Yo Allies! What's the last game that surprised you?

  • @Henry-Ramirez Yes, Sleeping Dogs needs so much more love than it gets! It's always on sale for ridiculously little money now as well, even the Ultimate Edition. I have a crazy amount of respect for the developers too, after I played it I did a little reading about them, and their intention was to make a mechanically dense open world, where each one of its core systems was robust enough to prop up an entire game. So the hand-to-hand they wanted to be as good as a fighting game, the driving as good as a racer etc. Whilst they arguably didn't quite reach the heights they were aiming for, they set the quality bar super high in my opinion. Couple that with an interesting, seldom explored setting and you've got a real winner. Good pick man, 100% with you on this one.

  • @DeweyDTruman Oh it's a rhythm game, since I'm wading through so many big JRPGs that actually makes it more appealing to me, to be honest. I know what you mean about right place, right time too, it's a good feeling when a game absorbs you because it was totally what you needed in that moment.

  • @bam541 Nothing but positivity surrounds that game, I gotta play it at some point but there's just so much good stuff right now it's crazy! I feel like "out of this world" is an inside reference that's going to click for me once I get there. :P

  • If we're talking in negative way: Kingdom hearts Re:chain of memories. I enjoyed the first Kingdom Hearts, but Re:chains' combat was so frustrating. I went from "wat" to "Now I get it! It's pretty fun!" to "Fuck this". It's the only game where I hardquit out of frustration because of the gameplay and looked up the cinematics on youtube just to get the story.

  • @Fridge-man I played the GBA version of Chain of Memories and remember having a similar experience. Towards the closing chapters it just became super frustrating for me as well, I think in part because the battle system felt very limited and also because having card-based combat is a pretty good way to pull me out of a world in general. I hard quit too, it really didn't feel worth the time.

    I love me some KH usually, although I'm not entirely up to speed. I need to grab that collection and catch up with Birth By Sleep and 2.8, but yeah some of those filler games, not great unfortunately.

  • Positive

    • Hollow Knight - I knew very little going in but this turned out to be one of the best games of last year. Atmosphere, graphics, animations, somber tone, all top notch. Also way longer than I expected, in a good way. If you like 'metroidvania' style games this is a must play. (and better than any Metroid or Castlevania game, excluding Castlevania IV)
    • Divinity Original Sin II - Best RPG ever made. Too bad it might be a little too 'hardcore' game for it's own good. People have to play this game.


    • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Played this first time just a couple of weeks ago and oh boy, it doesn't hold up at all. Combat is just trash and controls are clunky as all hell. I bailed out after 10 chapters.
    • Final Fantasy X - Loved VI, VIII and IX so X took me by surprise. This is where the series started to crash and burn. All of the characters suck, sphere grid is only an illusion of choice, Blitz ball being a stat based rpg, Seymour's hair... I could go on and on.

    Somewhere in between

    • The Last of Us - Finished this couple of months ago for the first time and I don't see the hype for the story. Maybe I'm just late to the party but the story of TLoU is extremely basic and predictable, although very well executed. I still loved the game overall but expected more from the story. (maybe unreasonably so)

  • @Marketplace_DC Always glad to see someone else hating on Uncharted :P

    Divinity II while very appealing, is as you mentioned intimidating, I find myself still struggling getting through Pillars of Eternity, which I can't find myself devoting a lot of time to it on a single seating, so I'm not jumping into Divinity anytime soon I think

  • @Marketplace_DC said in Yo Allies! What's the last game that surprised you?:

    • The Last of Us - Finished this couple of months ago for the first time and I don't see the hype for the story. Maybe I'm just late to the party but the story of TLoU is extremely basic and predictable, although very well executed. I still loved the game overall but expected more from the story. (maybe unreasonably so)

    I liked TLOU but honestly, I think it's like an 8 outta 10. I never understood the people treating it like it was the second coming. I'll get TLOU2 and I'll probably dig it but I'm not gonna pre-order it months in advance and I'm not anticipating it being my GOTY (or even on my top five list) like I'm sure a lot of people are.

  • @Lux-Noctis Yeah, if I'm remembering correctly, it's one of those games where all your movement is tied to the nunchuck, and then stuff like the flashlight and fighting is tied to the wiimote.

    Also, regarding the Trails games, they're not like Final Fantasy where each game is disconnected from each other. Chronologically speaking, The Sky trilogy happens first, and then afterwards, Cold Steel and Crossbell (2 games we haven't gotten) take place concurrently to eachother. I'd say if you've got any interest in Trails in general, I'd say to start with Trails in the Sky. There are loads of spoilers in the Cold Steel games that will lack any impact if you haven't played the Sky trilogy first.

