Blurry eye sight

  • Hey guys, so I'm a programmer and I'm on the computer for more than 10 hours a day. Lately I have been experiencing blurry vision and dizziness when I spend more than 7 hours in front of the computer.
    Has anyone ever experienced this before? If yes, what did you do to stop it ?

    Any help will be appreciated

  • Probably just your eyes drying out towards the end of the day, it happens to me occasionally. Do you wear contact lenses? Does it get slightly better after you blink?

    In either case, I suggest investing in some eye-drops and seeing if it helps. You can get normal eye-drops and you can special contact lens eye-drops for which you don't need to remove your lenses.

  • I can't say I've had the same thing happen with regularity, but I'm in a similar boat computer use wise. I was getting really frequent headaches, which I thought were screen related, but realized were actually due to getting over the ear headphones that put a lot of pressure on my head.

    How often do you take breaks when you're working? I know programming can suck you in, so maybe try setting designated breaks, each hour or two, where you don't look at a screen for 5 minutes. Alternatively, get in the habit of frequently glancing away from the monitor for a few seconds to give your eyes a break. It's like a stretch for your eyes and has helped me combat screen fatigue. Computer glasses might be a good investment too!

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    As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time infront of a screen as well, looking into details and having time running away. I have had periods of headaches as well.

    I bought myself some really comfy headphones as my old ones kinda squeezed my head which was annoying and made my head sore. Once that started to go away I realised that my eyes were red at the end of the day from straining/no blinking. I now use eyedrops when I feel the need also I set a timer for leaving the screen every 1,5 hour or so to go off for a few minutes to stretch and clear my mind.

  • I'm not a professional or anything but I'm a digital artist and I try to dedicate at least 15 hours a week to drawing, which usually ends up happening in 2 8 or 8 hour chunks each week. My vision get's blurry pretty fast when it didn't used to. This is partially because my vision has deteriorated pretty recently. Vision problems run in my family so that's kind of to be expected. But my optometrist also told me that staring at screens for too long reduces the amount of time you blink which means dryer eyes and that the blue light emitted from the screen can cause eye strain among other problems like insomnia. I wear blue light blocking glasses when I'm working at night and they do help a lot. I mainly wear them to help with my insomnia, but they reduce eye strain as well. But they are yellow and throw off the color of whatever you're looking at, so don't do anything that involves matching colors when you wear them.

  • If you stare at a screen too long that just kinda happens. Especially if you're doing something that keeps you glued to the screen, for example a rhythm or puzzle game. I don't wanna pretend like I have any advice beyond "don't look at the screen for a bit" but for the blue light thing michemagius mentioned Flux can be helpful.

  • Several problems can arise from this, if you're a california resident for example there's been fires going on for months around here, that alone will irritate your eyes.

    You blink less when you're focused on something like a computer screen or television, so it's tougher to keep your eyes hydrated, this combined with a dryer climate or lack of bodily hydration will contribute to eye problems, then you have just plain ol eye strain, you need to take regular breaks and give your eyes a chance to rest, blink, use eye drops, etc.

    Or, if you're like me you need corrective lenses. I'm an astigmatism sufferer for example. Some days I don't need my glasses at all but depending on the amount of light in the room I may need my glasses, like I can't drive at night without my glasses at all, otherwise headlights and such will diffuse my vision so badly it's like being in a cloudy pool.

    And of course because my eyes are constantly trying to compensate for the problem it strains them a lot more, which leads to headaches and feeling like my eyes are downright bruised.

    Best advice anyone can honestly give is to take time to rest every few hours (2 is recommended, it's also a good time to get up and stretch) maintain good lighting in your work space, keep hydrating eye drops nearby, drink plenty of water each day. And if all else fails, don't hesitate to see an optometrist.

  • I'd a similar experience the past year, as I'm also sitting infront of a computer and programming alot.

    The most important tip I can give you is to get your eyes checked, even if you did it recently, it's important to get your eyes checked often.

    Use a monitor with low blue light or install a light filter.

    Take small breaks, look at a object from a far distance out of your window.

    Most silly suggestion, but effective. Dont panic! Just dont think about it, it's easy to overreact when you feel dizzy/getting tension headache.

  • It happened to me twice at work when I didn't take a break because I was overloaded and I panicked. Make sure you don't panic, now I take short breaks every 2 hours and I wear glasses that protect from blue light in screens and I have reduced the brightness of my screen. Some people also recommended an eye vitamin called Zealut-Dena which I have been using and now I feel fine I never experienced that again.

  • @Victor are you doing this 10 hour straight? You should try take as many breaks as you can, well lit environments help too and I mean if it's really bad just go see a doctor, you may need just reading glasses or something for when you're coding, I've done it and it was a huge help to me when coding for long hours.

  • Have you tried focusing your eyes.

  • Thank you guys. I've seen a doctor and she gave me glasses for blue light protection. I've been using them and I feel much better now