The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!

  • @Bigdude1 yeah your right its the standing still timing button presses maybe makes its seem slow to me.

  • I said before Wolfenstein 2 is the best movie I've seen all year. The game itself is just ok. But altogether I had a fun time it didn't outstay its welcome & I immediately done another play though on Do or Die. Which is a good challenge & made me play the game in a more defense way.

  • Unfortunately i only played 3 hours of Wolf 2 when i voted for this whole thing, so i have to put it on my honorable mentions. If i had finished it before that, it would had been number 2 on my pick for sure. It's a wackier and crazier game than New Order, in the best way possible. All the guns feels great to shoot (Lasergewehr especially), and the gore makes killing them Nazis so satisfying. Both stealth and guns blazing are equally rewarding and challenging in their own ways. Nothing beats the feeling of awe as you gun down enemies with your dual wielded, rapid firing, ricochet bullets shotgun.

    As for the story, it's surprising how good it is. New Order was great, but this game takes it forward a bit. The dark past of Blazkowicz, and the grief he showed during the first half of the game truly made him one of my favorite characters in gaming now. All the supporting cast are great, it's a pleasure seeing them interact with one another or with Blazkowicz. The world-bulding is great too, the effects of the Nazi oppression in America was shown well, which for me is the most interesting premise in the story.

    Can't wait to see what's next from Machine Games, these guys are absolutely killing it right now!

  • I'd a hard time deciding whether I put this on 4th or 5th place on my GOTY list, it ended up in top 4. Machinegames delivered again with great characters, we got a more indepth storytelling of the protagonist and likeable side characters and antagonist. The gameplay got improved from their last title, the combat felt more satisfying and the amount of stealth options. Although, the story wasn't as good as The New Order, but it still holds up.

    Wolfenstein 2 is easily one of the best FPS I've played in recent years and I hope Machinegames will make a third game, so we'll get a memorable trilogy!

  • @FutureCorpse said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!:

    I said before Wolfenstein 2 is the best movie I've seen all year. The game itself is just ok. But altogether I had a fun time it didn't outstay its welcome & I immediately done another play though on Do or Die. Which is a good challenge & made me play the game in a more defense way.

    Would you say the gameplay is a step down from 1?

  • @Bigdude1 Not the gameplay, that was improved but the level design for the most part wasn't as good as the first game.

  • Man I need to wrap up Wolfenstein The New Order which I started in 2014 and put down (even though I loved it). Wolfenstein 2 is probably the only FPS game I've cared about in forever; even over DOOM which doesn't stand out to me personally.

  • Wolfenstein II was so great for me this year and there moments that had me in awe. More specifically:

    Having the visceral satisfaction of killing Rip in Mesquite and watching Frau Engal go out in the most graphic way possible.... They are my most satisfying moments I've had in games in a long time.

    Many have stated what made the game great so I'll refrain from that but what I will say is even though I enjoyed The New Colossus immensely, I just slightly prefer New Order and Old Blood. I guess the part where:

    BJ is decapitated and his head is recovered and brought back to life

    Kind of took me out of it, but hey, that entire sequence from

    Mesquite to prepping for New Orleans is bonkers

    My largest criticism is that characters would disappear on the sub if you undertook side missions and that bothered me a lot. Also, full disclosure, I played on Bring 'Em On and died a whole hell of a lot. Still fun though.

    Big shoutouts to @DOOM, @CJTreader, @Sazime, @Hidz, @Capnbobamous, @jipostus, @ffff0, @FutureCorpse, @bard91, @Bigdude1, @Axel, @Alex840, and @bam541 for liking it enough to either place or get a nod.

    Shame this game didn't sell more.

  • Wolfenstein II was fantastic in my opinion. I can understand how the story might've bothered some people, but the dialogue and characters were really well written and the wild, out there nature of some of the plot points didn't upset me. In addition, I thought the level design was pretty good. I'll grant that maybe the first one was better in that respect, but I just don't really agree with complaints about it being boring, confusing, convaluted, etc. The weapons and upgrade systems are also great IMO. I do have a couple of complaints. For one, stealth felt less viable in this game. No matter how many times I reloaded my save, I always ended up getting spotted and in a conflict. In addition,.I feel like the difficulty was kinda cheap. The game got extremely difficult at times, and that's ok, but they accomplished that simply by throwing dozens of enemies at you rather than adding stronger enemies or weapons for the most part.

  • Yakuza 0

    #6. Yakuza 0 - 50 points


    #1: 3 (TokyoSlim, DIPSET, Swordfish00830)
    #2: 4 (Inustar, SabotageTheTruth, ACardAttack, DisturbedSwan)
    #3: 3 (Hidz, Minamik, Tearju Engi)
    #4: 2 (sunpraiser, tokeeffe9)
    HM: 6 (DeweyDTruman, FerrisK96, Musou Tensei, ZyloWolfBane, Axel, bam541)


    Release date: January 24 [US/EU]
    Developer: Sega
    Publisher: Sega
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3


    EZA Review

  • If I were to write an enclycopedia I would put Yakuza 0 as an example of inconsistency, there are times when the game is a 10 and then it just dives down to five territory for a while, while playing it I really wanted to like it more, but it just kept getting on its way.

