My Favorite Songs by My Top 13 Artists

  • I just suddenly felt the urge to make this blog, so I'm doing it. My favorite songs and artists tend to change every few months so I'll probably update this eventually. The's aren't ranked in any particular order either.


    Picking just one song is too hard so I picked 1 from each of my 2 favorite albums.

    Daft Punk

    Picking a single song is very difficult but I do have a clear favorite album.

    Earth, Wind, and Fire

    I'm gonna keep saying this but I shouldn't have committed to one song per artist, this is so hard.

    Tupperware Remix Party/TWRP

    It's really a tie between this song and "Body Image".

    Shoji Meguro

    Honestly I think I love every song he's ever written. But this song is my favorite video game song of all time.

    I lied, I'm putting 2 songs on for him. This is my favorite ending song ever written. Never fails to make me cry.


    BoA is a pioneer and living legend, and I adore her music. But these song, I fell in love with instantly. (I picked 1 Korean and 1 Japanese song. And yes, believe it or not she is singing live. She's just that good.)

    Wonder Girls

    Another living legend. They were one of the first acts to bring Kpop to America, and I adore them. Picking a single song or even album is so tough.


    I love pretty much everything they've ever made, but this song is my off and on all time favorite song. Whenver I need a boost of confidence I blast this.


    AS are my favorite group of all time for reasons other than their music, but I do think that a lot of their songs are masterpieces.

    Ladies Code

    God, these girls make so much amazing music. Their music has understandably changed a lot after the tragic loss of EunB and Rise, but I think both of their styles of music are amazing.


    These girls just don't make bad songs. Like ever.

    Red Velvet

    Ok, they have 2 concepts, the Red and the Velvet, so naturally I have to pick one song from each. (JK, I just can't decide on 1 song.)


    My second favorite Rookie (behind Pristin). I'm not putting Pristin because to be honest I like Twice's music more.

    Honorable Mention: ShiNEE

    I'm not a Shawol, I've never stanned Shinee. Mainly because I've always preferred girl groups, but I have always enjoyed their music. Especially their last few comebacks. I'm mentioning this because it came out yesterday that one of their members, Jonghyun had died. I won't talk about speculation as to what happened since a lot of stuff is still unconfirmed, but Jonghyun was an incredibly talented vocalist and performer and he will be dearly missed by the entire Kpop community. I hope the members of Shinee, Jonghyun's friends, family, and fans are all able to stay strong.

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