Kotaku: The Nintendo Switch Gave Me Back My Videogames

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    I think the switch did more for the author then it did for me but, I related so much to this article. While I don't sit on a train to commute for 90 min, I find the switch has given me the ability to pick up and play in a more convenient way. I love my PlayStation and there's always a time and place for it but Nintendo has somehow worked it's way into my life like never before. It's just a more accessible console for being a parent. And I still play some of the best games.

    I know this won't apply to everyone, but has anything in this article spoke to you in terms of how the switch has opened new ways for you to play games in your life?

  • Believe it or not, my favourite Nintendo console was the Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advanced SP because of those times when your parents drag you everywhere and you entertain yourself in the back of the car.

    Life has changed and I walk everywhere now. I totally see where the writer is coming from but I'm almost in an opposite situation where I'd almost NEVER use the Switch away from home.

    I'm super glad a new generation of kids and especially adults can use that extra time (back of the car for kids, on the subway for adults) to learn to love video games.

  • @CGamor7 i always knew the portability of the Switch was going to be a big factor in why people would to buy the switch and the main selling point.

    but it didn't truly hit me how awesome the portability feature was until i out waiting at a train station on friday night after i'd been partying, the train wasn't coming for another half an hour, and i was able to completely kill the time but pulling out the Switch and simply continuing my Zelda BOTW game, managing to a get a few shrines completed and pick up right where i left off at home later.

    as much as people praise the Switch for being able to play at home and on the go, it's just one of those things that you don't really realise just how awesome it is till you experience it for yourself.

  • I drive practically everywhere. So utilizing my commute is not an option. If you can get past the idea of potentially losing or being a victim of theft. Then the switch could be a means to game on your commute no different than handhelds.

    Personally don't plan on getting a switch till at least a 2.0 version comes out. Which is probably another year away.

  • @-Jak- said in Kotaku: The Nintendo Switch Gave Me Back My Videogames:

    If you can get past the idea of potentially being a victim of theft


  • @-Jak- said:

    no different than handhelds

    Except the whole point is that it is different than handhelds where you're stuck playing that entire game on a small handheld screen, versus how you can bring the Switch back home and dock it for full tv gaming.

    Personally don't plan on getting a switch till at least a 2.0 version comes out. Which is probably another year away.

    It hasn't even been out for a full year yet. You're at least two more full years off, and that's probably just when they'll announce the next one coming, which will take even more months to actually release and offer a marginal power upgrade and design change.

  • @Mbun Revisions usually happen within a year, I don't think he's talking about a New Super Switch but a Switch where they just make small changes to the console.

  • @ib0show the last changes Nintendo made to a home console was the Wii mini which was technically worse than the Wii

  • @Yoshi Nintendo 3DS has plenty

  • @ib0show Nintendo 3DS was never Nintendo's primary home console either.