Other Besties of the year: Nominate 2017 threak

  • @SabotageTheTruth Feel Free to nominate Ryuji as Best Bro. I mean, the categories are not set in stone, but if you feel like nominating in the same category as someone else - you do you. Votes decide, not us!

    Also, Ti'Zo didn't NEED to say anything because WE ALL KNOW TI'ZO IS BEST BRO AND HAS OUR BACK!

  • I'm a man that doesn't always love things because of their quality. Throw on Manos: Hands of Fate or The Room and I am going to have the time of my life. So it may seem like this category was made out of sheer spite and bad vibes, but I assure you, I take great joy from it.

    My personal nomination for the illustrious Best Worse Faces category goes to none other than... Mass Effect: Andromeda. Go on, find worse faces this year, I dare you.

    alt text

  • I agree that those are some pretty good bad faces. Like a bad face is easy. It takes a lot of love and attention to make faces that goodbad.

  • @bard91 Haven't even started the game yet! Should I take your word for it that she's the best? I DON'T KNOW!

  • @TokyoSlim well I did call her best Tsundere so not necessarily best girl of the game, but she is in the race for sure

  • Chef Boyardee's presents: Hashtag Game Changer Award for Best New Mechanic

    alt text

    Drop Dash from Sonic Mania. I think I gushed about this on another thread but it honestly feels weird to go back to games I played just fine beforehand and not be able to do it now, it's just that useful.

  • The thing-you-do-that-distracts-you-from-what-you-should-be-doing-but-it's-too-fun-to-stop Award

    alt text

  • The Hotline Miami Award for best electronic score/soundtrack of 2017:

    Nidhogg 2
    Youtube Video

  • So since I couldn't decide for myself, here's another nomination.

    The Hotline Miami Award for best electronic score/soundtrack or 2017:

    Youtube Video

  • Best argument against filler characters

    Hummel Trabaldo from Ys 8

    alt text

    Like seriously why the hell is this guy even here?

  • Doki Doki Award for Best Love Interest

    Sadayo Kawakami from Persona 5

  • @DeweyDTruman Hmm. She's top 3 for sure. I'm not sure she's top ONE. Can you make an argument for her that would lean me away from Tae (is Bae) or Makoto-chan, who is probably the RP choice? If you can convince me, I will upvote you.

    FWIW, I'm probably going to romance her during my current playthrough. My vote is for sale.

  • @TokyoSlim From a gameplay standpoint her rank 10 ability is probably the best ability you get from any confidant in the game (the only real competition is Chihaya's rank 7). From a looks standpoint she just has my favorite design of the lot, especially the hair. From a personality/story standpoint I really liked

    how she tutored a previous student in a rough spot (even if it went south hard) since it was a nice parallel to your current situation/showed how much she cares about her students and her job

    as well as how she does things like calling other teachers out of class just to let you slack off or gets upset when you bother her while she's fishing. That and as someone that works retail I can always relate to someone putting up a cheery front only to revert to reality and moan/groan about their day once they're around people they can confide in.

    And of course:
    alt text

    Honestly I just wanted to post an award that would incite (civil) arguments and lead to people nominating their own personal favorites.

  • @DeweyDTruman hmm. I agree she's the most useful confidant, but that has nothing to do with romancing her, as you'll get the same effect if you don't.

    her design is pretty good, this I could go a lot of different ways on. I like the design of almost all the characters in P5.

    Yeah she cared about a prior student to the point where she let his parents take advantage of her. She lies to you about why she needs so much money, creating a imaginary sister in the hospital to play on your kindness in order to keep you paying her. Then she ultimately has you solve her problem by changing the hearts of people she's been letting her guilt her into paying them hush money. :)

    But nobody's perfect, I suppose. lol

    I will give you a vote. I see it as more of a tie between what I think the better RP choice (Makoto) is, but I like Kawakami's arc a lot.

  • Last couple days, nobody wants to nominate the "Best Nintendo Direct of 2017"?

  • I got one last award to nominate. No fancy schmancy names this time becuase I'm too lazy for that right now

    Coziest song

    Youtube Video

  • I didn't particularly like the game, but that is a pretty cozy song.

  • The Ubisoft Reward for the Best Game Released in an Unfinished and Buggy State: Mass Effect- Andromeda.

    alt text

  • Best Nightmare You Thought You'd Never Face Again:
    Crash Bandicoot's bridge levels

    alt text

  • The MADCATZ High Quality Award for best new hardware: The Nintendo Switch

    alt text