The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!

  • At least no one can say the forum votes are boring or totally predictable!

    Funny story. I started playing Breath of the Wild basically the day after the voting closed for this. I think I've already put in about 100 hours since then. The only reason I put it off was that I knew it would end up consuming my life for the foreseeable future. It definitely would have bumped something off my list but I don't know that it would have placed higher than my #4 slot in the end. Still, I'm having a lot of fun playing it now even if I didn't play in time for the vote.

  • I gave Zelda an honorable mention despite not playing it, because I loved watching others play it.

    Now that I've played it, it would have been my #1, and that's saying something since I adore Persona 5. It is currently the only Switch game I own, and it has made the Switch worth owning. A huge departure from when I got the Wii U and regretted it immediately.
    I have never played a Zelda game before because they never interested me, never really liked that idea of dungeons and items specifically for certain uses. So BotW has been great for me. I don't think the world is empty, and it's fun coming up with my own way of doing things. Sure the story is... light, but I have fun just being in that world.

    Also, I love Urbosa.

  • @TokyoSlim said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!:

    I don't have a switch, so did not vote on any Nintendo gaems

    @Axel said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!:

    there's simply way more PS4 owners in this community and overall than there are Switch owners.

    I have a Switch and a Xbox and I voted only on PS4 and PC games. So it's not just ownership, it's personal tastes as well.

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    Told you Zelda would be number 3! :D

    I havent played it, but it does look very interesting. Mainly has been from Damianis streams of it. I love the art style of it a lot and it has some really cool ideas. If I get a switch, this will be the first game I get for it.

  • It'll be interesting to see how many #1 votes Persona has. That could be a long list.

    But hey! Horizon's at least #2. Did not expect this, nice.

  • Wowww this is the biggest surprise for me, i thought it's gonna be number 1 for sure!

  • Dang, I was so sure Zelda would be number one. Well, I guess you never see it coming.


  • Zelda not getting number one spot everywhere has made me pretty damn happy. Whether or not Persona takes top spot, it still beat the two Nintendo heavyweights here.

    alt text

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

    #2. Horizon Zero Dawn - 72 points


    #1: 6 (Brannox, Lotias, Sentinel Beach, Exist 2 Inspire, Whiskeyjack, Faaip)
    #2: 6 (DOOM, A7X458, ib0show, marv257, jbluzb, bam541)
    #3: 3 (ffff0, Fridge-man, tokeeffe9)
    #4: 1 (Inustar)
    HM: 7 (FF7Cloud, TokyoSlim, sunpraiser, Hidz, Alex840, Lux Noctis, Jipostus)


    Release date: February 28 [US], March 1 [EU]
    Developer: Guerrilla Games
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


    EZA Review

  • Persona 5

    #1. Persona 5 - 122 points


    #1: 13 (sunpraiser, Inustar, bard91, A7X458, Hidz, SabotageTheTruth, Capnbobamous, ACardAttack, ZyloWolfBane, michemagius, jbluzb, Tragosaurus, Fridge-man)
    #2: 7 (TokyoSlim, ffff0, FutureCorpse, DIPSET, Helge, Whiskeyjack, Lux Noctis)
    #3: 7 (FF7Cloud, DeweyDTruman, ib0show, DMCMaster, Sazime, Musou Tensei, Exist 2 Inspire)
    #4: 3 (FerrisK96, Alex840, Tearju Engi)
    HM: 2 (bam541, logic__error)


    Release date: April 4 [US/EU]
    Developer: P-Studio
    Publisher: Atlus, Deep Silver
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3


    EZA Review

  • alt text


  • WOW, I'm shook

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
    When this game got announced back at E3 2015, I was interested in it immediatly, it was something with the concept of a post-post apocalyptic world and hunting machines.
    I was afraid this game would be overhyped, but luckily it wasnt, I got hooked and it's the best open world game on the market together with Witcher 3.
    Obviously this game looks gorgeous, Guerrilla Games nailed it with their engine.
    I'd a hard time deciding if I would put this on 4th place or HM and sadly, it ended up in HM for me. While the story was good, the sideactivities and the sidequests was mediocre(besides from The Frozen Wilds DLC) and personally the protagonist felt so bland and boring.(just my personal opinion, not trying to start anything here!)
    Other than that, great game and I can't wait for a sequel!

