Switch has buttons swapped. How should I deal with it?

  • Hi Allies.

    I know this question is hard to answer, but I've decided to ask anyway. I've bought a Switch, but I can't use it because it has A, B, X, Y buttons swapped and there is no way to remap then is system settings. I have muscle memory for PS/Xbox controllers and I'm constantly pressing wrong buttons and constantly thinking what button I should press. I'm near the end of Mario + Rabbids and although it's a good game I could not enjoy it because I'm constantly struggling with controls. And I've noticed that I've started to make mistakes on PS4 which frightens me a lot.

    So far I see only three solution:

    1. Throw Switch into the trash. Most tempting right now, but I've payed to muth for it.
    2. Make a several month gap between playing games on Switch and playiong them on PC/PS/Xbox. This could work, but it's probably not feasible.
    3. Buy third-party adapter that supposedly can swap buttons. Unfortunately the one I found will force me to use Xbox controller, so some functionality will be lacking.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

  • No it doesn't. Xbox is the one who swapped the buttons.

    Nintendo Button placement was here first.

  • Play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and salvage alot. You'll learn the buttons. Honestly, this bothers the heck outta me too cause I'm used to Y being up from the Gamecube days, so I confused X and Y for a long time.

    The real answer is dump your Xbox and hook a Switch Pro Controller up to your PC, luckily Playstation is all symbols, so you shouldn't get confused if Xbox isn't throwing you off. Not like there's a reason to own an Xbox anymore now that all their exclusives are also on PC, where you can play with any controller and have easy access to button mapping.

  • @Mbun Yes, I barely use Xbox, but I play PC a lot with controller and I'm constantly seeing Xbox button prompts even when I'm using DualShock 4. And I know that I can remap buttons on PC/PS/Xbox to match Nintendo scheme, but I don't want to: I've used it for 10 years and I don't want to go back to square one.

    Also you can't connect Xbox One's Kinect to PC and I LOVE it.

  • @Yoshi Sorry for not making it clear: I was talking about my perspective. I know the history, but I've never played any games on any Nintendo systems besides one visual novel on 3DS, so it's button configuration is alien for me. I'm asking, what should I do, not Nintendo (although Nintendo should provide an option to remap buttons for players like me).

  • As someone who very frequently swaps from console to console, old controllers to new controllers, I can honestly say that you will soon learn to adjust back and forth. Just stick at it, it's really not very taxing for your brain.

  • @Sheria I was a PC player as a kid and I've never used controllers. When as an adult I've bought my first console (PS3) I was afraid that I will not be able to use it. I started Oblivion and after one hour I could move freely and after 5 hours it was natural.

    I've played 15-20 hours of Mario + Rabbids already and I'm still struggling. I hope I'll overcome this, but it''s ruining game for me now and I want to avoid it. Also I see so many flaws it Switch's UI that some part of my brain refuses to learn this system.

  • @ffff0 Its probably good for the brain to learn this. think of it like a crossword keeping the brain neurons firing.

  • It is really funny how that becomes a non-issue after a while, obviously there's a struggle at first with your brain expecting things to be in a specific place, it happened a lot to me with the X button in the 360, after only playing with PS controllers for years, but after a while of using it I guess the brain is just able to adequate to it.

  • OK, I'll give it an extra learning time. Thanks for encouragements everyone.

    P.S. No wonder Nintendo's consoles (including NES and SNES Classic & Switch) are just lying on store shelves in my country, where Nintendo Consoles were never popular. Such unwelcoming system for first-timers...

  • There is a learning curve. Last Nintendo hardware I owned was DS (maybe Wii but that was an unusual controller) and since I'm used to PS brand and their symmetrical stick placement with D-pad and buttons above them, other style of controllers are really throwing me off. Played BotW for few hours and getting mixed up with jump button and others really annoyed me although I really dislike joycons. Beefy Pro controller would fix most of issues.
    You can always try to remember buttons without paying too much attention what's on the screen like jump is this button on top and so on. Repeat things a few times and maybe it'll click. You already bought it so might as well train for it with putting extra time to learn it.

  • @tearju-engi Interesting. For some reason I had no problems with picking Xbox controller for the first time after several years with PS, but Nintendo is really hard for me. Maybe I'm just getting old.

  • So weird. I don't own a Switch, but I played Mario Odyssey at my friends house and I saw the letter Y and just looked down at the controller and remembered where Y is. I don't even think I thought about it at all really. I just associated the action with the button.

    So weird how our brains work differently like that. I can't play inverted on the Y-axis but can easily play inverted on the X-axis. My friend MUST play inverted at all times. Kinda funny really.

  • Wow, this is an interesting, albeit sucky, problem to have.

    I can't speak for every one of us who grew up playing consoles first, but it might be something to do with how we mapped the button memories in our brains. For example, having played and owned multiple consoles as I'm sure many of us have, it feels as if I usually remember the buttons based on the functions rather than the color or letter.

    For example, most FPS games are mapped similarly so transitioning between consoles is somewhat seamless. Maybe you should try games that are similar and see if the transition is seamless?

    Side note: J-RPG games were sometimes a toss up between whether the triangle or circle button would be the cancel button on PlayStation. (This might have been due to which market the game catered to.)

  • Action button is A in both cases - that's the problem.

  • If I haven't played Zelda: BOTW for while I always confuse "X" (jump, climb) with "B" (sprint, close) at first coming back from other consoles and PC controller. Regardless who defined button placement first, the placement of an action/jump in the top feels odd.

  • I need mostly only to move my thumb 'sideways' to switch between d-pad and a left stick. Same with buttons and right stick. And because they are asymmetrical, it's easy to coordinate them without thinking too much. Now on Switch you have the sticks placement not only in the same place but moving to buttons or directional buttons require you to bend or stretch your thumbs and that is what is throwing me off. And also because of the nature of a handheld. you have to also either keep your arms tightly to your body or keep your wrist in certain angle which builds up stress after a long while so doing long sessions would be rough on them.
    Playing a long time will definitely help in adapting to controller for me since I don't need to see what it shows on the screen because how many times I have repeated same things over and over. You push that grab button a 100 times or do same amount jumping, dashing or doing combo button inputs like aiming and shooting arrows among others, you are bound to get those mechanics down eventually. Though the more buttons you need, the more time you have to invest in them when you are not used to controllers. My nephew at least beat BotW and he has been mostly PC guy and hadn't owned a Nintendo console before. To be fair, kids are good at adapting to new things.

  • If you do go with option number 1 (throwing out your console), do you think you could throw the Switch into my house?

    I do understand what you mean though. Every time I go back to play an old school PS1 JRPG, X is usually to cancel while circle is to confirm selections... which was honestly the intention of those buttons in the first place given what they represent, but considering your thumb is closer to X and there's more to confirm than cancel, it ends up becoming a bit of a frustrating endeavor going back. I'm sure if you keep at it, it'll eventually sink in.

  • @sabotagethetruth said in Switch has buttons swapped. How should I deal with it?:

    If you do go with option number 1 (throwing out your console), do you think you could throw the Switch into my house?

    Catch! ... Oops, I've pressed wrong button and it landed in my cabinet.

    Seriously through, I'm not as emotional right now since I've done playing it and not planing to use Switch again in the near future. But I'm still puzzled why console that lacks so much of basic functionality and has terrible user interface is popular in some parts of the world. Especially since Vita (which is way much better console in my eyes) isn't .

  • @ffff0 the interface is really great . idk what your problem with it is