Dark Souls Remaster reportedly NOT using new assets - thoughts?

  • As long it's not 60$ and runs well, i'm cool with it. I'm just excited to play it again. I played it on my laptop last time, and i didn't have the best experience playing it. Not to mention, my safe file corrupted half way through the game, so this will be a brand new start for me.

  • I don't grieve them not using new assets, but make sure them textures are CRISP and a new lighting system wouldn't hurt.

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    @DIPSET I respectfully disagree there, Dark Souls is probably my second favourite game of all time but I feel it's very flawed personally. It really is just mostly the game's performances and a few technical hiccups here and there that I'd say need to be fixed for a remaster, which I expect they will do. That and there are a few sections of the game that they didn't have enough time/money to complete in the manner they originally planned, so it'd be great to see the original vision for those realised in a new version. I love it so much though, I want the ultimate high-production version of it so I can hold it up to the world and be like "yo, play this damn thing!", I want it to be as good as possible. :P

    Oh yeah I recognize it is flawed. Especially when they added the Capra Demon's and the Tarus Demon's one after the other in the lava level. Or the lava dinosaurs in the Lost Izaleth before facing the Bed of Chaos. Then there are performance issues too. I was just screwing around on my PS3 in Dark Souls the other night and the frame drops are pretty annoying.

    Regardless, the game is quite long and extremely robust and these hiccups don't negate what I believed to be a nearly flawless game. I seriously can't wait to play this with my roommate in the summer.

  • @DIPSET All that I can agree on :P it's one of the greatest for sure. If this version's more refined then I'll be happy to go through it again a bunch more times, especially in co-op with new players!

  • my thoughts? it was exactly what i thought it would be, a quick cash-in. Just play the game on PC with DsFix and you will have the exact same game, maybe the physics fixed, but nothing more. It was clear they would use the old game looks since they wanted 60fps on playstation and xbox.

    The fact people actually thought this game would be the same in graphics as dark souls 3 were clearly delusional.

  • @Lux-Noctis Still got Persona 5 to do. And play through the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 remasters. Never beat any of the KH games. Also just picked up a PC. So I'm having issues putting time aside for a specific game now. Then probably by the summer time, I can play Dark Souls 3.

  • I remember this being posted in /r/games, and it was confirmed that all they said was Dark Souls Remaster is not using the new engine from Dark Souls 3.

    was there any clarification on that?

  • @warweeny I have an issue lately where with DsFix installed, Steam won't allow the game to launch so that's put a spanner in the works for this particular plan, at least for me. If you have a fix for that, it'd be useful info.

    Given the Crash and SotC remakes, and just how much money the Crash one made already, I don't think anyone's delusional for thinking one of the most influential games of all time would get the same treatment. It would be a more effective cash grab that way.

  • @-Jak- I support all of the things you've listed here, as confusing and convoluted as KH's story is, I love those games. :P If you're sensitive to things like framedrops/stutter, I definitely recommend getting Dark Souls 3 on PC when you decide you want to play it, it's the only version without frame pacing issues (something to do with the engine unfortunately, bloodborne has the same problem) so even if you don't care for 60fps it's going to be more consistent. ^ . ^

  • @Stormcrownn The article I linked has been updated with this info.

    [Update: Bandai Namco's marketing team has made a post over on Sony's blog that confirms a few details about the upcoming remaster. For starters, HDR is definitely not going to be a part of this, though 4K is in. The multiplayer component will also use dedicated servers and allow for up to six people to participate at once.

    There isn't any mention of updated assets, but that could also be construed as there not being any at all. As we get closer to release, we're sure to see some graphical comparison, so we'll just have to stay tuned for now.]

    So it looks like there will be some form of Pro/X support and multiplayer should be more functional, beyond that it's looking likely nothing's changing but hey, we can hope. :P

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    beyond that it's looking likely nothing's changing but hey, we can hope.

    Fextralife has said that Bandai Namco has been in contact with them regarding "known issues, bugs and exploits" to fix for the remaster. So we can expect some changes here and there at least.


  • @Lux-Noctis I didn't mind the technical issues present in the Souls games dating back to Demons Souls. That being said, I will be buying the PC version for a number of reasons.

  • @Chocobop Sounds pretty promising. I'm interested to see how it turns out, totally getting it on the Switch at any rate. :P

  • @-Jak- To be honest I didn't notice the technical issues so much with the older games, it was the framepacing in Bloodborne that got me because it started to give me headaches (I love that game so much though I've still played it a bunch of times, and will continue to do so). Honestly I think what triggered it is getting a PC and becoming more accustomed to higher framerates. I'm not one of the PC master race types, I play my consoles just as much as my PC stuff, but it's definitely made me more sensitive to inconsistencies.

    It's like, 30FPS is fine for me, but any judder etc. hurts my brain after a little while these days. I actually had a similar issue on PC with The Witcher 3 which has a bunch of microstutter on certain CPUs. But yeah, Demons' Souls and Dark Souls didn't have any framepacing problems even when the FPS was low, so that's likely why even if the performance wasn't great, it worked well enough for me. It's just the BB/DS3 engine that seems to have had that problem on sonsoles for whatever reason, which is why I recommend DS3 on PC over the others if possible.

  • @Lux-Noctis do u have a pro? if u play bloodborne with boost on it fixes the frame pacing not 100% but it helps alot

    DS3 on ps4 pro also unlocks the frame rate