Anyone Interested in or played DEX

  • Kinda randomly stumbled upon a trailer for this game and found out it comes out this week for PS4. Seems like its already been out on PC for a while. I was just wondering if anyone else had their eye on this game or if anyone has actually played it.

  • Ooh, I'm surprised to see this mentioned here!

    I actually worked on Dex, so I didn't feel like I should use those forums to advertise it, but since you started the conversation, I'm guilt-free :D

    I'll be honest with you, it's definitely a "swimming in 7s" game, there's some good stuff in there, some less good stuff too.

    The easiest way to describe it is a 2D side-scrolling Deus Ex. It's an RPG set in a cyberpunk world, and there's brawling, shooting, platforming, hacking, side-quests with dialog trees, inventory management, etc. So a real RPG, but with 2D old-school gameplay. If that sounds up your alley, by all means give it a shot!

    I would actually love to hear feedback on this game from Allies!

  • @Axel
    I'm more then happy to shed some light on this game. I was really on the fence about picking it up but did pull the trigger last night. I didn't have time to start it but hopefully in the next couple of days I'll get some time to sit down with it.

  • I only played a bit of it, but ran into some bugs in an Early Access version.

    I'll probably get back to it since it was pretty interesting.

  • @TheMarcV Nice, I hope you enjoy it! Curious to hear your impressions :)

    @Whoaness Yeah the Early Access was buggy, actually even on release on Steam, but it's much better now, there's even been a revamp of the UI and other features.

    I'm seeing this from a distance now, I don't work there anymore, it's frustrating to see that none of the big sites are reviewing it, it's not getting much exposure.

    I would actually love for any of the EZA guys to stream it, but I doubt any of them would find the time.

  • Looks really cool actually. I wonder if the world is like Castlevania in the way you explore it. I don't have the extra cash lying around right now, but I'll definitely put this on my wish list.

  • @Light Yeah there are Metroidvania elements, there are some parts of the world you can only access with specific augmentations or skills (high jump, toxic gas immunity, lockpicking...). But the main storyline progression isn't gated by those, it's only for optional stuff.

  • @Axel Cool! Sounds right up my alley.

  • Finally got to put about 2-3 hours into the game and I have to say once things got rolling I could feel the game sink its claws in haha. There's a lot of things Dex has going for it, cool 16 bit art style, fully voiced characters, interesting blade runner like setting. Once I got out of the beginning of the game and started taking on side quest things really started to click more. The story so far is pretty interesting as well, things are just starting to get moving but the concept is intriguing. The game does scratch that RPG itch of getting a bunch of quest and my yearning of completing some side stuff then going on to do the main stuff which is when time started to fly.

    To be fair though the game has some drawbacks, at least early on the combat can feel a little like rock'em sock'em robots, in that your combat options are limited to basically punching or a jump kick. As I leveled up though you are able to unlock more moves which will hopefully help flesh out the hand to hand combat. Also while the game visually looks good, some of the animations are a little stiff. I was also a little disappointed you can't make your character walk, I would have liked to be able to walk mostly just to RP really. Lastly I ran into some stuttering, in that the game would like freeze for a second then catch up. None of these things took much away from the game, mostly just things that could be improved on to make the game that much better.

    Overall I'm really digging the game. This has really been a surprise for me as I normally keep my finger on the pulse of cool smaller indie games and had no idea about Dex till a couple of weeks ago. I'd recommend the game and think it could be really fun to play this as a lead up to Desus Ex. Much like how Salt and Sanctuary was a fun smaller lead up to Dark Souls 3.

  • Well I beat it. It was an okay experience. Some of the gameplay leaves much to be desired, like the platforming acts strangely at most times while the combat can be easily cheesed, and the sidequest aren't too interesting when it comes to the cyberpunk setting.

    The main story felt short, but it was alright. I didn't feel emotionally attached to the characters, so it wasn't too engaging. The systems, upgrading, hacking, those were solid.

    The one thing I would advise people to do is learn about quick travel from the map. It was like the last thing I learned to do in the game lol!

  • @Whoaness
    Got to play some more this weekend. I'd agree with you on most accounts, though I've been enjoying my time with the game maybe a little bit more. Overall I'd say there's a lot of good ideas going on in this one, but the execution is a little off in places. I recommend the game to people that really dig the setting and 16 bit feel/style, but with the warning that its a little rough in places. Otherwise if someone is just generally interested Id say maybe wait till its on a slight sale if $20 seems to high. I think at around $10 its an awesome deal (don't know how long the game is, ive been doing lots of side stuff) and if it were to go on PS+ Id 100% recommend at least giving it a spin.

    A fun little surprise for me, and a game that's also got me much more hyped for Desus Ex, which I've just been feelin luke warm about but am now looking forward to it.

  • @TheMarcV @Whoaness Cool to hear your thoughts! Yup, the main issue is the execution of some ideas, it was clearly a case of a game trying to do too many things at the same time, and ended up rough around the edges. If there's ever a sequel, with more focused gameplay and more efficient production, I really think it could be great.