Project Re Fantasy - untitled RPG project from Atlus

  • Project Re Fantasy has a new trailer:

    Youtube Video

    It probably helps to know going in that there's next to no gameplay details, people are saying this trailer is about promoting the idea of "reinterpreting fantasy". As such, part of this trailer is about what fantasy means to characters in fantasy worlds. It would appear that the game is going to focus on, in trailer's words, 'anxieties' and 'aspirations' of its characters.

  • Hype is the highest it could be, but I'm aware we are years away, so we'll just have to wait for the time being.

  • I like all of the character types they're outlining, but I definitely need more from a trailer. It kind of sounds like a fantasy RPG written with machine learning.

  • Oh geez, this is like that budget Witcher 3 trailer — another game that was announced too early.

    The concepts they're outlining are making me less interested in the game, although it probably. But seriously, Tales of Symphonia did the two worlds thing ages ago. I mean, if that means they'll be making another long game like that, great, but it doesn't do much for 'rethinking fantasy.'

    I'm really wary of works set on subverting the genre, as they can lose themselves in insider references and forget that the story has to actually work on its own to people who haven't played a million games in the genre.

    And did that trailer imply that the fantasy world had a goal of turning into Persona? Why the modern city stuff?

  • RE?? Zero?? hmm....