New Ghostbusters Film Not Doing So Well

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    What pissses me off the most is their plan to make a trilogy,

    Let's hope Extreme Ghostbusters get's a second chance.

  • Not doing well critically or financially?

    It's doing pretty well at 78% RT score. I thought it would be way lower.

  • I expect it to lower come Friday

  • @Whoaness The problem with scores is virtue signaling, I've read some that say things like "It's not that great but very important for feminism, so thumbs up, go see it" or websites simply afraid of backlash like James Rolfe got. (not saying everyone who writes positively about it is like that but they exist and definitely push the score up artificially)
    Also if you go to RT and switch from All Critics to Top Critics, you suddenly have a 48% score, 30% is a big difference.

    That cartoon for its time was more diverse than this movie, a woman, a black guy and a guy in a friggin wheelchair, all what's missing is a LGBT person, but it was also pretty good and an actual sequel to the 1st cartoon. I think I could accept this movie a little more if it would be an actual sequel with the original cast turning back in their original roles, but like this it's just another unecessary reboot.

  • @Musou-Tensei Eh top critics are usually full of themselves anyway. They can't appreciate dumb fun movies.

  • Good, trailer looked terrible. Shows the difference between this generation of films and then. This was just kas no vibe, or feeling to it. It's just whacky rubbish

  • Banned

    This whole movie and the journalists defending it are identical to DmC and the journalists that defended that pos. Even the creators of both shit all over their respective fanbases.

  • @Musou-Tensei People like to make fun of it but the show actually holds up better than most edgy 90's shows, but it could've definitely thrived with the freedom of modern tv.

    Anyway about the movie, the worst part about it is that every member of the cast is supposed to be "the funny one" of the cast but the jokes aren't that funny, so the movie just kind of suffers for it, even as it's own thing, it's just a really mediocre film.

  • @ChaosBahamut except feminism had very little to do with the film. It's just another Feig/McCarthy Joint. It didn't reach notoriety until Men's Rights Activists decided to declare war on the movie.

  • I find that people who use the phrase "virtue signalling" are kind of paranoid, and subject to the reddit/4chan echo chamber, and looking to re-affirm their own life views, which are presumably non-virtue signalling.

    Jeremy Jahns (a pretty well known internet movie critic) said this movie was alright. Not as bad as the trailers made it seem, not as good as the original, but what could be. He said Hemsworth was a bad character, and actually liked Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. All in all, it was okay.

    We'll see how it does this weekend at the box office.

  • This is why I wanted it to stay in the GT thread, not its own one, that was never my intention.

  • People comparing this to DmC make me want to go see it, since that game actually ended up being pretty great.

  • I think one side is trying way too hard to hate it and on the other side people are trying way too hard to like it. Either way AVGN's video on it was pretty stupid and i'm not really interested in watching it anyway.

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    @Stephleref said in New Ghostbusters Film Not Doing So Well:

    I think one side is trying way too hard to hate it and on the other side people are trying way too hard to like it.

    That tends to be case with most controversies online.

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    Should I? I didn't wanted this to be its own thread in the 1st place (you could have asked me).

    But to stay on topic, china says the reason the movie isn't being shown there is not censorship (ghosts are haram) but lack of interest since the real movies are not popular there either.

    Also imo the movie would be better if it was made in japan, lol.
    Youtube Video

  • Banned

    Even Japan knows the original theme is better.

  • @Art Say what you want about the film itself.. but I don't see how anyone can think the new theme song is good

  • @Faaip Yeah, it's pure garbage. Just listen to it:

    Youtube Video

    I think the new movie looks dumb, but this I'm honestly kinda insulted by.

  • @Musou-Tensei delete it man, it's just going to keep turning into a political argument until someone shuts it down.

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    The new theme isn't THAT bad. It just won't be remembered 30 years from now.

    Can you really believe it's been that long?