Community Showcase December: Persona 3 Portable Music

  • Hello! Ideally I would have posted this blog before the Showcase but I had a lot of errands to run this morning and I'm just getting home now. So, here's my Persona 3 Portable Playlist. It mainly features songs from FemMC's route and songs that are played in both routes, but I included 2 MaleMC route songs. "When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars" and "Mass Destruction". Just because I love those songs and if you plan on playing as MaleMC you might as well get a taste of the 2 songs you'll hear the most during your playthrough.

    Here's the Playlist

    And if you don't want to listen to the full playlist, here are my highlights!

    Wiping All Out: This is the battle theme for FemMC, and I think it's pretty badass. I always get psyched when I hear it.

    Sun: I am almost positive that this is one of the song that plays after school is over. Regardless of when it plays I have clear memories of dancing down hallways whenever this song played.

    Iwatodai Station: This is the song that plays in the dorm and it's my favorite home base theme ever. I spent an ungodly amount of time standing in front of the couches just grooving to this righteous beat.

    A Deep Mentality: This is one of the songs that plays in a non-Tartarus dungeon and I just love it to pieces.

    Changing Seasons: Caaaaaaaaaaake. Another After school song. I just have to dance when I hear it. It's somehow chill and upbeat at the same time.

    Tartarus 6: Every block you advance through in Tartarus brings another layer to the song that plays in the dungeon. It's really something to finally hear the completed melody.

    The Battle for Everyone's Souls: The greatest final battle theme ever made. What else can I say?

    Memories of You: God. This song is like an emotional kick to the stomach. I honestly can't make it through the song without crying.

    Ok! Hope you all enjoyed!

  • I loved the music of the FeMc route, the only thing I feel I missed out on playing it that way was the iconic Mass Destruction "Baby baby baby baby baby"

  • Way Of Life is my way of life

  • @DeimosClay I see you’re a person of culture.

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