    If the game even allowed me to do what I wanted more easily I think I would have less of an issue with it, but I can't help but be frustrated when I'm just looking to go race RC cars for a bit and I unintentionally find a subpar scene that takes a bit too long to finish, or worse find myself in a series of uninteresting fights (with boring combat to boot).

    Just as with the previous game that I've played (4 & 5) the lows and jankyness are too bad for me to ignore them and enjoy the good parts which really are genious, at this point this is the third chance I give the series and I think the last, a shame cause I think they have really good ideas, maybe not just the means to execute them well.

  • I already mentioned this in a different thread, but it's worth mentioning again. Yakuza 0 surprised me, bigtime!
    This game has probably one of the best voice acting in a video game. I was engaged with the story from the beginning to the end. It has the perfect balance with serious crime drama to silly comedy that makes you laugh. All the characters are amazing.

    Yakuza 0 is one of few games I still play when I want to fool around and do activities. It hurts not to put this as number one on my list, I really wanted this game to be my GOTY, but 2017 was an amazing year and two other games were slightly better.

    A big shoutout to @TokyoSlim @DIPSET @Swordfish00830 @Inustar @SabotageTheTruth @ACardAttack @DisturbedSwan @Minamik @Tearju-Engi @SunPraiser @tokeeffe9 @DeweyDTruman @FerrisK96 @Musou-Tensei @ZyloWolfBane @Axel and @bam541 for nominating this game.

    Also, Michael Huber and Ben Moore, if you ever read this, I want to give both of you a big thank you for introducing me to this amazing franchise and I cant wait for Yakuza 6 and hopefully Kiwami 2!

  • We made it waaaaaay into the Top 10. I'm proud. This game is what every crime story should learn from. The main story line never deviates from absolutely tense and dramatic scenes. The narrative is far better than any crime thriller I've watched in movie theatres for YEARS.

    I put this main story in the top 3 video game stories I've every played and probably the same goes for acting as well. The first scene in the acupuncture clinic! Unforgettable!

  • Love the game, it was my entry point into the series after back then the original Yakuza 1 put me off with non optional english voices. Since 0 I have played Kiwami, 2 on PS2 and 3, and bought 4,5 and Dead Souls (very cheap so might as well) in a past PSN sale, gonna try to beat 4&5 before 6 comes out, which of course is a day 1 purchase. That it's only an HM from me only shows how amazing 2017 was, in a Top 5 it would have been my 5, very glad to see it so high up. I can almost guess the Top 5, lol.

  • I'm happy a lot of people liked it, but imo, six really is too low. I'm not just happy to be here as it were, more people need to play this game.

  • Wolfenstein II almost made my honorable mentions, but alas there were too many good games and I never even played it. I had a blast watching the BF playing it, and he adored it. Glad to see it get some love.

    Yakuza 0! My second fave game of the year and I haven't even finished it! I keep getting distracted, but that's okay since I have fun playing it whenever I get the chance. It's a really engaging story, with great acting and I love both the main characters.

  • Yakuza 0 is a crazy game. After watching Huber's Yakuza 0 impressions during E3 2016 and Huber and Ben tag team impressions last year, i put the Yakuza games on my watch. Played only 4 hours so far, and i'm already having so much fun, more than i could have imagined. The hype is real! Everything Huber and Ben said about this game is on point, and oh boy, this is a glorious game. Playing Sega classics on the arcade, beating up assholes in alleyways, and eating at the local bento shop is my go to routine in this game. The main story is fantastic so far, and the side missions i encountered so far stands as tall, if not higher than the main missions. Full of emotions, wackiness and awesomeness, they make this behemoth of a game stand taller.
    Unfortunately i didn't finish it yet, and i have some problems with the combat that i can't shake off, so it's a honorable mention for me.

  • Yakuza as a series is another one of those hard, "Not for me" type of things, but the observation I want to make is the MASSIVE 20 POINT jump from Wolfenstein to Yakuza.

    It's something I've noticed from time to time, but THIS is the best example of Japanese appeal people have. In no way is this a bad thing, and I'm curious how well Yakuza 6 will place this time next year with the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, Spiderman, etc.

  • Yakuza 0 was only a Honorable Mention for me since I don't feel comfortable putting games I hadn't finished in my top X of any kinda list. Still haven't completed it which is a massive shame (funnily enough when 2017 started this, Gravity Rush 2 and Sonic Mania were all I actually had planned to play for the entire year as far as new releases go) but from what I have played I almost think it would have been in my top 3. Easily would have cracked my top 5.

  • @Brannox As someone who's played most of the mainline Yakuza Games, I'm pretty comfortable in my opinion that this is the best one released so far. It is, in my opinion, the new high point of the series, and I don't expect 6 to do as well.