The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!

  • Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

    #8. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard - 29 points


    #1: 1 (ib0show)
    #2: 2 (naltmank, MiserablePerson)
    #3: 3 (Axel, Sheria, Lux Noctis)
    #4: 0
    HM: 7 (Brannox, sunpraiser, DOOM, A7X458, Minamik, Fridge-man, Jipostus)


    Release date: January 24 [US/EU]
    Developer: Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Survival horror
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


    EZA Review

  • I'm disappointed in this community.

  • I like the game, I'm even currently replaying it as I bought the Gold Edition recently, it was just not good enough to make it on my list, showing once again how strong 2917 was.

  • If we submitted 10 games of 2017, Resident Evil 7 would have made the list for me, albeit somewhere down at the bottom. Played through the entire thing in VR and certain moments are still quite vivid in my memory, but I do feel the back half of the game isn't nearly as strong as what preceded it. Still, it's awesome to see Resident Evil head back in the right direction.

    Cuphead showing up in the top 10 is just pure joy though. Easily one of the most impressive efforts I've seen from a smaller developer lately, you can just feel the love and creativity oozing out of every pore of the game. I find it so weird the difficulty of the game is constantly brought up because... while there are certain segments that need to be repeated, it just never feels unfair or insurmountable. Nearly every "failure" teaches you something and makes you better. The animation is obviously the highlight here but the music is ridiculously good as well. I honestly feel like games such as Cuphead are immensely helpful to the industry and show what the medium is capable of. I'm a sucker for a good story in a game (as evidenced by the games I placed in the number 1, 2, and 4 spot of my list) but with the beautiful wedding of animation, music, and control here, it's hard not to praise it to oblivion. It's a game I believe honestly everyone can enjoy and I won't stop recommending it for years to come.

  • I just really want to play RE7 in VR so I'm not going near it until then.

  • RE7 is the first horror game i'm actually interested to play, primarily because of it's first person horror with combat that actually looks good. I only played for a hour or so at my friend's house though, 2scary4me.

  • @tokeeffe9
    Only been able to put about 30 minutes into a VR play thru of 7, but man what a world of difference it makes.

  • Global Moderator

    I dont think I got the nerves to play RE 7. Im not good with scary things

  • I said it during the Community Showcase of December but I'll say it again:

    Resident Evil VII is the ONLY game I submitted that I did NOT play. I watched EVERY full playthrough of the main game and every piece of DLC. I'm not a horror fan and RE has never been my thing. But I can't put my finger on just what about this game made me unable to look away. From the E3 reveal (which was my announcement of the entire show, not just Sony's conference) to now, I find Resident Evil VII fascinating and having seen the game, in its entirety, I feel is one of the best to come out in 2017. Because of not playing it, it only could get an Honorable Mention, but this is a return to form for the franchise, and a much needed one at that.

  • @ib0show said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!:

    I'm disappointed in this community.

    If I had voted this would probably have been my number 1, oh well...

  • @Lotias it's actually not that bad. I don't like scary things either and I was able to stomach it. Just take breaks. It's more intense than anything.

  • With the amount of time I spent obsessing over ghost girls and dummy fingers, It came at no surprise the full game ended up high on my list. I've given my thoughts about the game elsewhere though, so all I'll say here is it's an amazing return to form for the franchise.

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    #7. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - 30 points


    #1: 2 (DOOM, CJTreader)
    #2: 1 (Sazime)
    #3: 1 (Brannox)
    #4: 3 (Hidz, Capnbobamous, Jipostus)
    HM: 7 (ffff0, FutureCorpse, bard91, Bigdude1, Axel, Alex840, bam541)


    Release date: October 27 [US/EU]
    Developer: MachineGames
    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


    EZA Review

  • A rare game where stealth and guns blazing are both viable and fun. Also several cool moments in the story, some of which were totally unexpected. The story didn't give me a huge impact through, so it's just number 8 in my list.

  • @FutureCorpse id say its a lot slower... at first. Once you get chain attacks it’s faster than one

  • @ffff0 i love that shit, thats why the darkness and riddick is so treasured by me. The stealth options

  • It took me some time to get used to the pacing in Wolfenstein, and after more than a year away I had to learn it all over again for Wolf II, and it was just as engaging the second time. Such a great series. Love what Machine Games is doing.

  • @Bigdude1 yeah your right its the standing still timing button presses maybe makes its seem slow to me.

  • I said before Wolfenstein 2 is the best movie I've seen all year. The game itself is just ok. But altogether I had a fun time it didn't outstay its welcome & I immediately done another play though on Do or Die. Which is a good challenge & made me play the game in a more defense way.

  • Unfortunately i only played 3 hours of Wolf 2 when i voted for this whole thing, so i have to put it on my honorable mentions. If i had finished it before that, it would had been number 2 on my pick for sure. It's a wackier and crazier game than New Order, in the best way possible. All the guns feels great to shoot (Lasergewehr especially), and the gore makes killing them Nazis so satisfying. Both stealth and guns blazing are equally rewarding and challenging in their own ways. Nothing beats the feeling of awe as you gun down enemies with your dual wielded, rapid firing, ricochet bullets shotgun.

    As for the story, it's surprising how good it is. New Order was great, but this game takes it forward a bit. The dark past of Blazkowicz, and the grief he showed during the first half of the game truly made him one of my favorite characters in gaming now. All the supporting cast are great, it's a pleasure seeing them interact with one another or with Blazkowicz. The world-bulding is great too, the effects of the Nazi oppression in America was shown well, which for me is the most interesting premise in the story.

    Can't wait to see what's next from Machine Games, these guys are absolutely killing it right now!