Yo Allies! What's the last game that surprised you?

  • @Lux-Noctis Yeah, if I'm remembering correctly, it's one of those games where all your movement is tied to the nunchuck, and then stuff like the flashlight and fighting is tied to the wiimote.

    Also, regarding the Trails games, they're not like Final Fantasy where each game is disconnected from each other. Chronologically speaking, The Sky trilogy happens first, and then afterwards, Cold Steel and Crossbell (2 games we haven't gotten) take place concurrently to eachother. I'd say if you've got any interest in Trails in general, I'd say to start with Trails in the Sky. There are loads of spoilers in the Cold Steel games that will lack any impact if you haven't played the Sky trilogy first.

    In other words, don't get me started on Falcom games, because I start to sound like someone who is recruiting for some kind of cult, lol.

  • @Lux-Noctis check out Katawa Shoujo if you like free Visual Novels that will blow your mind!

  • @Marketplace_DC I guess Hollow Knight was the first Don't Skip for a reason, huh? I've never really played a MetroidVania game to be honest but the art and the tone from what I've seen of Hollow Knight make it appeal to me more than either of the games the terms spawns from, so it might be a good place for me to start. I haven't played Divinity yet either because I have a very specific friend I want to play it with me in co-op. :P

    I'm actually with you on Drake's Fortune, the PS3 library was kind of a wasteland when it released so I think that might have been why it was held in such high regard, but yeah it was pretty clunky and uninteresting. I enjoyed 2, 3, and to a lesser extent 4 though.

    I enjoyed TLOU quite a lot, it wasn't perfect, there were too many instances where I had to put a ladder or throw Ellie on a raft for sure. My biggest gripe with it, and Uncharted 4 though is the self-indulgence of the writing and pacing. I know that team is heralded for its strong writing, but I feel like they dictate the pace to the detriment of gameplay. I really noticed this when I tried to play TLOU for a second time and got sick of forced walking/dialogue sections, which are a pet peeve of mine. If I want to soak up a world, slowly wander and listen to all the dialogue then I'll do that of my own accord, I don't need to be strapped into my seat for my own benefit, at 26 I'm a big boy now. :P I felt the same way about Uncharted 4 but on the first run, in my opinion they could really do with trimming the fat. That and Drake's brother appearing out of nowhere just didn't feel like an organic extension of what the previous games had built, I was just like "Where was he when you met Sully?" and "Why have you never mentioned him to your WIFE man?!"

    I've got high hopes for TLOU2 and I think it's going to be great, but I totally expect it to get bogged down as it presses my face into the ground and forces me to smell the roses again. :P

  • @Exist-2-Inspire Remembering to adjust the settings to your own preferences beforehand of course, lol.

  • @Minamik Oh got ya, so when I give them a shot chronological really is the way to go. Duly noted! ^ . ^

  • @Exist-2-Inspire You've got my attention, I'm all in for having my mind blown by a visual novel again! I'm thinking I might have to give the Danganronpa games more of a shot too, I have the first one on Vita but I barely started it.

  • @Lux-Noctis Katawa Shoujo is pretty good, but (and there is an option in the settings to turn these parts off) it's also an eroge, lol.

  • @Minamik OH! Okay, thanks for the warning there! :P

  • @Lux-Noctis There's a good message to the game, but yeah, just a head's up, lol.

  • Huh. This is an interesting topic as I feel I'm not really "surprised" by games anymore. What I mean by that is I very rarely make a day one purchase and if I do, it's with a series that has established itself in my world, like Persona. Every other purchase is generally fueled by really good reviews or word of mouth from people I trust.

    The glaring thing coming to mind is my experience with Nier: Automata. I bought into the hype and for the first 20 hours, I can say I fell in love. Yet, it's the parts of the game that received the most praise (routes C through E) that I find myself completely disagreeing with popular opinion and actually tarnished my view of the entire game. I won't go into spoilers but my main takeaway from everything was, "nothing matters, at all." The game has been described as a nihilistic masterpiece so maybe that's an extremely fitting sentiment to leave with, but I just thought there would be something more substantial underneath the surface. Maybe that's on me for expecting something more, some may even view that as a subversion of expectations... Instead, I'm just surprised how differently I felt towards the game after completing it.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles didn't really interest me at all when i first started playing it. seemed pretty boring.

    then it surprised me and became one of my favourite games of all time. and now Xenoblade 2 is turning out to be even better than the first one.