    In other words, don't get me started on Falcom games, because I start to sound like someone who is recruiting for some kind of cult, lol.

  • @Lux-Noctis check out Katawa Shoujo if you like free Visual Novels that will blow your mind!

  • @Marketplace_DC I guess Hollow Knight was the first Don't Skip for a reason, huh? I've never really played a MetroidVania game to be honest but the art and the tone from what I've seen of Hollow Knight make it appeal to me more than either of the games the terms spawns from, so it might be a good place for me to start. I haven't played Divinity yet either because I have a very specific friend I want to play it with me in co-op. :P

    I'm actually with you on Drake's Fortune, the PS3 library was kind of a wasteland when it released so I think that might have been why it was held in such high regard, but yeah it was pretty clunky and uninteresting. I enjoyed 2, 3, and to a lesser extent 4 though.

    I enjoyed TLOU quite a lot, it wasn't perfect, there were too many instances where I had to put a ladder or throw Ellie on a raft for sure. My biggest gripe with it, and Uncharted 4 though is the self-indulgence of the writing and pacing. I know that team is heralded for its strong writing, but I feel like they dictate the pace to the detriment of gameplay. I really noticed this when I tried to play TLOU for a second time and got sick of forced walking/dialogue sections, which are a pet peeve of mine. If I want to soak up a world, slowly wander and listen to all the dialogue then I'll do that of my own accord, I don't need to be strapped into my seat for my own benefit, at 26 I'm a big boy now. :P I felt the same way about Uncharted 4 but on the first run, in my opinion they could really do with trimming the fat. That and Drake's brother appearing out of nowhere just didn't feel like an organic extension of what the previous games had built, I was just like "Where was he when you met Sully?" and "Why have you never mentioned him to your WIFE man?!"

    I've got high hopes for TLOU2 and I think it's going to be great, but I totally expect it to get bogged down as it presses my face into the ground and forces me to smell the roses again. :P

  • @Exist-2-Inspire Remembering to adjust the settings to your own preferences beforehand of course, lol.

  • @Minamik Oh got ya, so when I give them a shot chronological really is the way to go. Duly noted! ^ . ^

  • @Exist-2-Inspire You've got my attention, I'm all in for having my mind blown by a visual novel again! I'm thinking I might have to give the Danganronpa games more of a shot too, I have the first one on Vita but I barely started it.

  • @Lux-Noctis Katawa Shoujo is pretty good, but (and there is an option in the settings to turn these parts off) it's also an eroge, lol.

  • @Minamik OH! Okay, thanks for the warning there! :P

  • @Lux-Noctis There's a good message to the game, but yeah, just a head's up, lol.

  • Huh. This is an interesting topic as I feel I'm not really "surprised" by games anymore. What I mean by that is I very rarely make a day one purchase and if I do, it's with a series that has established itself in my world, like Persona. Every other purchase is generally fueled by really good reviews or word of mouth from people I trust.

    The glaring thing coming to mind is my experience with Nier: Automata. I bought into the hype and for the first 20 hours, I can say I fell in love. Yet, it's the parts of the game that received the most praise (routes C through E) that I find myself completely disagreeing with popular opinion and actually tarnished my view of the entire game. I won't go into spoilers but my main takeaway from everything was, "nothing matters, at all." The game has been described as a nihilistic masterpiece so maybe that's an extremely fitting sentiment to leave with, but I just thought there would be something more substantial underneath the surface. Maybe that's on me for expecting something more, some may even view that as a subversion of expectations... Instead, I'm just surprised how differently I felt towards the game after completing it.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles didn't really interest me at all when i first started playing it. seemed pretty boring.

    then it surprised me and became one of my favourite games of all time. and now Xenoblade 2 is turning out to be even better than the first one.

  • Stupid answer because it's been out for ages and I've ignored it, but I randomly saw some footage of Steamworld Heist since it recently came to Switch, and it looked much cooler than I expected it to. The game does this thing where when you select your next mission or whatever from a map there's absolutely no loading screen transition bringing you there, instead the ship you are standing in has an effect with sound applied to it to make it appear as though it is traveling and docking with a new ship, which you then board and wave your ship goodbye as it breaks away and flies back off until it's time to pick you back up for a quick escape after you've grabbed the loot.

    It's cool and makes the world feel more real. Max RP!