Merry Christmas!

  • No matter the timezone, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Stay safe everybody!
    Feel free to use this thread talk about gifts or stories.

    And if your Christmas isn't so good, please reach out! People care, you know?

  • I personally don't celebrate it but Merry Christmas to you too.

  • It's snowing in my town and the snowflakes keep hitting me in the eyes.

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and— GAH SNOWFLAKE!

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    Happy Holidays to you all! For me its all over by now, but had a great time and it was good to see family which I havent seen in like a year!

    Make sure you eat a lot of great food and have some jolly times!

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    Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you have a great time with family, friends and most importantly games... all the games. :)

  • @parasitepaladin Merry Christmas Cookiebae <3

  • Hope you all got some good stuff!

    @Haru17 Why are you outside? Next Christmas ask for goggles ;o

    @Mr-M You too, Mr. Boo ;-*

  • Nier Christ Automas

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone

  • We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Just finished my 24-hour EMS shift, which was pretty awful, but now I get to eat a big breakfast with the crew and then go relax at home with my family and some great gifts. Merry (late) Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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