The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!

  • @Billy In regards to Sonic Mania, nostalgic plays very rarely do much for me - especially because I have Sonic 2 loaded up on every device imaginable. So the formula of "recognize this stage? boss fight. hey, this stage is now a little different! boss fight," just felt super hollow to me. I'm not one of the people that says Sonic must always be running fast (there's a lot of fun, slow bits in the first Sonic) but there were several times during Mania where I was absolutely confused on how I should proceed - which hey, could be a fault of my own, but that never happened to me before in a 2D Sonic game. There's just too few moments that felt new and fresh to me - instead, the game felt like the Member Berries from South Park, constantly asking if I remembered certain parts of old Sonic games. I really hope this crew continues to make 2D Sonics though and hopefully the next one has a lot more unique ideas to play with.

    This is the year I start Danganronpa, I promise everyone!

  • Heck yeah! I’m so glad DRv3 made the list! I felt really bad about making it an honorable mention because I really enjoyed it a lot.

  • DRv3 was a tough game to place because I have a very love/hate relationship with the series. It made my list at #3 though because despite getting antsy, annoyed, and even a bit bored in the middle parts of Danganronpa games in general, I know the ending will pay off in a major way and DRv3 delivered in spades. I got laughed at by my partner for using the word 'culmination' to describe how this game felt but it is completely apt.

    What really surprised me most though, and the reason it got bumped up to my #3 slot, was how I got sucked into the mini game that unlocks after the end game. They always have a social mode, so you can hang out with all the classmates that you missed during the main game, but this time I couldn't get into it. I got distracted by the two part mini game where you play a little board game with characters from the series, taking them through 3 years of high school and building their stats. Since it is a board game, there is some amount of randomness and luck to it. Then you take those graduates into a little dungeon crawler RPG where you fight monsters, earn money, and collect/craft items to strengthen your characters. Finally you take the money you've earned and put it into a card machine where you basically crack packs to get new character cards or cards with better growth potential. It is very addicting and I spent a lot more time on it than I had anticipated.

  • @logic__error That mini game you described sounds so fleshed out and fun. I honestly can't wait to dive into the series. Kinda glad 2018 is going to be a more "chill" year release wise, at least for me.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Diving down the Danganronpa rabbit hole is an interesting experience! They always have some sort of bonus game but usually it is the social/dating game with a small resource management mini game inside of it. This one is definitely the most extensive mini game they've made!

  • I liked Sonic Mania a lot. Had no problems with controls except with the "drop dash" that was a new thing they added. I appreciate what they did for it and bonus game was pretty fun. Like fire shield burning oil, lightning shield being magnetic and so on. Only one stage got me really confused and it was a bit longer than needed to be. Also they could have easily just skipped the older stages though I liked 2nd part of Chemical Plant Zone.
    I'm not an expert with Sonic since I only beat the first 3 before Mania and I do love 2D platformers in general. Of course the need for speed is important because that is what makes it stand out from others but it's not only that. Levels, the route you choose and to have that option is why it's replayable especially when you have a timer to prevent you from exploring everything on the run. Sure the fans of the series gets the most out of it but I do think it was a solid game all around.

  • What Remains of Edith Finch

    #17. What Remains of Edith Finch - 15 points


    #1: 1 (tokeeffe9)
    #2: 1 (logic__error)
    #3: 0
    #4: 2 (Nillend, Exist 2 Inspire)
    HM: 2 (Inustar, Capnbobamous)


    Release date: April 25 [US/EU]
    Developer: Giant Sparrow
    Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
    Genre: Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


    EZA Review

  • Danganronpa V3 is a 10, What remains of Edith Finch is a 10 as well. Literally swimming in 10s! :D

    I agree with @logic__error that Danganronpa was a bit hard to rank, in the end it kicked off Persona 5 from second place. It might even be my favorite Danganronpa game when all is said and done. Amazing characters and such a great ending. I loved every bit of it and so it got my #2 vote.

