New Ghostbusters Film Not Doing So Well

  • Well, Ghostbusters seems to be pretty bad, at least Matt Zion thinks so after watching an early screening SPOILER ALERT!
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  • @Musou-Tensei Yeah I'm not expecting too much from that one.. Good news is I got the original on blu-ray for $4.00

  • @Musou-Tensei
    Managed to get into a local press screening last Saturday night. Honestly the cast is ok, but the writing, my god is it bad. Like the writing team needs to issue a public apology, and then blacklisted for the rest of their careers.

  • @Musou-Tensei Apparently it's decent to OK. Based on it RT and Meta Scores

  • @DMCMaster Well apparently Paul Feig wrote it, I guess he is right, men can't be funny... well this man at least.

    @unholyrevenger72 Yeah I read some of the higher scoring reviews... no. Especially the one with the highest score on Metacritic, the Hitfix review, is the most delusional review I have read in a long while.

  • I'm surprised how many decent reviews its getting (well, kind of). We'll see how much it actually makes during the opening though.. if the info from the people over on my movie forum is true, it won't be much.

  • @Faaip
    Last I read it was expected to make about $40 million opening weekend, but I suspect we might see a repeat of Fant4Stic, and it will just barley scratch half of that.

    Also doing a little research apparently the main cast wasn't happy about working on the film, as what was filmed was not what they signed up for, they signed up for a expanded version of "Ghostbusters 3:Alive Again" which was written by Aykroyd, Ramis, and Reitman.

  • @DMCMaster Huh that's really interesting.. I wonder at what point that changed, or if that was never really the plan?

  • @Faaip
    Check out this channel (also Facebook group) but they have collected everything they could about the behind the scenes drama and put it all in this little mini documentary. Also they do spoil the plot of the film (which is 100% accurate)
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  • @DMCMaster Cool man thanks!

  • I don't know, I really think like this could go either way as far as box office revenues go.

    It looks terrible though, and the way it treated the old cast is simply despicable. I hope it flops.

  • @sonmi Yeah not to mention Feig alienating the fans ("nerds") and making disparaging comments about them.

    From that video it sounds like the story of the production would make a more interesting movie lol

  • @Faaip Reminds me of the trailer for Mighty Number 9 complaining about "gross nerds who couldn't even find a date for prom".

    What did they honestly expect would happen after making that kind of comment about the fandom?

  • @sonmi Not a good way to get people to pay to see your movie haha

  • @sonmi How exactly did it treat the old cast?

  • @unholyrevenger72
    Ernie is Patty's Uncle, he gives them the Ecto-1
    Bill is a skeptic of the Ghostbusters, and kills himself to prove them as frauds
    Dan is a taxi driver who "aint afraid of no ghost"

    That is literally the extent of their scenes, with Ernie popping up a second time at the end to give them a second Ecto-1 (as the original is destroyed during the finale of the film)

  • Haven't seen the film myself but I'm optimistic. From what ive read here and there it seems like its pretty good to being fairly 'meh' movie. I'll judge for myself though as there's already been a ton of negativity before it was even released its hard to know if people are going in wanting to dislike it or just the opposite, people wanting it to be good to prove the haters wrong.
    My local theater has a discount Tuesday, I plan on seeing it next week and getting my own opinion.
    I appreciate the other allies showing their opinion. Hopefully I'll have more to add after I see the film.

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    @DMCMaster said in New Ghostbusters Film Not Doing So Well:

    Check out this channel (also Facebook group) but they have collected everything they could about the behind the scenes drama and put it all in this little mini documentary. Also they do spoil the plot of the film (which is 100% accurate)
    Youtube Video

    If all these schenangans are true (at least the first 10-15ish minutes), it's certainly a bummer, but hollywood is a dark place full of backdoor shady deals :l

    As for fan reactions and the internet, I'm fairly neutral on the matter, but I'd like to clamp down now on certain threads of discussion when it comes to critiquing how the PR and everything else has gone down these past few months as they can reveal some ugly aspects to multiple sides of the issue.

  • Honestly, don't really care about 'Neo' Ghostbusters enough to bother to have an opinion about it. (not too fond with the director after his remarks though, so fuck him)

    As such, I'm not gonna go hating on the film. I'm not gonna bother watching it either though.

  • I haven't been keeping close tabs on it but the trailers I saw looked pretty freaking terrible to be honest.

    Whole thing just reminds me of the Robocop reboot from 2014, or DmC for a video game example. A poor attempt to reboot an old(ish in the case of DmC) series for "new" fans that doesn't work and is forgotten/bargain bin material six months later.