For any of you that are familiar with gaming headsets

  • Which of these two are the best: ASTRO A10 Gaming Headset

    or Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset

    they're both the same price

  • I'd go for the Logitech ones. Unidirectional Mic, in-line controls, washable earcups, lay-flat hinges. It seems to me that it's all-round a better headset than the A10s.

  • I don't know about those 2 but I use this one. It's really good for its price.
    ps4 headset

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    Gaming headsets are usually trash. Buy yourself some solid Sennheisers with a mic. I use my Sony Xtra Bass earbuds most of the time and they work better than any dedicated gaming headset I've ever used, and only cost me 25 bux.

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    I've found it really depends on where you gonna use it! I got a logitec headset which is awesome for the PC. However, on my PS4 the mic tend to cut out now and then when I talk and I dont really know why, I think it might be a driver problem or similar. Yet the sound is great in them and I can wear them for a long time without any issues.

    I am kinda intrigued to buy the latest Playstation headset though

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    @Lotias The Platinum model?
    True 3D sound seems really neat, byt I'm not sure I want to drop two hundy on it when it only supports, like, 3 games.

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    @El-Shmiablo yeah that is fair enough really. I guess it has something to do as well with that my friend go it for christmas and cant shut up about how amazing it is haha! and Im a little tired of my mic cutting out when streaming

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    @Lotias My Gold headset cuts out very easily when there is something between me and the receiver, like if my fiance walks between me and the TV, or even if I am slouched and things on the table are blocking it. Oddly enough this only became an issue this year when we moved to a new home, so I'm suspecting some kind of interference.

    Also, while serviceable I find the Gold headset sound quality to be bested even by low end headphones. I also find the build quality to be on the meh side. I've had them for a while now and they hold up (and tbh are pretty comf) but they feel so damn flimsy.

  • @reindeers111 While I don't own that particular model, let me just say that every single Logitech headset I've owned over the years has been a piece of trash riddled with hardware and software problems. The last one I got's software didn't even autoupdate properly, and Logitech doesn't properly maintain their site for drivers, so simply finding out about updates and finding the new drivers to install was a nightmare. Furthermore, certain features of the headset worked for a short period, then stopped working entirely. My headset before that which was also Logitech would often short out and make loud screeching noises. You could give them the benefit of the doubt and believe maybe they've fixed all this stuff, but historically they're one of the worst places you can go to for this kinda thing.

  • Before Purchasing any Gaming Earbud, You have to look forward to the few things which are also we called as STANDARDS of Buying Gaming Earbuds, those are -

    1. Isolation: The Best Gaming Earbud must be designed in a way that it canceled out maximum External Noise.
    2. Durability and Comfort: It is obvious when you are playing long hours of gaming, the Comfort is the first priority and it also has to be Durable at the Same time.
    3. Good Microphone: You are not going to play only single player games entire life. For a good online multiplayer gameplay, communication is a vital essence

    As per your given Options - Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset is the best. And if you want to read more about "How to choose Best Gaming earbuds" in detail then you can see this article on google -

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    @nickirwin Glad to see the Sony Xtra Bass listed there. And oh looky, on sale for only 28 dollarydoos.
    Really amazing earbuds for the price imho.