    Persona 5
    What can I say about Persona 5, it's not perfect, but it's still one of the best JRPGs I've ever played together with Chrono Trigger, FFVII and FFIX.
    After 95 hours, I didnt want the game to end, I started NG+ immediatly and finished it, but I still felt empty. It was something about the characters and it was hard to say goodbye to them.
    Thanks to Persona 5 I decided to buy a Playstation Vita just to play Persona 4 Golden and I'm planning on playing Persona 3 in the future.
    This game is without a doubt my GOTY and I cant wait for the spinoffs and the animation!

    And major props to @Axel . Thank you for organizing everything, it was really fun to follow this thread!

  • My list:
    #1: Yakuza 0 - My personal GOTY. Has been since the moment I beat it. What can be said, other than I'm a fan of the Yakuza series. I've played 1, 2, 4, 0, and Kiwami. Zero is the best, most polished, out of all of those. There are characters that I LIKE (Akiyama) in other games, but nobody could have prepared me for the year of Majima.

    #2: Persona 5 - It's not flawless, but I have been very critical in the past of the dungeons in the Persona series. I think that Persona 5 has the best dungeons and combat in a Persona game so far.

    #3: MLB The Show 17 - I spent more time playing The Show this year than either of my top two games (which is nuts considering that I'm 190 hours in on Persona and 95+ in on Yakuza. I finished 2 full MLB seasons, dipped my toes into online multiplayer, and even got into the card collecting team building stuff. I got nearly 10 months of chillout enjoyment out of this game.

    #4: Pyre - theoretically, I suppose you could consider this two sports games in a row. But Pyre is more than a sports game. It's longer than I assumed it would be, but not OVERLONG. And I bonded with characters on a Persona -like level in a tenth of the time. My last rite, I won,

    but I chose to stay behind and send Ti'Zo,

    and it's maybe my favorite decision in a video game I've made all year. that character was so, so deserving.

    Honorable mentions:
    1: Horizon Zero Dawn.
    2: Divinity: Original Sin II
    3: Gorogoa
    4: Everybody's Golf

  • Prepare yourself for a ramble from me.

    I'm fully aware this list doesn't matter, nor does any award given to any game by any publication. What truly matters is how I enjoy a game and how all of you enjoy them and how we can continue a conversation about them. I suppose in some weird way, seeing your favorite game ever created (not just of the year) receive the most love just grants a sense of belonging and joy. It feels good ya'll.

    Just a brief history of my Persona love - it was actually the first RPG I ever played, all the way in the days of the PS1. Besides being an entirely new genre for me, it just had a vibe completely different from everything else I had encountered - I was firing guns, I was in high school, and I could negotiate with demons. It's something that just stuck with me and I eagerly tried the second one when I had a chance as well. It wasn't until I picked up my pre-order of Persona 3 and ravenously tore into it that I discovered Persona had become my favorite franchise in gaming. While I enjoy 4, I don't laud it as much as 3, yet my expectations for 5 were through the roof. I almost worried that these expectations had become unrealistic and there was no possible way any form of entertainment could meet them...

    Persona 5 did. You can technically nit-pick anything to death and while I wouldn't fault anyone for doing so, this game is perfect for me. I'm not going to be saying anything new by praising the animation, the music, the menus, the characters, the combat, the vibes, the story, the everything... but it is the only game I've ever completed and immediately dove back in with... and that's after 100 hours for the first run on the hard difficulty. It's a game that I'm going to be recommending for the rest of my life and in my perception, is the absolute pinnacle of JRPGs - yes, even better than the "elite" Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Trigger. It was also incredible to see so many people unfamiliar with the franchise dive in and find out they had a new love as well.

    tl;dr - Persona 5 is the only game where I've just stayed in a shop to listen to the music and not actually purchase items.

    Youtube Video

    Edit: Persona 5 nabbed 122 points while the next closest was at 72?! You are some real fine folks.

