Personal most disappointing game of the year.

  • In no particular order:

    • Valkyria Revolution
    • Xenoblade 2 (Disappointing being the key word, I didn't hate it)
    • Prey
    • Mass Effect Andromeda
    • Destiny 2
    • Horizon Zero Dawn

  • @ZyloWolfBane Prey's on my to play list. I love my immerse sims. What didn't you like about it out of interest?I've heard different options about it.

  • @FutureCorpse yeah, I may have just answered this already other places and be remembering that. No biggie.

  • @FutureCorpse said in Personal most disappointing game of the year.:

    @ZyloWolfBane Prey's on my to play list. I love my immerse sims. What didn't you like about it out of interest?I've heard different options about it.

    I wasn't into the story or scenery very much, the whole game had a very Bioshock vibe but wasn't nearly as interesting to explore, the powers/crafting was more of a hassle than it was worth most of the time, could've used a more simplistic approach, like Bioshock.

    Otherwise my main gripes were on the technical side, it's had nothing but issues since day one, some patches made it worse, some introduced problems that didn't exist previously, it just never got much better. Like for me in particular aside from frequent crashes there was a pretty severe input delay which for a FPS isn't really fun to deal with.

    I guess if I had waited till it was on sale maybe it wouldn't have bothered me as much as it did. (It's pretty cheap now far as I know now), my wife on the other hand who's also a Bioshock fan actually enjoyed it, but she didn't run into as many of the issues that I did.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Unfortunately a lot of new games are like that now. Buying them for half price a couple of months later is the best way to play them. I still like to support the devs but that's a bit foolish.

  • Tried Undertale this year and honestly after hearing people praise it for what 2 years now, I figured I'd give it a shot once the PS4 version came out. Honestly I'm not seeing it, I've put maybe 4-5 hours into it before giving up. Maybe it's because the characters have been memed and Matt Patted to death but it's just not clicking with me.

    Mass Effect Andromeda, picked up for $12 brand new, figured between all the patches it was finally at least stabilized. Maybe put 12ish hours in before giving up, however unlike Undertale where it felt like something wasn't clicking, this was more of a feeling like there was no soul or heart or anything put into, it was just a husk of a game with a brand attached to it.

  • From most disappointing :
    1- AC origins: i was expecting and amazing game i got an amazing world with a boring story and characters.

    2- Shadow of war : alot of reused stuff from the first game plus the game needed another 3 months of qa.

  • Unequivocally for me it's Mass Effect: Andromeda. I've gone on and on in the April Community Comments video as to why but the TLDR version: Bugs, glitches, online connectivity and general technical design are massive headaches.

    Then there's Star Wars Battlefront II. A game where I went from excited to concerned to alarmed to absolutely not. Still haven't played it, and don't think I ever will. And that's a disappointment if there ever was one.

  • I dunno if I'd call it disappointing but I just could not get into ARMS.

    Also I guess Sonic Forces but when you go into it with low expectations to begin with does it really count as "disappointing?"

  • For me it was Tekken 7. Story mode sucked, favourite character not in the game, online didn't work. I returned the game.

  • Breath of the Wild wasn't a Zelda game and also wasn't the new style of open world game it seemed to be trying to be. The Zelda team left it in the same sort of blah middle ground that almost all open world games fall into where it's a bunch of content no more valid than a normal game spread out over way more playspace than they could actually make interesting.

    So obviously the game that prolongued the absence of my favorite genre because Nintendo wanted that Skyrim money.

  • As awesome this year was, i'd only one big disappointment, and that was Mass Effect Andromeda. As someone who loves the franchise, I was hyped for it.

    It was easy to compare everything with the trilogy, I ended up nitpicking on every single thing. The story wasn't engaging enough, the Ryder twins were bland compared to Shepard and the support cast was just boring in general.

    I didn't care much about facial animations, but the game was unfinished, such as annoying bugs, like getting stuck numerous times, floating enemies and framerate drops.

  • Sonic Mania.

    Due to the name, I'm fairly convinced it is some sort of symptom of a much greater disease. Music is great, it looks beautiful but... I just wasn't thrown into a world of nostalgia like everyone else. The remix idea is neat in concept but it just made me wish I was playing the games the stages were originally from, not some strange mash-up. I realize I'm in the minority with this one but it just didn't do anything for me.

  • Mass effect: Andromeda comes first to mind. I didn't expect a lot,and it has very few moments of greatness, but overall it presents nothing interesting. Both story and characters are detentions of bland and even solitary nice views on the otherwise monotone world and fun combat can't save it.

  • I think my most disappointing was Mass Effect Andromeda. I was looking forward to that game for so long, and now, I've never even played it. :( I even won a t-shirt on Twitter, and I've never purchased it.

  • I don't think I've played anything I would say is bad, but Cuphead is likely the most disappointing game, although saying that it was disappointing for me is not right, as I honestly didn't expect much out of it outside of presentation, which is obviously great, but aside from that it was just ok.

  • For me it was Arms. I love the game's style, and had fun with the test punch demo, but when I bought it, it just kind if fell flat for me in the end.

  • What I played:
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    I liked it at 1st but shortly after arriving in Meridian everything about it started to annoy me to the point of me selling the game.

    What I havn't played:
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    As someone who adores the original trilogy (they were each my GotY of their release year) I still havn't bought it, I don't think I need to say more.

  • I didn't play anything I hated this year, but most disappointing I'd say would be Life is Strange for it's....inconsequentiality...if that's a word, lol.

  • Horizon zero Dawn literally did nothing but annoy me for the 10 hours I had with it. Felt like it tried to do 15 different things at once and none of them well.