  • Stupid answer because it's been out for ages and I've ignored it, but I randomly saw some footage of Steamworld Heist since it recently came to Switch, and it looked much cooler than I expected it to. The game does this thing where when you select your next mission or whatever from a map there's absolutely no loading screen transition bringing you there, instead the ship you are standing in has an effect with sound applied to it to make it appear as though it is traveling and docking with a new ship, which you then board and wave your ship goodbye as it breaks away and flies back off until it's time to pick you back up for a quick escape after you've grabbed the loot.

    It's cool and makes the world feel more real. Max RP!

  • @SabotageTheTruth I get what you mean there, games aren't cheap so it's rare for me to just take a random stab in the dark with something too. I think that's part of the reason my pick was actually a pay what you want game. I paid nothing upfront, then when I liked it donated to the devs. @Henry-Ramirez mentioned grabbing Sleeping Dogs earlier in the post as part of a special offer where he wasn't sure what second game he wanted. I feel like that's the kind of situation where it usually happens for me, as well. Thank god for sales, I guess. :P

  • @Yoshi I had a similar experience to you with Xenoblade actually, I started the first one on Wii and really couldn't get into it but I got the second one before a long-haul flight and really sunk enough hours in to understand the mechanics. The characters just seem to resonate with me more in 2 as well, I am tempted to play the first game once I'm done with 2 though because I followed a tutorial that shows you how to emulate the game on PC, add HD textures, replace button prompts with PlayStation ones (which is my preferred PC controller) etc. I tested it out already and it does fix a lot of the gripes I had with the physical Wii release, like the super low resolution and having to use the dreaded Wiimote :P If Japanese voices are an option as well I'm sold on giving it another try down the line, especially now that complex battle system makes a bit more sense to me.

  • @Mbun Dude, I LOVE that kind of thing, games without loading screens bring me joy lol! I actually made a video about exposition through animation forever ago because getting rid of a hud like in Resident Evil for example, and having the character physically show that they're injured rather than having a health bar, just appeals to me in so many ways. The way Shadow of the Colossus tells you something about its protagonist through the way he moves is awesome too, that's the one that made me pay closer attention to that sort of in-universe detail.

    And it's not a stupid answer because it's been out for a while, there are no stupid answers here. It could have been Pong, and been totally valid based on your experience with it. :P

    Max RP forever!

  • @Lux-Noctis i think i like the first Xenoblades story better, but Xenoblade has better gameplay and fleshes out the side characters more than the first game does which i like.

    also the Wii U gamepad is the comfiest way to play Xenoblade Chronicles. the game was designed to be played with a Wii Pro Controller but there's something about playing the game with a Wii U Gamepad that is just so damn comfy when you play it on virtual console.

  • Banned

    A game that surprised me with how much it has changed and how much work the developer put into it to fix it's problems is The Division.
    I won't even try to pretend that that game wasn't a raging dumpster fire on release, and even for quite some time after, but now it is actually pretty great and feels a lot more like the game that was promised initially.

  • @Minamik

    Well yeah, but i would argue that it's only a very very small part of the expierence and by no means the focus of the Visual Novel. And like you said if somebody still has a problem with the eroge parts they can be deactivated in the Options. In my opinion they are very tasteful though and enhance the story and the message of the VN.


    Danganronpa is a very good call as well. Great series in general!

  • @Yoshi I don't have a WiiU, but I feel like you're probably right. Whilst that tablet seems like a hassle in action-heavy stuff (just going by how it looks and the button layout) for something where the pace of inputs isn't so full on, I can see it being pretty good. Can you run it on the controller's screen too? I feel like that'll be the sharpest looking version of the original outside of emulation if so.

    Also, I'm just here twiddling my thumbs waiting for that Switch virtual console :P I barely had any Nintendo stuff as a kid, then didn't like the Wii and skipped the Wii U, so I feel like I've missed out on all those classics people often bring up. I'm enjoying the Switch more than any other Nintendo console I've owned though, so that'll be the perfect way for me to catch up.

  • @El-Shmiablo That looked interesting to me prior to launch, especially the way they implemented multiplayer. When it came out it seemed like a Destiny 2 situation, where it sold like crazy initially and then a lot of the audience kind of felt burned by it and stopped. I'm glad they've shaped it into something you're enjoying! A similar situation is Rainbow Six: Seige apparently, I hear the devs have built a very loyal playerbase because of the quality of their post-launch support and whatnot.