The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!

  • Edith Finch is such a special game, so much creativity and a beautiful narrative. I think it is best to go in knowing as little as possible but either way it is a game that deserves to be played!

  • It's pretty high in my backlog.

  • Unless something comes up, I'm playing Edith Finch TONIGHT!

  • Genuinely any of my Top 4 could have been my number 1 but in the end I decided on Edith Finch.

    There is so much to like about this game. The location is amazing. The house, while ridiculous in some ways, feels very much lived in. You can feel that history there. I loved going from one part of the house to another and of course going through the different vignettes. Each one feels so unique and so creative, I can't imagine the amount of work it must have taken as they are all so different, like making 8-9 mini games.

    I love the theme throughout the game, mortality, death, fate. They are all shown in such interesting ways. The game is clearly very dark I suppose but there is something melancholic... bittersweet about how the stories go. What may be a terrible situation can be portrayed in such a different way depending on the point of view and that was something I really loved.

    As for the ending, I've seen people mention this and even @Brannox right now but I don't think the ending really matters in this game. I certainly didn't feel like it mattered, it's the journey throughout and learning about what happened to the Finch family.

    Also I really loved the credits in this game. After completing it, I felt very emotional just watching them. I just sat there, poignant and not many forms of media have made me do that.

  • Not in my top 8, but I've certainly enjoyed playing this beautiful game.

  • Quick venting at the start so I can move on: Every year there is one game that gets a lot of love from critics and public, but I just can't stand it. Sonicmania was that game in 2017.

    As for Edith Finch, I really hoped it would end up higher. The house is so well designed and there is context behind every room and every family member felt unique and interesting. Unlike other walking sims that I have played before, I was never bored throughout. Also I very much loved the ending and after finishing I just had to take a moment to process everything that happened.

  • By the way, every game revealed so far has EZA review. Great job, allies!

  • I said I would, and I did! Just played through Edith Finch in one go (as the Allies recommend!) and it was indeed very enjoyable. I don't think it would have made my list anyway, so no regrets there.

    Some of the vignettes really moved me, and not always the ones I would have expected when they started. Of course it's impossible to talk about this game without spoiling it, so I'll refrain from going into details. Like @tokeeffe9, I really admire the design of the house itself, as it feels both heartwarming/homey and disturbing/creepy. Visiting those rooms and seeing all the objects littered about, especially after reading the stories, makes you instantly nostalgic for the person as if you somehow knew them.

    Highly recommended!

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    What Remains of Edith Finch really seem like a game I need to play. I recently finished the Unfinished swan and I loved it. This is another game I keep hearing great things about. I think the problem is that "walking simulator" doesnt seem so.. hot. It doesnt seem super long though, so should have played it at least before 2018 is over.

  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle isn't for me at all, Assassins Creed i'm waiting for a heavy sale on (wont take long, it was already £35 in Morrissons) and Sonic Mania is a game I want to play, but refuse to buy it until I see a Physical copy with an actual disk.

    Danganronpa was in my top 10, just didn't make the 8. I adore the series, Another Episode included, but it is a game I need to finish off. I picked up Edith Finch on its release as it was a game I'd been looking forward to for quite some time, the thing just seemed to get delayed quite a bit. It was a great experience and some slow, unnecessary "walking only" sections aside, I enjoyed just about every moment. It didn't make my top ten, but it was just that good a year I guess.

  • Gravity Rush 2

    #16. Gravity Rush 2 - 16 points


    #1: 1 (bam541)
    #2: 2 (DeweyDTruman, Tearju Engi)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 3 (ffff0, Helge, Minamik)


    Release date: January 18 [EU], January 20 [US]
    Developer: SIE Japan Studio, Project Siren
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


    EZA Review

  • I don't know if I'd call this game "underrated" or "overlooked" but I wish it got more attention either way. The first one was amazing both on the Vita and PS4 and this was just that, but better. Tied up a lot of loose ends from 1 and had some really great moments and overall better gameplay than the first with multiple gravity styles and combat that didn't just devolve into "spam gravity kicks" (even if stasis field was stupid good in 2, it was never pretty much the only way to do anything.) Also, it's the game that finally taught me to love the camera. Taking my photos in the game was the first time I ever bothered with a built in camera feature and I still have all my favorites saved on my PS4.

    The part where everyone sung A Red Apple Fell From the Sky while you were fighting the final boss hit me hard. Probably my favorite moment in any game I played in 2017, outside of maybe something similar you'll see in a game that I'm sure will be in the top 5. That, and seeing all your photos scroll by during the credits really made for a good way to relive the journey I just went on. I wish more games with a camera feature did that. Hell, they all should.

    Also, I'll just admit right now that I straight up couldn't decide between my #2 and #3 picks since I loved them both equally and decided to just give the second place spot to the game that I figured needed the points more.

  • Another entry I'm not surprised to see on the list. When it came out in January, here was the only place I was confident I would see it again in twelve months time. I think what held it back was that release date because by predating Resident Evil VII, chronologically speaking, this was the first good or great game released (something may have came before, so I could be wrong there). As such when high quality/profile game after game released, this was forgotten except from those who either really loved it, or was one of the few games people played last year.

    The concept of utilizing gravity to move and attack is a fascinating one and I wish more games utilized this mechanic in different ways. On the whole, a respectable title from handheld (Vita) beginnings that did well enough to have a console sequel, but from what I've heard, this maybe the last for this franchise because of poor sales.

  • It's in my backlog tbh.

  • I always wanted to try Gravity Rush 2, I've a question, do you need to play the first game before playing this?

  • @Hidz I've played the first one, but barely remembered it going into second and I still enjoyed it. My favorite part of this game is its vibes and they stand tall on their own.

  • @ffff0 Alright, I'll add it to my backlog then, thanks!

  • Gravity Rush 2 is totally underrated, underappreciated, and overlooked. The world that the game takes place in is utterly interesting, the combat is significantly improved from the first game (now it feels very natural to move around, and it make the action flow much better), and not to mention all the characters that you'll meet (many side missions are centered on one or more characters, and they don't disappoint). The graphics and presentation are beautiful, and i LOVE the comic book-like intro to each main mission. Great soundtrack too! It's also a lengthy game with lots of things to do, it has a lot of side missions (almost all of them are very cool, with some standouts here and there). If any of you are looking for something that's unlike anything in the AAA space, while still wanting that polished and extravagant feel that great AAA games has, i would absolutely recommend this game for you, even if you haven't played the first game.

    On a side note, as someone that loves this game to death, Sony's announcement of shutting down this game's servers got me depressed (fortunately they postponed it due to fan backlash). I won't be surprised if this is the last we see of this series... :(

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    Still playing Gravity Rush 1, Must say Im really enjoying it even though Im not the best friend with the controller. I cant wait to go deeper in this game and then jump into GR 2!

  • @bam541
    Maybe it's just me but I think Gravity Rush never should have released on Vita, had it stuck to PS3 as initially planned things might be diffrent for the series now.
    Although I doubt this is the last we will see of the franchise.