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  • I always wanted to try Gravity Rush 2, I've a question, do you need to play the first game before playing this?

  • @Hidz I've played the first one, but barely remembered it going into second and I still enjoyed it. My favorite part of this game is its vibes and they stand tall on their own.

  • @ffff0 Alright, I'll add it to my backlog then, thanks!

  • Gravity Rush 2 is totally underrated, underappreciated, and overlooked. The world that the game takes place in is utterly interesting, the combat is significantly improved from the first game (now it feels very natural to move around, and it make the action flow much better), and not to mention all the characters that you'll meet (many side missions are centered on one or more characters, and they don't disappoint). The graphics and presentation are beautiful, and i LOVE the comic book-like intro to each main mission. Great soundtrack too! It's also a lengthy game with lots of things to do, it has a lot of side missions (almost all of them are very cool, with some standouts here and there). If any of you are looking for something that's unlike anything in the AAA space, while still wanting that polished and extravagant feel that great AAA games has, i would absolutely recommend this game for you, even if you haven't played the first game.

    On a side note, as someone that loves this game to death, Sony's announcement of shutting down this game's servers got me depressed (fortunately they postponed it due to fan backlash). I won't be surprised if this is the last we see of this series... :(

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    Still playing Gravity Rush 1, Must say Im really enjoying it even though Im not the best friend with the controller. I cant wait to go deeper in this game and then jump into GR 2!

  • @bam541
    Maybe it's just me but I think Gravity Rush never should have released on Vita, had it stuck to PS3 as initially planned things might be diffrent for the series now.
    Although I doubt this is the last we will see of the franchise.

  • I never got to GR2, partly because I didn't like the first much, that said it is definitively a bummer to see the fate of this series, such a unique concept deserves more attention, I may still try GR2 at some point.

  • @bam541 said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!:

    If any of you are looking for something that's unlike anything in the AAA space, while still wanting that polished and extravagant feel that great AAA games has, i would absolutely recommend this game for you, even if you haven't played the first game.

    I think the main reason I love Gravity Rush and its sequel is because of this. It reminds me a lot of playing games back in the PS2 days in a way that no other modern game does.

  • Gravity Rush 2 is amazing sequel that exceeded my expectations. Story of the latter half caught me by surprise, the World was awesome to explore and had a soundtrack (my personal favorite) that matched perfectly with the settings they were at. Controls weren't great but good enough for it since we don't really have anything in comparison where you control gravity at will. DLC was OK but doing it was really tedious which is why it wasn't my GOTY. Some things in main game too made me so mad and they weren't always my fault. Also grinding.
    Taking pics and gestures were enjoyable (with that B2 costume) ;) and I will be sad when online feature ends. It will still be amazing game nonetheless.

  • Prey

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    Release date: May 5 [US/EU]
    Developer: Arkane Studios
    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


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  • As I've said before, and will say again: no Tommy, no vote. This was slapping a brand on a completely unrelated thing and it still drives me nuts.

  • @Sazime Well it is called a "re-imagining of the Prey IP" rather than a sequel or remake for a reason.

    The Game looks great, played it only for about 2 hrs because it got too creepy for me though.

  • @Exist-2-Inspire It is nothing like the original Prey in concept or design. They stamped a brand on something because they owned the brand. Unless there's something in the game that actually attaches it to the game? Because from what I understand, it had nothing.

  • Wow I'm surprised Prey landed this low.. its a really great game

  • Prey is such a weird game for me. The not-so-big space station makes backtracking through places you've been through a common thing while playing it, and usually i hate that sort of stuff, but not this time. Weapon variety is a bit lacking too since you're in basically a civilian space station, and that's usually pretty important for me, but i don't mind it this time. Maybe it's because of the freedom in gameplay that's usually dominant in games made by Arkane. Maybe it's the enemies, those eerie, disgusting, shapeshifting black things. Whatever the cause is, i really enjoyed this game, and would love to see a dlc or sequel.

  • Prey is one of the games I didn't get to play this year, but also one of the games that I will definitely buy and play some time in the future. It's way too interesting to get a skip from me.

  • This would have featured higher on my list if I'd got to finish it on time. The game design is something else. Arkane is doing Gods work. I'm always harping on about there not being enough games like this but..... There's not enough games like this.
    Especially since the market is flooded with most other genres. Also shout out to Death of the Outsider (which I don't think is going to rank) is gaming perfection.

  • I bought this game about a month after launch and it was already half-price, which is both cool and sad.

    I played it for a couple hours then dropped it because life got in the way, and I never managed to get back into it.

    Now I'm in this all-too-familiar situation of "I don't want to replay from the beginning but I forgot everything but I don't want to replay from the beginning..."

    Whenever I manage to pick it up again, I'm sure I'll love it though!

  • @Hidz I highly recommend playing the first one before the sequel, there are a lot of characters and callbacks to the original and Gravity Rush one has an excellent PS4 Remake (which should be dirt cheap by now).

  • Late, but in a year with fewer games, GR2 definitely would have made my top 5. Style, characters, music, unique gameplay. Loved it!