Easy Allies in 2017

  • Made a little video about Easy Allies in 2017:
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  • Thank you Alexander! As always, you again managed to make me smile and just give good energies in general with your montage. Great moments, great memories. :)

  • Easy Ally

    That was wonderful! I'm amazed by the time it must have taken to find all that footage that matched the song so perfectly! Great stuff, thank you!!

  • Thanks!

    Video wasn't too hard to find because I watch all EZA shows, group streams and big stuff like E3 & Easy Living. As I'm watching them, I cut segments that I like and save them on my PC (at the moment I have 102 clips for future use). So I had to find only several segments, the rest was there already.

    The hardest part actually was finding the song. I almost don't listen music, so I've spent dozens of hours across several month in google & iTunes before I found something with fitting lyrics.

  • After what Ian said I listened to it the second time, now actually listening to the lyrics more carefully, and man, you're somekind of a genious. I mean now I almost cried already a bit while constantly just smiling and laughing! The way it all fits. The fingers raised, Ian's head going back and forth, Huber not sleeping in the beach house etc. And for some reason I absolutely love that shot of Brandon with the Legos! :D Staring there and then he picks something up. Somehow perfection amidst that all. :)

  • @Sentinel-Beach Thank you so much! I never expected to hear such high praise. And I'm so glad that you have a wonderful time watching it.

  • Global Moderator

    Absolutely amazing video! Didnt know it was possible to fit that much jollyness in 2 minutes! It was great to watch a lookback of the year. Not sure how long you spent on finding all of this, but we salute you! L&R <3

  • @Lotias It's really hard to tell because I didn't time it. I'll try to do it next time in case the same question arise. I'll say that song search was 10-15 hours, clips from Easy Allies channel and streams that I've watched was 0 hours (because I'm saving them through the year), and checking timestamps in comments for the rest of Easy Allies Plays videos was about 5 hours. Then probably 4 hours watching through the clips, making notes and picking which I'll use. Around 2 hours for finding something for the empty spots in Easy Updates. And then probably 4 hours for audio and video editing. I guess that's it.

  • I absolutely loved this. I think the song choice really puts it over the top, but what ties it all together is the variety of content from podcasts, streams, and shows.

  • I hope you've all seen Alexander's other videos here previously as well. "I'm So Excited" is 10/10. :]

  • So jolly, nice work