Your top 10 Games of 2017

  • I'm officially opening the community GOTY's

    As i used to do, I ask for members to list their top 10 games that both released first in 2017, and were of course played by the individual first this year.

    The thread is not a competition, just a way to share our personal favourites this year. I look forward to seeing your picks.

  • Top 10? We're not doing top 25? And what about emailing the lists for compiling? Will there be the posting format found here?

    The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016
    The EZA Community Top 100 Video Games of All Time

    And aren't we supposed to wait until January?

  • Gotta agree with Brannox. I like Axel's format better (nothing against you!). Things stay secret because of the email system and then the compiled Top 25 list gets revealed one by one.

    A personal Top10 would even be impossible for me. Top5 is more reasonable.

  • Agreed. I really love the initiative Sheria. I want to get the thread going ASAP! But I thoroughly enjoyed those threads so much, and I hope to see the 2017 version be as like that as possible, regardless of who curates it, thus my questions.

    And remember Sentinel Beach, we send our top fives in the email, not a top 10. Personally speaking, there are only seven games on my list, so compiling the last three games for me would be disingenuous. Top five has already been decided. Just waiting for the post to send it off, and the timelines for deadlines of submissions, posts, reveals, etc.

  • Having started many a GoTy threads back on GT, I don't really know what people are talking here. All you do is list your top 10 favourite games of the year, that's it...

  • Community top 25 is different to talking about your favourite games. You can just list your favourite games without numbering. I believe OP just wants a discussion.

  • Yakuza 0 GOTY

    Other than that, I'm waiting for the actual GOTY thread to send in my votes. If this is a "discussion" thread, its like the third or fourth one we've had.

  • @Sheria lol I think the confusion comes from the title. If it's called the "official EZA community top 10" then there's usually more of a format to these things to bring together all our picks.

    Unfortunately I have to probably give Fortnite Battle royale my number 1 pick. The only interesting and unique experience all year. Hadn't play BR games before. However I wouldn't mind getting Thimbleweed park in before the end of the year, so we will see lol.

    @TokyoSlim I need to play Yakuza, it could be my goty I didn't know. How long is it to get through?

  • @CGamor7 The only unique experience is one that is a direct replica of PUBG? You sir... are a madman. You keep on trucking, you crazy train you.

    I've been at work for 14 hours and I've had way too much caffeine.

  • I prefer not only talking about my favorite games, but everyone's as well, if I can, when they are revealed during the countdown. As such, I won't spoil my list and will refrain until the other endeavor is under way, and I agree TokyoSlim in that respect.

    Great point about the title CGamor.

    I guess I'll refrain from posting here further. I do look forward to reading if anyone else does though!

  • @CGamor7 Its... well it varies. speedrun is probably like 30h. I took around 90-ish I think. Don't rush through it. sidequests and minigames are what it's all about.

    If the allies have a "cutscene of the year" category, Yakuza 0 is the heavy favorite for Majima's intro.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Every time I think about PUBG, I'm reminded of Delta Force 2's King of the Hill mode.

  • I'm sorry for the confusion with the title, I just wanted to make it stand out. It's always a tough call when exactly to create that inevitable "what are your top 10 games this year" thread, and other similar ones just didn't seem to be taking off, so I was just trying to make this one clear as the official one to use.

    I was only expecting some lists really, nothing complicated. They always seemed really popular in the past, but I guess things have changed a bit..

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    haha. Havnt played pubg, doesn't exist in my world.

    @TokyoSlim I miss cut scenes. I mean I don't want them in games all the time but MGS I one of my favourite games.

    @Sheria I would have wrote a list but I'm a grumpy old gamer and nothing satisfies me like the good old days (takes a moment to yell at clouds). I can only come up with a few games.

  • I've just edited the title to "Your". It seems more appropriate to what you want to discuss.

    As for the countdown, I think it's probably best to leave that to January, similar to how EZA is also doing it. The holidays are a good time for a lot of people to dig into those games.

  • I want to save my official numbers for the actual vote, but I think about Yakuza 0 and Nier Automata so much since playing them.

    They both really brought it in many aspects. I think the mainline story moments in Yakuza 0 stand up to the likes of Naughty Dog here in North America. I want to say Takashi Miike or somebody should make an actual movie around Yakuza 0, but what's the point, we have this amazing game already?

    10 games. I haven't completed 10 games. That's just the way life is right now and I don't see it ever changing. I'd love to maybe get there one day, but I'd have to marry gaming into my career.

  • Anyone know where a comprehensive list of what actually came out this year can be found?

  • @Sazime said in Your top 10 Games of 2017:

    Anyone know where a comprehensive list of what actually came out this year can be found?

    I've always found Wikipedia to be pretty spot on.

  • I generally play games that are at least a year old. But Destiny 2 was an exception.

    Despite its need for more improvements and additions. D2 is my top played game this year. My play time is 160 hours as of now. Across Player vs Player and Player vs Enemy modes. Won't have time to play other games that came out recently till next year.

  • I've made it no secret what my #1 game of the year is.