Disney Infinity Discussion

  • Recently I started watching Toybox Tuesday and was really intrigued with what I saw after admittedly thinking Infinity was just a kids game that had no actual merits.

    Boy was I wrong and I'm happy that I was wrong, I went out and bought the ps4 version of 3.0 and got a couple of figures as well as the Finding Dory Playset (Partner is a massive Finding Nemo fan) But I'm finding that outside of the Playsets I am just overwhelmed with the options and the amount of depth there is to the game.

    Anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to perhaps not get so lost and confused or anyone have any of their own stories about how they got into it and what they did?

    Love and Respect!

  • Just wanted to chime in, I never actually played the games or watched Brandon play but I kinda started collecting the Marvel figures. I'm just missing Falcon and Vision to have all the 'Avenger' figures. I'm really bummed they aren't going to be more, I so want that doctor strange figure!!

  • @TheMarcV You should pick up the game, I don't know where you are but most places are selling the base starter game discounted. Perhaps get 2.0 so you can play the avengers playsets! I've only got Hulkbuster, Cap and Hulk atm but no doubt i'll pick up more.

  • @n64rob I got into the game after watching a ton of Toybox Tuesdays in a row. I loved the figures and it looked like a fun game to get lost in without having to think too much.

    I was a little overwhelmed by everything in the game and wasn't sure how it all worked. I'm playing on the Xbox One, so I picked an achievement, looked up how to get it, and that's how I was able to learn each of the mechanics of the game. It's a blast! I'm loving every minute of it.

    Also, it's an older video from the GT days, but I recently watched this Toybox Tuesday video and it helped me learn a lot of what the game can do. Watching this even made me realize some of the basic gameplay features I must have missed from the tutorials.

    Youtube Video

    I'd love for @Brandon to do another of these "Wrap Up videos" possibly going through all the 1.0 and the 3.0 figures. Now that everything for the game is officially out. :(

  • I just went on a hunt today for some Infinity figurines. I got to the games store and was laughed at for thinking I could find anything before 3.0. Which is so harsh. It's an intimidating premise to start a collection now, but I won't give up just yet :)

  • @OwlBoyBebob This is crazy, I haven't had any trouble finding anything. Gamestop had a lot of used ones as a buy 2 get 3 free, which is where I got most of mine. Someone had just traded a ton of them in before I walked in, so they're out there!

  • @OwlBoyBebob
    A lot of stuff before 3.0 will be hard to find in person, but you can get really good deals online!
    Here's a good resource for finding deals