Nintendo Power Magazine is back in Podcast form.

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    But this is actually pretty cool. Nintendo Power and PSM were my jams back in the day.

  • Is it really a magazine if it's a podcast?
    Any I'll give it a listen when I get some free time.

    Actually to anyone that's listened to it, is it safe for work? Might make for a nice change of pace while closing

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    @DMCMaster I haven't listened to it, but if it is an official Nintendo podcast, I can only imagine this being the most training-wheels ass podcast ever. Shit'll make EZA look like 4chan.

  • @DMCMaster Nintendo Power was a magazine made by Nintendo. and now they're bringing Nintendo back just in the form of a Podcast. what isn't there to understand about that?

    anyway episode 1 has Nintendo reviewing the 2017 year of Switch gaming and then the other half of the episode has Nintendo interviewing Eiji Aonuma and a few other Zelda Developers i forget the names of.

  • @El-Shmiablo the discussion in this video is long, but better than the crap on the Nintendo Minute Youtube show.

    they also ask for viewers feedback in the show and want people to tell them what they liked and didn't like about the show so episodes can improve going forward

  • @Yoshi said:

    better than the crap on the Nintendo Minute Youtube show

    I really wonder sometimes who that exists for, but yeah this podcast was actually good, and I like the idea of bringing the Nintendo Power name back this way which makes more sense for a modern audience with how the consumption of information has changed over time. Hopefully future episodes will be just as enlightening of their direct perspective around events and they won't be asked to keep quiet about this and that. As long as that keeps up, I'll have a reason to listen to these.