Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018

  • @Minamik think they'll finish Izalith they said they didnt get to do what they wanted there due to time restraints

  • @FF7Cloud I kind of doubt it, but maybe? Just fixing the framerate in Blighttown would be a massive improvement in my eyes, haha.

  • @Minamik yea locked 60fps would be a godsend

  • @Minamik Seeing Ys I'm hopeful for not only Tokyo Xanadu but the Trails games also coming to it, Falcom seems pretty open to porting their games and I wouldn't be surprised if they keep releasing on Switch alongside PS4.

  • @FF7Cloud A million dinosaur butts or no sale. :)

    Hmm... But Wait! How about a million dino butts laid across varied terrain? Ok FromSoft, I'm in.

  • @bard91 Mmm, now you're speaking my language! While we're at it, let's get some ports of the Zwei games Xseed just put out on PC.

    And this isn't for you, especially not for you, but I'll also accept a Fatal Frame 5 port, lmao.

  • @bard91 i would be surprised if the upcoming trails of cold steel double pack didnt get released on switch

  • @Minamik Agreed, they didn't realise at the time that the Souls series would blow up like it did so I don't think it was especially well funded. Now it's huge, they can add that extra polish and if miracles really can happen, figure out a way to make the Bed of Chaos fight tolerable. o_o

    • Can't believe The World Ends with You is getting a final version like this.
    • Is there even an audience for the Pokkén Tournament DX DLC, but Blastoise is a good addition.
    • Kirby Star Allies is looking better and better, but I don't think it has online and that kills my interest in it.
    • Will consider Hyrule Warriors Definitive Version since I never played any of the other versions before.
    • Last Mario Tennis game was complete trash, so skeptical of Mario Tennis Aces, but hopefully it'll be good.
    • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA coming to Switch surprises me, and I might get it.
    • The Super Mario Odyssey Update turned Luigi into Tingle and looks throwaway as hell. Cool costumes though.
    • This Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC with DK is probably my highlight of the whole Direct.
    • Gonna wait for reviews for Fe.
    • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is 100% worth playing if you never got it on Wii U, but not being bundled with Returns or even having new levels for the Switch version kills any drive I'd have to repurchase it, least at full price.
    • I don't think Dark Souls Remastered is the kinda handheld game I'm into. Would rather just get the PC Version if I had a good enough PC since it's the best version.

  • @FF7Cloud I'm just worried about how chummy Falcom has been getting with NIS, and vis-a-vis, NISA. I don't know how I'd react if NISA were the ones to get Cold Steel 3...

  • @Minamik I think will now in NISA's february event if our fears do come true, while I don't think Ys 8 was the disaster other people called it, it has more than a few blemishes clearly coming from a quick or lazy job, in any case as musch as I don't want it to happen I aint missing ToCS3

  • @yoshi Did you forget the third party support on the Wii U

  • any chance for a solaire amiibo?