Yo Allies! What's the last game that surprised you?

  • What's up everybody! I'm a long-time fan of EZA, and formerly GT. I'm also usually a social hermit, but if there's any community where I feel it's worth reaching out, it's this one.

    So with that in mind, I just wanted to say hey and ask what's the last game you all played that took you by surprise? It could have been for positive or negative reasons, I'm just curious what came out of left field and caught you off-guard.

    This question was inspired by playing Doki Doki Literature Club, a visual novel (which really aren't my thing usually) that was recommended to me on twitter. It's free/pay what you want, and does some unique and interesting things with its storytelling that made it one of the most memorable releases of 2017 for me.

    Keep spoilers to a minimum, so we can all share in the discovery. <3



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    Honestly some of the funniest/most stressful couch coop I've had in a while.

  • I'm was very surprised Vampire: The Masquerade is actually as good as people have said. It's all the good stuff of Fallout: New Vegas but with actual style and an a logical world that good characters inhabit. Still haven't beaten it and likely won't but I had fun for my ~15 hours.

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is another one. The last time I played it was 2005 or something. Why can't the new Wolfenstein games be anywhere near as good as this? The level designs and the guns are so good. The airbase level was incredible.

  • La Mulana. I was not expecting to get sucked into it last year. I'd already made a pitiful attempt years ago, but I was in the mood to try again for various reasons. I wouldn't say La-Mulana is excellent, but it is remarkable and deserves more people taking note of it.

    I can't think of any other modern game like this which is iterating so much on the old design idea of clues and secrets. The obscurity isn't decoding the instructions (although some clues do involve that), it is trying to piece together where you need to follow those instructions and when. You get so many damn clues, and you get them before you are ready to use them and sometimes far removed from where they are needed. That's easily over half of the challenge.

    The game is plucked from a portal to an alternate universe where NES games continued to evolve along the branch they were on. It's a hard, hard game and one that is "indifferent to your progress", except it is not for the usual reasons that phrase gets used. The literal puzzles aren't complex at all, and enemies/hazards aren't masochistic enough to halt progress. Nevertheless those clues and secrets mean you have to be made of tough stuff to reach each milestone. I think it's the hardest game I've played that isn't directly testing the player's action ability. Getting anywhere in La-Mulana, even if the player eventually gives up, can be a bigger accomplishment than completing other games...

    (Says the person who hasn't beaten it yet!)

  • The last game that surprised me is without a doubt Yakuza 0. I decided to pick it up over Resident Evil 7 at release after hearing Michael Hubers amazing story back at E3.

    I thought at first the game would be good, but it turned out amazing. I got hooked right from the start, they nailed the perfect balance with heavy crime drama and comedy and imo the best voice acting in a video game in recent years.

  • Back when I bought my Wii-U, I was also buying Wii games that I missed, since I skipped the Wii, and one of the games I ended up with, just because it was published by Xseed, was Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. I was expecting it to maybe be interesting, but I was floored by it, emotionally. What a game!

  • @Minamik I've been tempted to try Fragile multiple times despite the fact I'm a giant coward, the hefty price tag doesn't help either.

    The latest surprise I had was probably Shovel Knight which I was expecting to be good but I ended up absolutely loving it, and before that Trails of Cold Steel, which I decide to give a shot, then the intro made me expect the worst and it ended up as one of my favorite JRPGs

  • @bard91 Oh, it's not really as scary of a game as it seems. My dream would be for it to get a remaster with traditional controls, but I think that's a bit of a pipe dream since it sold so little when it released.

    I may have given up on Tri-Ace by now, but Tri-Crescendo has yet to do wrong by me, lol.

  • @Minamik I'm sure it's not that scary, I'm just that much of a coward, yeah rerelease would be awesome but it seems very unlikely

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    @Lux-Noctis First of all, welcome to pur cosy corner of the internet! Hope you enjoy your stay!

    In terms of the question you ask. I must say Gravity Rush on my Vita. I commute a couple hours each week and have been hunting for portal games to play. This happened to be cheap (or if it even was PS+ free) I decided to give it a shot to just kinda fool around in whilst on the train. Must say I got really captured into the world and Kat are a great character. I still struggle with the air combat a little bit, but its nothing that stops me from doing progress and enjoying myself.

  • @bard91 I mean, I'd say it's about as scary as exploring Mementos, personally, but hey, Youtube is a thing, so you could always look at videos to see how it affects you.

  • @Lotias I think you mean falling (with style) controls. :p

    I was awful with them too, in both games, lol.

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    @Minamik Haha yeah deffo falling with style! :D People tells me its getting easier once you level the skills up a bit more, but at the moment its more about going in the general direction I want then hope for the best :D

  • @Lotias Yup, that's Gravity Rush, lol.

  • @Lotias That's a solid pick, and thanks for the warm welcome! My only issue with the Vita is that my hands cramp after about 8 minutes, so whilst I tried Gravity Rush out I never got very far :P I really should pick up the remaster or the second one on PS4 though, those games look beautiful and I've heard nothing but good things.

