The EZA GOTY 2017 Community Nominations

  • Too.. Many.. Games.. I wanted to give more games honorable mentions, because they deserve them but there's only so much space.

  • I'm calling top 5 as: Persona 5, Horizon ZD, Nier Automata, Mario Odyssey and Zelda.

    I always liked this as an idea, but I do find it a shame that it so often ends up predictable for the top picks. The year, like most, had so many equally great games.

  • @DIPSET said in The EZA GOTY 2017 Community Nominations:

    I sent my top 5 in.

    I didn't finish Persona 5 but I have played plenty to know where it stand on my list (it's in the top 5 certainly).

    Unfortunately, there just isn't enough time in life for me to play everything I wish I had. I'm so jealous when I watch an episode of Huber Syndrome and Michael Huber is listing game after game that he's completed this year. If 2017 has taught me anything, it's that I really want to work my career into the games industry in some form.

    I think my top 10s for the year have always had incomplete games here and there. I've never felt it necessary to complete a game to know where it places really.

  • Aaand sent my list... Been relatively busy, so I haven't really been able to post anything in here, though I am lurking these whenever I can.

  • We're at 48 lists and 77 games nominated, and a clean top 25, it's looking good! The battle is still raging for the top spots, only 3 points separate #4 from #2.

    So last call for everyone who hasn't sent their list, I'll end the votes at the end of Monday. Also for those who already voted, feel free to send me an update if you've played new games in the meantime.


  • Mine will be in at the last minute lol. I'm trying to get as much time as I can into a couple things

  • Finally handed in my list. Tried to play as much as I could in the last week or two, hopefully I'll write up a bit on them soon. Either way, I think I'm set, I'd love to have got more time for Nioh and Persona 5 in particular and of course I missed out on Zelda but overall, pretty happy with all the games I got to play.

    Looking forward to the results!

  • Just sent mine as well. I tried to get a couple more games in during these two weeks to some success. Never enough time to get around to everything though! Can't wait to see the results! :D

  • One. More. Day......

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    Hype cant wait! @Axel did you get my list?

  • Aaaaaaand the votes are closed! @Lotias yup yup I got yours!

    Final tally: 54 lists, 83 games. You people rock!

    That gives us a clean Top 25 (I was hoping for Top 30 but too many games under 25 are tied so it makes no sense).

    It's an awesome list, we definitely have good taste!

    I'll start posting the countdown tomorrow, stay tuned!

  • Excellent! Really eager to see if Resident Evil 4 makes it in this time.

    Oh, wait.

  • Come on Knack 2 you can do it.

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    Sent my list in I think my number 1 would surprise a couple of people. My list only consisted of games I put a lot of hours into and completed. There are still some games I purchased last year I have yet to finish that are considered GOTY material.

  • @Swordfish00830 The list is finalized already :(

    I can take a look at how your list would impact the final rankings, if it doesn't affect the games already revealed then I guess I could still count it.

    I'll get back to you on that!

  • @Swordfish00830 Ok so I tried adding your votes to the list and it didn't upset the rankings too much, it actually created a veeeeery interesting and unexpected situation for 3 games, I can't say more until they're revealed but it's pretty cool!

    So in short, your list is in ;)

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    Nice made it just in time