2018 in Gaming Predictions

  • So with the new year just around the corner (and me having some time off work) I figured I would do something I always like to do, make predictions, with that in mind consider this my "Master" list for 2018, and if you feel like making your own list, please feel free to do add it below.
    Now admittedly this isn't everything, just what I could make with the time I have, and I do plan to add more. However once January 1st of 2018 hits, that's it I will not be adding any more to this. However I will probably come back to slash things off.


    • With the success of Skyrim and Doom on Switch, Fallout 3 and New Vegas will be announced for Switch with a Summer release (possibly before E3), During E3 Fallout 4 for Switch will be announced.

    • Thru out the course of the year we will see various third parties announce Switch ports of games, possibly the two biggest will be ports of GTA5, and Overwatch from Western third parties, while a version of FF15 remade on Unreal 4 will be announced for Switch (possibly at the very end of 2018)

    • Metroid Prime 4 to be shown at E3, some will be skeptical but most will be generally pleased with the game, Aiming for a fall release window but possibly delayed into early 2019

    • At least 4 unannounced Wii U ports coming to Switch next year (Smash 4, Xenoblade X, Hyrule Warriors, and TMS#FE)

    • At least one new "Warriors" game announced based on a Nintendo IP for 2019

    • Virtual Console to launch by Spring

    • Earthbound/Mother 4 announced, Or a 3D remake of a previous title

    • At least one major first party title made using Unreal 4 (Possibly Pokemon)

    • Luigi's Mansion 3 announced, will have some kind of coop mode

    • Mega Man 11 to receive some kind of exclusive Switch feature (use a Metroid Amiibo to unlock Samus)

    • Animal Crossing MMO type thing announced

    • Travis Strikes Again:No More Heroes to release by late summer

    • Redesigned Switch Dock announced and released, has a more portable form factor

    • Ocarina of Time/Majoras Mask HD remaster dual pack, and Wind Waker/ Twilight Princess pack announced

    • Mario Maker 2.0 announced

    • Bayonetta 3 revealed to be Bayonetta X Devil May Cry

    • No More Heroes Collection announced, will be published by Nintendo

    • Some kind of Monster Hunter built from the ground up for Switch announced

    • Professor Layton collection for Switch

    • Overall Nintendo will have a weaker 2018 when compared to 2017 with only 3-4 major releases during the year, with a various third party, indie, and remasters helping fill out the year, Virtual console will release only with NES and SNES at the start, with other consoles added during the course of the year. The major addition to the VC releases will be online play added to NES, SNES, and eventually select N64, Gamecube and Wii titles (along with any other consoles that may be added such as Genesis, Dreamcast, TurboGrafix, ect)
      During the course of the year we can expect to see many third party studios porting older titles to Switch, with the promise that newer titles will eventually find their way over soon (it will remain to be seen if anyone keeps to their words)


    • Changing PSN names to be released/updated (not sure of the right word) by Summer possibly as a E3 announcment

    • Possibly from pressure from various third parties big and small, indie and triple A, we can expect Cross platform play to happen

    • The Last of Us 2 to be given a spring 2019 window

    • Uncharted VR Experience announced

    • Some kind of VR mode for God of War announced

    • Spider-Man to release in May

    • PS1 and 2 games to be added to the PSN store, and to PS NOW

    • At least one major PS1 JRPG to get a remaster announced

    • Ape Escape remaster collection

    • Ghost of Tsushima to get a late 2018 window, but will probaly be delayed into 2019

    • Infamous Collection (Infamous 1, 2 and the Vampire DLC thing) announced

    • Ico remaster announced some time after Shadow of the Colossus (probably hinted at in credits of SHOTC remaster)

    • At least one or two major remasters to be announced from Blue Point

    • Sony to possibly A quire Blue Point

    • PS4 Slim to receive permanent price drop to $250, Pro to $350

    • Shenmue 3 to release late 2018, Shenmue 1 and 2 HD to be stealth dropped at E3

    • Spyro Collection announced

    • Overall Sony will have a odd year, with releases that have been known for the last year or two finally getting released, with the change up in the corporate side of things we can expect major announcements to be extremely spared out. However the games released will be solid hits, with Dreams probably being the most mixed


    • More games added to the Game Preview program but also released physically at the same time (Similar to PUBG)

    • Microsoft to announce at least 3 major brand new first party titles, and one sequal or remaster of a older game (possibly something from the Rare vault)

    • Xbox 1 S to receive permanent price drop to $250 around E3, X1X to stay at $500

    • Battletoads will give someone the boot on MS E3 stage

    • Halo 6 to be announced, will not release in 2018

    • Overall Microsoft should have a strong year, and with MS wanting to invest more into first party titles I imagine it wont be long till we see something from that promise, as for their quality it will remain to be seen, but overall we can expect MS to try to diversify their line up to include first party titles that are more then Halo, Gears and Forza.

    The Rest

    • DMC5 announced

    • Square Enix Avengers game, and Crystal Dynamics Guardians of the Galaxy games shown in some capicty (Expect Avengers first, and Guardians by the end of the year)

    • Tomb Raider 3 announced, will be episodic, first episode will release alongside the new movie

    • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite season 2 announced, will get visual overhaul, will also get a handful of much beloved and missed characters for free outside of the season 3 line up

    • Monster Hunter World released to glowing reviews, new comers to be completely confused

    • First major Expansion for Destiny 2 announced, will be used to course correct from current controversy

    • EA to start releasing remasters in a attempt to win back fans, will find some way to fuck it up

    • Disney to pull Star Wars license from EA, Support for BF2 will continue thru out 2018

    • Legislation will be passed in the US that will relate to loot boxes

    • Yakuza Kiwami 2, First of the North Star, and Yakuza 7 all announced for a Western release, 7 will be the first one to release in both Japan and the West at the same time