  • Neat to see that Persona 5 won by so much. Must be a good one.

    I haven't played any of the games on this list because I'm not a nerd. HEH. Got you all for being a buncha nerds.

    I'll eventually get around to most of them I imagine.

  • Omg I'm glad Horizon isn't #1, I played it till arriving in Meridian, shortly after that everything about the game started to annoy me, went so bad that I sold the game in the end.
    P5 on the other hand, while only my #3 is a fantastic game I enjoyed from beginning till end, and I platinumed it, really makes me happy to see japan winning.

    Here is my list
    #1: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    #2: NieR: Automata
    #3: Persona 5
    #4: Super Mario Odyssey

    Honorable Mentions
    Yakuza Zero
    Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash
    Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
    .hack G.U. Last Recode

  • Yay it was fun! Thanks to everyone who sent their lists, it was insane to see Persona 5 rack up sooooo many votes!

    Here's some fun facts:

    • Persona 5 ran away with this one! Easily the highest score we've had so far (122 pts vs 89 pts for Uncharted 4 and 71 pts for The Witcher 3). 32 out 55 participants voted for it! It's 50 points ahead of second place!
    • Then we have the insane ex-aequo between the #2, #3 and #4 spots, all with 72 points! And it was the last list I received that made them all reach that score. It's also interesting to note that with 72 pts, these 3 games would have beaten 2015 winner The Witcher 3.
    • NieR:Automata and Yakuza 0 were comfy in their #5 and #6 spots. This Top 6 was easily above the rest of the pack.
    • Of this top 6, 5 are from Japanese developers.
    • Indie darling of the year: Cuphead.
    • 5 PlayStation exclusives (10 if you count PS4 + PC exclusives), including the top 2 games. Congrats to Sony, it's also their second GOTY in a row!
    • 4 Switch exclusives, including 2 in the top 4. That's quite the first year!
    • 1 Xbox One (+ PC) exclusive (Cuphead).
    • 1 PC exclusive (Divinity: Original Sin II).
    • "Didn't Expect to See You Here" award: Mass Effect: Andromeda.
    • Shout-out to those who just couldn't quite cut it: South Park: The Fractured but Whole, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Doki Doki Literature Club! and Night in the Woods with 8 points.
    • Big titles that missed out: Hollow Knight, Destiny 2, 7 points.
    • Metroid: Samus Returns, 6 points.
    • Tekken 7, Splatoon 2, 4 points.
    • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Yakuza Kiwami, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, 3 points.
    • Call of Duty: WWII, PUBG, Pokémon Ultra Sun / Moon, 2 points.
    • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, 1 point.
    • Star Wars Battlefront II, 0 point. Hehehe.

    I played 13 of these 25 games (haven't finished all of them though). Now/still on my backlog: Persona 5 (shame!), Horizon Zero Dawn, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!:

    is the absolute pinnacle of JRPGs - yes, even better than the "elite" Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Trigger.

    I hold this as an absolute truth in my eyes.

    You can say that my perspective is skewed and it wouldn't be unfair, P3 and P4 are my favorite games after 5 after all, and despite that I can safely say that I know I can defend its quality as a game with complete fairness, because the care and thought that was given to this game make it such an incredible example of what it aimed to be that it can't be downplayed.

    That's not to say it doesn't have shortcomings or that I can't understand how it may not click for some people, the commitment this game asks from the player in time and emotion is not something every gamer is willing to invest, and that's absolutely fine, but for those of us that do, the ride it provides is one that along with the effort put into making everything just be alive (just go to Iwai's and Takemi's shop and look at the shop menus for a while) makes for an outstanding experience that met my astronomical expectations.

    The fact that I lent one of my copies to a friend that hates anime and most jrpgs, and having it become one of his top games ever, as well as other reactions I've seen from other people, further convince me that this is not just something that really clicks with me and I particularly like, but that its quality allows it to speak for itself, and knowing how this game was made, and thinking that a small company like Atlus was able to make such an outstanding work makes this even more impressive, and I believe it speaks volumes about how things could be done in the industry.