So i ended up still talking way too much about this. oh well.

  • Luke would never have considered killing Ben Solo. Not for an instant. We're talking about someone who basically sacrificed himself and allowed himself to be captured on the Death Star 2 because he believed he could turn the second most evil person in the known galaxy. Please tell me how we're supposed to go from that to believing that he considers killing his nephew, the son of his sister and his best friend, because he, like Luke himself when he was only young, displayed some dark side tendancies?

    @Kingkien said in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS!):

    The resistance failed, pretty much on all fronts(which i thought was cool) then Luke came in at the end to spark the hope up again.

    My one criticism of this is that I think it was pointless to do the Force Ghost thing and have him die from the effort. If he's going to die from the battle then actually have him there being a powerful Jedi and give us a real confrontation with an Obi-wan ending. Imagine him flying down on an X-Wing and jumping out in front of the entire battalion.

    A lot of the criticisms people are making apply to the OT also (I don't understand why so many people are up tight about knowing nothing about Snoke. We knew nothing about Sidious either!). But one thing I agree with whole-heartedly is how mishandled Lukes character and story arc were.

  • @Hazz3r He wouldn't have thought about killing him 30 years ago, but it's not the same old Luke. He's an older mature Luke that has been through some crap in his life. He has seen what the dark side can do and what Kylo could've been capable of. So he had a moment of weakness and thought he should end it before it could get worse, he's not perfect. Which then resulted in Kylo full on becoming what he saw.
    The force projection thing was pretty much the most powerfull display of the force we've actually seen other than Yoda probably(the guy summoned lightning from the dead). Him dying was more like him accepting that it's time to become one with the force, more of a choice really. Same with Ben Kenobi and Yoda. Ben just straights up give up in the middle of his duel with Vader and decides it's time to become one with the force and die.

  • Part of my problem with The Force Awakens too was that Rey just magically picked up on how to use the force with zero training.

    It's one thing for people with latent force potential to have incredible intuition for being pilots. It's supported by Anakin and Luke before her, but even Anakin who was (stupidly) conceived through the force had to undergo Jedi training to use force powers. Luke had time with Obi Wan on the Falcon to get a tiny bit of training in with a lightsabre and that remote drone thingie, but none of it felt earned by Rey in Force Awakens. From being able to resist Kylo's mind probing, to being able to undo her restraints, to being able to go toe to toe with Kylo in a lightsabre duel...

  • @Minamik The one thing to remember about that duel between Kylo and Rey was Kylo was severely injured from being shot in the chest/stomach. He was bleeding profusely so that definitely would have hindered him in a fight... I agree on the other fronts though.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, but if I recall correctly, he was using the pain to fuel his strength during that fight? Didn't he keep punching the wound, lol.

  • @Minamik I think he was punching the wound because of how painful it was, not to fuel his strength, haha... and he had just murdered his father. Safe to say he wasn't fighting at his peak potential.


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    Looks like the panel is just as split as everyone else seems to be.

  • Yeah, I feel like I kind of agree with what Brad and Jones are saying.

    It's fine for Ren to kill off Snoke, but it just doesn't have any weight to it when we know next to nothing about the guy.

    I feel the same way about Ren killing Han in Force Awakens. It felt cheap, cause you just don't know enough about Ren, and his feelings about/history with his father to have it feel like it was done for anything other than the shock value of killing off a beloved character.

  • I think Screen Junkies did a pretty good discussion too, and I think Dan put it really well saying that it's not the fans fault for being disappointed at stuff being just thrown away in The Last Jedi, when The Force Awakens seemed to suggest that the mysteries of Snoke and Rey's parents were things that you should wonder about.

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  • @Minamik You don't need Training to use the Force. Episode 1 of Rebels shows us this when Ezra instinctively uses Force push without training of any kind.

    Rey had heard stories of the Jedi, she understands the general concept of what the Force allows a Jedi to do. She just tried it, and due to her strong affinity with the Force she succeeded.

    Like, if you got your Hogwarts letter tomorrow, you would know that it's LeviOsa, not LevioSA.