Capcom to add Quiche into Monster Hunter World?

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    So after playing the Monster Hunter World Beta, I can't wait for the full game. Yet I also felt like something was missing. Before the hunts you can have some nice feasts with some of the best food out there. However, I saw that they had missed one of the most epic meals.. quiche. So I decided to email Capcom about it. Later that day they actually got back to me!

    Here's my Email:

    Dear Capcom,

    I have played the beta for Monster Hunter world which I deeply enjoyed. Hunting monsters in this great looking world really blew me away and I ended up spending a lot more time with the three hunts available for a far greater time than I first had anticipated.

    Let me say this. I will buy this as my first Monster Hunter Game and can't wait to go hunting with my friends. However, there is one thing that keeps nagging me in the back of my mind. You do have a food mechanic in the game which is absolutely amazing.

    You get an opportunity to have a great feast before you go hunting with your friends. This gives us a huge range of different cuisine to choose from. Yet to my huge surprise you have left out on the most important meals of them all. Quiche! Yes you read right, Quiche! Why is this so important you may ask? Well let me tell you.

    Quiche can be eaten in so many varieties and can be tweaked to each persons liking. It is almost like a swiss army knife of food. This glorious food does not just look delicious but can also be eaten warm or cold and still keep 100% of its greatness. Thus I feel that not including quiche or a chance to cook quiche on your hunts are an amazing opportunity which shan't be missed! If its too far into development to add this at launch, please consider adding this as a patch or included on a DLC at a later date.

    Many Thanks

    I kinda assumed that I wouldnt hear anything back, but here are their response.

    Dear Lotias,

    Thank you for contacting us at Capcom Technical Support regarding Monster Hunter World!

    And thank you for your kind comments, which we'll share with the Game Team!

    We at Support couldn't confirm if Quiche could be added to the Pre-Hunt Feast, however, if some slices can be pushed onto the menu, the Game Team will let everyone know, so please head on over to!

    This is where the Game Team will make announcements and thank you so much for your support for Monster Hunter World!

    If you require further assistance in Europe, please contact our technical support staff at Please also be sure to include all previous replies when/if responding to this message.

    Best Regards,

    Stephen I
    at Capcom Technical Support

    So what do you guys think? Will there be Quiche on launch? or will they add it in as a Day 1 patch or DLC? Any other food you would love to see in the final game?

  • No, because I had to google to know what the food is.

  • I will not submit to quiche. I cannot in good conscience support a cooking mechanic that portrays quiche as anything but the devil.

    I do find it pretty odd that there’s not really any chicken schnitzel or parmigiana in games though.

  • I used to eat a ton of those mini quiches from Costco. I kinda disagree that they work just as well cold, but I'm sure there'll be some pastry-like meals in World. Cross had fondu and so forth.

  • reads title
    thinks Quiche is sum character
    it's actually about food
    alt text

  • AHAHAHA thanks for sharing this Lotiaz :)

    For those wondering
    It's a private joke which started in EZA chat
    If you don't know about thet Quiche Lore
    Story says Lotiaz always cooks a quiche to eat during Jones' live streams
    And it became kinda of a meme in chat :)
    Cause every week Lotiaz would tell us which kind of Quiche he would eat that night
    Later on, when streams are offline but chat is still alive
    People be talking about various foods
    And Quiche would always come back in the conversation somehow :)

    Very cool from them to answer you !!

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Quiche added to the menu in later DLCs for sure !!!


  • Sorry to hijack, but on the topic of random stuff put into a Monster Hunter game, I really hope a Persona crossover makes the cut this time. The characters might look hella weird in Monster Hunter's realistic style, but we'd also get to see them in a different light, and I would die to play as Makoto, Ann, or Joker while fighting Rathalos or what have you. It would be cool if RPG crossovers came in the form of costumes for the entire party, and in Persona's case Morgana would work perfectly as a Palico.