Games with good vibes

  • I was just thinking about Everybody's Golf and how something as simple as a name change (or reversion depending on how you look at it), a colorful logo, and one of the jolliest trailers I've ever seen got me to go from never even giving the series a second glance when I saw it on shelves to buying it at launch and having a blast. I was just wondering if something similar had ever happened to anybody else. Have you ever played a game you know you would have passed on otherwise just because of its vibe?

  • Nintendoland! I'm not much for mini game compilations. And I'm not much for games without story, so for all intents and purposes, I should have hated it. Furthermore I mostly play by myself so party games don't really have that much appeal to me. BUT. I saw the trailer, and I saw a few people play it and I knew I had to have it. I bought a WiiU bundle with NintendoLand, and it was straight up the only WiiU game I owned for about a year. It's just such a jolly feel good experience.

  • Good vibes to me mean my favorite game settings, which are usually arduous bordering on despairing, but with hopeful moments that paint that dreariness in contrast. If you just mean 'good vibes' as something colorful and cheery... no, puke.

    Skyrim, Twilight Princess' Hyrule, and The Last of Us are my version of Huber's 'cozy blanket' horror game. Those soundtracks and remorseful worlds just evoke so much emotion. There's something special about riding around to the tune of the Hyrule Field nighttime theme or coming up on a summit with the wind gusting off of the ridge and one of Skyrim's ambient theme's playing.

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