What is your Top Hidden Gem Games of 2017?

  • @Sheria edgy

    Slime Rancher probably doesn't count cause Early Access was before 2017, but official release was during 2017. Surprised me with the steady flow of dev updates adding more stuff to explore and discover in a 3D space with jetpack platforming and MINIMAL invisible walls. You can walk around on top of lots of geometry most games would barricade off, and it's a much better game for it. There's loads of progression through earning tons of money, so you can also just mess around in the world a long time, occasionally rewarded by a new toy or decorative object to customize your experience further. Plus, the slimes are insanely cute and have cool behaviors programmed like stacking on one another to try to escape pens and chasing food through clever means of pathfinding.
    accessoriestoo many puddle slimes

  • @FutureCorpse While it's not my type of game, I have to say I think a lot of things are improved by adding Rutger Hauer.

  • @Inustar Just imagine if Rutger Hauer voiced every character in Mass Effect Andromeda the game would be a 10. Ok it still would be terrible but I'd play it.