Completed Games of 2018

  • With a total of 103 games completed by 29 collective users, the average amount of games completed per person is 3.551724138, or 4 if you prefer to round it up. Whatever floats your goat.

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    • Nier: Automata (Round 1 and 2)

    *Nier Automata (Round 3 etc)

  • im makeing more of a point this year to finish more game which will in turn cause me to buy fewer i hope lol

  • completed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 last night.

    now i don't know what to do with my life until the story DLC comes out in September.

  • I have the actual list written down but can't see it right now, but I believe this is correct

    Ys 8 Lacrimosa of Dana
    Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Shovel Knight
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Yakuza 0
    Wolfenstein The New Colossus
    Gravity Rush
    Doki Doki Literature Club
    What Remains of Edith Finch
    Danganronpa V3
    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Odyssey and Wolfenstein were both two big disappointments for me and Doki Doki was pretty underwhelming as well. The high point is still Ys 8, but aside from Odyssey I've found all the other games very enjoyable I think.

  • @Yoshi Wait till mid february and play NG+ to get the new rare blades.

  • @Musou-Tensei fuck rare blades man.

    that's one thing they definitely need to fix. they need to balance the odds of getting rare blade from core crystals much better than what they have. from what i've been hearing most people have been getting just about all their rare blades from common core crystals and barely ever get any rare blades from rare crystals or legendary crystals if at all.

  • @Yoshi I don't think it will be random rare blades you have to use the Gacha system for but

    the blades of the Torna, I always wondered what happened to their crystals and why Rex never picked them up. The devs were speaking about "those certain blades" when they annouced NG+.

    I din't disagree though, at least for NG+, in case they don't let you keep your blades, they really should make it easier to aquire them, at least those you got in the 1st playthrough (in my case, all). Like they could turn them all into unique crystals (like Herald) but each one has a different long time span that it takes to re-activate.

  • Sorry to intervene, but could we try and keep this to the lists, and about the lists. I just see it getting quite long otherwise, and its going to be a lot of going back and editing over the year.

  • Shorter games, and adventure games are the way to go. Having a blast going through these in February.

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  • The idea was to keep the completed games in one post per each person. Basically the thread should ideally speaking remain pretty much silent and only lift its head when a completely new person writes their only post in it for the first and last time.

  • February:

    -Nintendo Land (100%) (5th Time)
    -Mother 3 (Almost 100%) (Might try and 100%)
    -Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment (Been stuck on the final boss for like 2 years, finally beat it.)
    -Picross 3D (I’ve literally been playing for almost a decade, this is my greatest achievement.)
    -Animal Crossing: Wild World (I guess you can’t technically beat it, but I’ve unlocked and expanded everything I can.)
    -Stardew Valley (Also unsure if you can beat this game, I’m in Winter of year 2, but I’ve done everything I set out to do and I’m good stopping where I am.)
    -Stretch Panic (Did a quasi-speed run and beat it in 42 mins. That’s my personal best.)
    -Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (I’ve had this game since I was 7 and I never finished it because a classmate told me the ending was sad. Finally went in and did the deed. And it was exceptionally sad. Probably just for the nostalgia.)
    -Carnival Mini Golf (I can’t beat it blindfolded anymore, but the muscle memory is still there. That game is second nature to me at this point.)
    -Alice in Wonderland (DS) (I just had to beat this game because it stumped me for years as a kid.)
    -Super Paper Mario (My favorite Paper Mario game, never beat it so that I would always have something left. Was having a bad day and decided it was time to close the book on this game. It felt good, but I can't wait to play it again.)
    -Cooking Mama (Ahh, good times. I really want to buy the newer versions now.)
    -Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (I've started this game like 20 times, had to go through and beat it.)

    February has been my month of completing really really old games, from my childhood. It’s been oddly bittersweet. Almost every game I finished in one sitting, because I have a tendency to almost beat a game and stop at the final level/boss. Also things I thought were really hard as a 8 year old aren't very hard for me at age 20. I’ve got my eyes on New Super Mario Bros, it will be my first time beating a 2D Mario Game.

  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. So far

  • So far:

    • Telltale Batman - Season 1
    • Persona 5 (2nd Playthrough)
    • Consortium (2nd Playthrough)
    • Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)
    • Persona 5 (3rd Playthrough for the Plat)
    • Yakuza Kiwami
    • Mafia III
    • The Banner Saga
    • Assassin's Creed II (Remaster)
    • Into the Breach
    • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - System Rift (DLC)
    • Orwell: Ignorance is strength
    • Ni No Kuni II
    • Clannad (Nagisa, Tomoyo, Kyou and Yukine routes)
    • Metroid: Zero Mission
    • Kindred Spirits on the Roof
    • God of War (2018)
    • L.A. Noire (Remaster)
    • Agents of Mayhem
    • Detroit: Become Human
    • Vampyr
    • Hitman
    • Deus Ex
    • The Banner Saga 2
    • The Banner Saga 3
    • State of Mind
    • Yakuza Kiwami 2
    • Spider-Man
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
    • Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
    • Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
    • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    • The Council
    • Red Dead Redemption II
    • Return of the Obra Dinn

    Total: 37

  • Chrono Trigger (replay, DS)
    Wolfenstein: New Order (PC)
    Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus (PC)
    Goragoa (PC)

  • Can this topic please be pinned? Once everyone only edits their posts this won't be bumped anymore.

  • @musou-tensei I wouldn't object to it being pinned but I will at least update everyone's numbers at the end of every month for that bump.

  • Whew, February was a short month as usual! I sunk over 100 hours in Monster Hunter, so my numbers were real low this month but some of you were in a gaming frenzy apparently! Here's a full list of where all of us are at for the year.

    SabotageTheTruth - 7
    Faaip - 9
    Axel - 6
    FF7Cloud - 2
    ib0show - 11
    Billy - 1
    michemagius - 19
    Sentinel Beach - 3
    FutureCorpse - 7
    Hazz3r - 6
    bam541 - 4
    DIPSET - 5
    Sheria - 23
    Ringedwithtile - 6
    Firdge-man - 7
    Hidz - 7
    ffff0 - 5
    Felmek - 12
    SunPraiser - 14
    CJTreader - 1
    Nimbat1003 - 2
    breadsaucebandit - 5
    Musou Tensei - 7
    Lotias - 1
    TokyoSlim - 2
    Capnbobamous - 7
    Whiskeyjack - 1
    Nillend - 2
    logic__error - 5
    Yoshi - 1
    bard91 - 7
    Henry Ramirez - 1
    Exist 2 Inspire - 7
    wouldyoukindly - 4

    Just a few bits of housekeeping. Friendly reminder this isn't a competition, we all have different amounts of time we can devote to gaming so if you only have finished one game so far, no worries at all! Instead of posting multiple times on this thread, it is much easier if you edit your initial post with the games you have most recently finished, that way you're truly creating a list. As far as discussions go, let's try to keep those to a minimum as that isn't the intention here - those discussions should be saved for the completed games thread or a game specific one if it's available. Finally, if you still haven't posted here but want to start your list, feel free!

  • My Backloggery keeps track of this:

    @musou-tensei said in Completed Games of 2018:

    January (Total: 1)

    Is that play time accurate? O_O