The Uncomfortable Final Bosman Dilemma

  • TL;DR: What was good about Final Bosman? How EZA take those beloved parts and implement them into the current content?

    One of the consistent requests from the community seems to be a Bosman-focused show similar to what he did at GT.

    However, it seems fairly clear that Kyle either does not wish to do the show (creative reasons, maybe) or feels he cannot get it done (perhaps resources and/or time).

    I want to cut up the community's love of Bosman's show and find out exactly what they feel "made" that show great for the viewer, and then discuss how those great aspects could be spliced together into current content or added without creating a brand new show or requiring Kyle's full-time attention.

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    The answer to your question lies in video form

    Here it is

    Youtube Video

  • @David-Berishaj That video is beautiful

    I think Kyle does in jokes (bits) really well, you watch the first few episodes and it feels like he's been doing it for years because of the patterns he establishes. Mr Mime, the rules, the pinecone and liquid Bosman to name just a few.

    The professionalism of it made it feel official and his opinions important, the suit, the lights, the music, the editing and the studio really set the tone.

    It's the combination of structure and unstructure. Every episode starts and ends in basically the same way and you have the same general themes running through the show, always with the same old set and show format, but at the same time the topic of the show from week to week was always something different. Either it's an unexpected topic or he tackles the news story of the week with an entirely new perspective, not in a contrarian or purposefully devil's advocate kind of way, but just coming at things from a really creative angle.

    Creative person + good at communicating ideas + great editing = The Final Bosman

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    I just think that Kyle are one those people who got a really down to earth view on the gaming industry. When he started Final Bosman it was a breath of fresh air, it wasnt any gimmic of "look how angry I am!" or "I can shout super loud and rage". He was just a "normal" guy with an opinion and showed it in a nice and genuine way. I believe he is a kind soul (even though more and more trolling makes you start to doubt that). Kyle could do humor in a way that filled your tummy with giggles, you know the innocent way as you got as a younger person that just bubbles up into a great big laugh.

    The editing and the pacing of the show made it very interesting to watch as well, it was more than just a guy talking from a desk. Its informative, entertaining and you get to listen to a guy that are just so super likeable as well.

  • @Lotias Your description made me actually sigh wistfully. Thank you, but also, I hate you. But mostly, thank you.

  • How many Final Bosman Posts do we need before he brings it back!? Everyone already said what make its great so i will just say that I like the bits and the Bosman lore. This show was one of a kind and a masterpiece. Then he had is Bosman at home stuff, but he fell off the wagon with that. Maybe one day that Bosman youtube channel will update.

  • @CGamor7 I think the more posts we make about it the less he will want to bring it back, that's the problem.

    In a way it's like a beloved game series, there's so much nostalgia that when you want to make a sequel, the fans' expectations are almost impossible to fulfill.

    If he brought back the same memes and private jokes, some would complain he's rehashing stuff and not being as original as before.
    If he did original stuff, others would complain that they miss the old jokes.

    So I think if he ever does a solo show again, it won't use the same format anyway. Like he did "Dear Bosman" for a while for YouTube Gaming (which was also very funny by the way!).

    And Box Peek is coming!

  • @Axel yeah I actually thought the exact same thing. The final bosman is like my FF7. Now we just need that remake! Lol. I really need to stop mentioning that game.

    Kyle has so much potential to be successful with his creativity and as much as I would like to see him create certain things, he's gotta do what's best for him. I'm excited for this box peek (the new last guardian) because it's something he's doing but I'm not sure what to think of it yet.

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    @La_Liz Haha you're welcome... I think x)

    I dont think we'll ever see a final bosman again. I mean he tried Bosman at home for a while but he have stated over and over again how hard it is for him and how he never are happy with the episodes. I guess we just have to wait and see what happens after boxpeak

  • Personally, I want to give Bosman the freedom he wants. Would the fellas hit their $50,000 mark much quicker with some sort of Final Bosman clone? Absolutely. However, I really never want any of them to feel shackled to their work. Things like the Gundam stream work with Patreon because it's something we enjoy watching and they enjoy making. I feel like once that balance is thrown off, there's bound to be trouble - just seeing Kyle becoming frustrated at Brave Fencer Mushashi (which was voted on for Fun Game Monday) is a good indicator on how he would feel, except on a smaller scale.

    Look to the other ultra-creative person on the crew, Ian. While Mandatory Update was excellent, I think letting him loose with Easy Update has led to some truly incredible episodes, especially since he has no format keeping him hostage. He seems legitimately happy each time he talks about his job. Granted, he does have a weekly show, so perhaps that's the issue - we just want Bosman weekly in some capacity other than streams and podcasts. We may not get him weekly but Box Peek is coming and he did edit his Digimon stream over this past weekend, which turned out to be a great short video with that Bosman humor, all while checking out a new game.

  • I don't understand what is uncomfortable about any of this...

    Bosman has become more of a character than he was back then. I think he's entire tone has shifted quite a bit. He clearly isn't into doing it.

    We also don't know anything about Box Peak. It could be a commentary on the industry as well.

  • As a non creative person I am constantly noticing how hard it must be for creative people to do their thing. on one hand you want to express yourself in your art and part of that is having people enjoy it because I'm sure it makes you feel understood in addition to the positive feelings that come with success. But once you get that success where do you go from there? do you keep making the same art because that's what people love and want even though you've moved on and it doesn't express you anymore? I imagine that would be similar to having a desk job at a company you don't care about, soul crushing in a way. I know a painter who loves to paint, and is incredibly talented... right until you request a specific painting. it's not that this person can't make your request, it's just that there is no internal motivation or passion for it and the entire thing that made this person's paintings amazing was that passion. I find that fascinating because I'm so far removed from that, my brain works differently.

    I think what made the final Bossman great was Kyle expressing himself without an external pressure to create something specific as many of you have already stated.

    to put this another way, a wild Pokemon is beautiful in ways a caged one can never be

    Sorry for the divergent reply. your post made me think about all this again and I felt like sharing. Cheers!

  • @mango said in The Uncomfortable Final Bosman Dilemma:

    to put this another way, a wild Pokemon is beautiful in ways a caged one can never be


  • @la_liz Caged Pokémon are much better

  • I’m of a bit of a divided mind here. I adored the old show, but over the years I’ve been confronted with the realities of chasing nostalgia(don’t read that as cynically as it probably sounds).
    I’m such an EZA Fam at this point that they have earned my trust. I want them to be entertaining, but I also want them to be happy — I’m at a place in my life that I can have faith in the Allies to find the happy medium there.

    How many times have we been delighted by something we didn’t know we wanted? That’s what EZA is to me, a source of amazing current displays of entertainment combined with the potential to show me the next thing I won’t know that I love until I see it.

    L&R, allies.