    Edith Finch is a truly amazing game, very creative and atmospheric. Loved all the different stories and how they played out. Great stuff! I definitely hope we get a lot more of these types of games in the future.

  • What Remains of Edith Finch seems like a neat experience, but from what I've heard, it's a bit weird for me. I like the narrative structure it takes by having the player play different vignettes. I also know the story twist at the end and I think it's a neat idea as well. Of all the games that came out last year that I didn't play, this and another (which I hope we see a little later on) maybe something I try in the future. But higher priority games both last and this year may stop me from getting it.

  • I'll have to force myself one of these days to play What Remains of Edith Finch

  • Edith Finch is such a special game, so much creativity and a beautiful narrative. I think it is best to go in knowing as little as possible but either way it is a game that deserves to be played!

  • It's pretty high in my backlog.

  • Unless something comes up, I'm playing Edith Finch TONIGHT!

  • Genuinely any of my Top 4 could have been my number 1 but in the end I decided on Edith Finch.

    There is so much to like about this game. The location is amazing. The house, while ridiculous in some ways, feels very much lived in. You can feel that history there. I loved going from one part of the house to another and of course going through the different vignettes. Each one feels so unique and so creative, I can't imagine the amount of work it must have taken as they are all so different, like making 8-9 mini games.

    I love the theme throughout the game, mortality, death, fate. They are all shown in such interesting ways. The game is clearly very dark I suppose but there is something melancholic... bittersweet about how the stories go. What may be a terrible situation can be portrayed in such a different way depending on the point of view and that was something I really loved.

    As for the ending, I've seen people mention this and even @Brannox right now but I don't think the ending really matters in this game. I certainly didn't feel like it mattered, it's the journey throughout and learning about what happened to the Finch family.

    Also I really loved the credits in this game. After completing it, I felt very emotional just watching them. I just sat there, poignant and not many forms of media have made me do that.

  • Not in my top 8, but I've certainly enjoyed playing this beautiful game.

  • Quick venting at the start so I can move on: Every year there is one game that gets a lot of love from critics and public, but I just can't stand it. Sonicmania was that game in 2017.

    As for Edith Finch, I really hoped it would end up higher. The house is so well designed and there is context behind every room and every family member felt unique and interesting. Unlike other walking sims that I have played before, I was never bored throughout. Also I very much loved the ending and after finishing I just had to take a moment to process everything that happened.

  • By the way, every game revealed so far has EZA review. Great job, allies!

  • I said I would, and I did! Just played through Edith Finch in one go (as the Allies recommend!) and it was indeed very enjoyable. I don't think it would have made my list anyway, so no regrets there.

    Some of the vignettes really moved me, and not always the ones I would have expected when they started. Of course it's impossible to talk about this game without spoiling it, so I'll refrain from going into details. Like @tokeeffe9, I really admire the design of the house itself, as it feels both heartwarming/homey and disturbing/creepy. Visiting those rooms and seeing all the objects littered about, especially after reading the stories, makes you instantly nostalgic for the person as if you somehow knew them.

    Highly recommended!

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    What Remains of Edith Finch really seem like a game I need to play. I recently finished the Unfinished swan and I loved it. This is another game I keep hearing great things about. I think the problem is that "walking simulator" doesnt seem so.. hot. It doesnt seem super long though, so should have played it at least before 2018 is over.

  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle isn't for me at all, Assassins Creed i'm waiting for a heavy sale on (wont take long, it was already £35 in Morrissons) and Sonic Mania is a game I want to play, but refuse to buy it until I see a Physical copy with an actual disk.

    Danganronpa was in my top 10, just didn't make the 8. I adore the series, Another Episode included, but it is a game I need to finish off. I picked up Edith Finch on its release as it was a game I'd been looking forward to for quite some time, the thing just seemed to get delayed quite a bit. It was a great experience and some slow, unnecessary "walking only" sections aside, I enjoyed just about every moment. It didn't make my top ten, but it was just that good a year I guess.