    I've gotten more into portable games since the Switch because it coincided with me having to take a bunch of long flights. I've gotta say, Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have been godsends when on long-haul flights. I'd have been SO bored without them.

  • The World Ends With You was something I picked up on a whim back in 2007, and god damn was I floored. It's one of my favorite games of all time, another one that comes to mind is Night in the woods it was something that once I started I just couldn't put it down although, I had heard a lot of hype around it I was still caught off guard with how much it resonated with me. Also, welcome to the forums!!! :D Céad Míle Fáilte!!

  • Apologies for replying in a big old lump here, I didn't realise I'd be kept on a short leash because I'm new, but my posts are super limited so it's the best way I can handle it for now I guess.

    @El-Shmiablo I've watched a ton of people playing Overcooked and it does look hilarious :P I don't have it myself because of my aforementioned anti-social tendencies, but I'm totally onboard with it in spirit.

    @Rock Vampire has been sitting in my Steam library for a long, long time now. I've really got to play it when I'm done with the pile of RPGs I thought it would be a good idea to start all at once. o_o And hey, 15 hours is plenty, when you're done you're done. I used to try beat everything I started but nowadays I take the same approach, and gaming is way more relaxing as a result.

    As for Wolfenstein, the new ones are just so different to the older games I can see why you'd miss the style of the past. It's definitely been reinvented in a similar way to modern Doom, which is probably a love it or hate it kind of thing. I'm not really a fan of Doom, but I was pleasantly surprised by the places the story went in The New Colossus, even if I wasn't crazy about the gameplay.

    @Chocobop La-Mulana is something I haven't even heard of, but the way you describe how it prepares you for puzzles reminds me of how I felt with The Witness. The whole idea of tough but rewarding gameplay is something I'm a big fan of, so that might be right up my street. ^ . ^ I'd love to hear your thoughts when you reach the end too!

    @Hidz So far I've only played Yakuza 3, and I enjoyed that quite a lot. I've been so close to pulling the trigger on both 0 and Kiwami because I want to get fully onboard with the series. It was actually Huber's enthusiasm that got me playing 3 so I understand your motivation there. :P If I'd made this post back when RE7 came out that could well have been the game I led with, I was concerned it would fall flat but I ended up really enjoying it.

    @Minamik I've heard of that game, but the only thing I know about it is that it's considered a real hidden gem. Quick question, how does it control? I never get on with motion controls which is why my Wii has never seen a whole lot of use. Stories are kind of what I live for, so you saying you were emotionally floored has really peaked my interest.

    @bard91 I approve of your signature. :P Ben's enthusiasm for Trails of Cold steel has had me thinking about trying it at some point, but I'm currently knee deep in Persona 5 myself, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Ni No Kuni. Why I thought it was a good idea to do these things all at once, I honestly couldn't tell you. - _ -

    @JamboHyland95 I adore The World Ends With You! I picked it up because of the Nomura influence and did not regret it, totally getting it again now it's coming to Switch. ^ . ^ The devs have expressed interest in making a sequel a bunch over the years too, so hopefully this re-release does well enough to make that happen.

    As for Night in the Woods, I've heard a fair few people say it's one of their favourites of last year. I get the impression it's short too, so I need to squeeze that in somewhere.

    Sorry again for the enourmous post everyone, you all gave me some of your time so I wanted to make sure I returned the favour. This won't have to happen when the forum trusts me some, so please bear with me. <3

  • Personally, the instances of surprise for me are negative. I'm really picky about what I want to try and often I really like or find a game adequate.

    There are three distinct instances which I tried them primarily because they are heralded as great games, but for me, I came away intensely disappointed to say the least. I know I've said as much in another thread, a long while ago, so I'll just keep to the games, but for one reason or another, I felt burned by the following:

    Final Fantasy VI
    Ico/Shadow of the Colossus

    Oh, and Final Fantasies VIII and XIII for trying those on my own and viscerally despising.

  • @Lux-Noctis that makes me realize I should change my signature, it was true pretty much for most of April but that is long gone, and just because I never get tired of it, I'll say just drop Ni No Kuni because that game is trash :P and to keep in line with the thread it is easily the most negative surprised I've ever had in gaming, never has love turned to hate for me like that.

  • Wouldn't say it's the most recent one since it was like four and a half years ago at this point but the one that immediately springs to mind is Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. I'd never played the previous games, never really got into vocaloids or anything to that effect, but I was bored one night looking up PS3 demos and came across it (I think this was either right before or right after it came out stateside.) I remembered a guy I knew in high school swore by the PSP ones and figured "yeah sure why not." Ended up buying the game later that night because it was so fun and I wound up putting over 100 hours into the game across both the PS3 and Vita versions by the time all was said and done. Easily my favorite game of 2013, though oddly enough I never got too deep into F2nd and never touched the newer ones since then.