The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!

  • Glad Persona 5 won, such a great game! Still need to play HZD....I actually expected Zelda to win

  • Here's mine
    1.Resident Evil VII
    2.Horizon Zero Dawn

    1. Persona 5
    2. Injustice 2
      Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy
      Football Manager 2018
      Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
      Yakuza Kiwami

  • the only game that i voted for that didnt appear was Trails in the sky the 3rd

  • Prey
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Resident Evil VII
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    Syberia 3
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Nier Automata

    That was my list. Personally, I'm not someone who cares if others share in my tastes, so I was neither pleased nor displeased to see my picks show up or not, I still enjoyed seeing what other people are into however, so I do hope people continue to post their full lists. Very surprised to not see Tales of Berseria show up though, and Life is Strange to be honest because the original LiS was so high on many lists of that year.

    Horizon I beat this year, but was not very impressed. Persona I've left on the second dungeon I believe; I'll get back to it, but JRPG's like Xenoblade, Trails in the Sky and such are more up my alley than the Persona series, and that's always been the case.

  • Here's my list. Not enough people played Dishonoured such a wonderful game. Although in Hindsight I would swap Xenoblade 2 for Horizon Zero Dawn.

    1. Dishonoured. Death of the Outsider
    2. Persona 5
    3. Nier Automata
    4. Tales of Bersia
      Honourable Mentions
    5. Tokyo Xanadu EX
    6. Wolfenstien 2. The New Colossus
    7. Prey
    8. Xenoblade 2

  • Cool.. I really like this list. Horizon Zero Dawn was third on my personal list. As usual, I had some issues with it. Mostly that the main missions usually involved a serious lore dump and the side quests weren't that interesting necessarily but all that is forgiven when the setting is so cool, the robots are so well designed and the combat is so much fun. Facing a thunderjaw for the first time is just incredible.

    As for Persona 5, I wish I posted about it a bit in the topic. I'm now 35 hours in and past the 3rd palace and I'm having a great time with it. I can see why it ended up at number 1.

    And just on my list, I want to talk about the 2 games in it that didn't make this list and a game I've already talked about since sending it that would have been on it.

    Night in the Woods - Honestly a little surprised it didn't get in. Just a really great coming of age game. I loved the cast of characters, the daily life you live and the music in particular.

    Nex Machina - Ya, I knew this wouldn't make it but felt like I had to give it an honorable mention. It's an incredible twin stick shooter. Looks beautiful, super addictive and the end of the arcade era for Housemarque which makes me very sad. It's fantastic.

    And finally Hollow Knight. I finished it a week or so after submitting lists and this game is incredible guys. Genuinely up there as one of the best metroidvania's I've played. The combat is satisfying, hitting things in the background feels satisfying. The score and sound design is incredible, npcs are full of charm and the game does a great job in adding challenge for players who want everything. I really loved it.

    Anyway, thanks for all the hardwork @Axel, it was a lot of fun to follow along.

  • Here was my list!

    #1 Night in the Woods
    #2 What Remains of Edith Finch
    #3 Danganronpa V3
    #4 Yomawari: Midnight Shadows
    HM: Doki Doki Literature Club!
    HM: Super Mario Odyssey
    HM: Persona 5
    HM: Dino Frontier

    The Persona 5 HM was because I only watched others play it, and I enjoyed the story but didn't feel right putting a game I didn't play any higher, but it looks like it didn't need my help at all!

    I held out hope for a while of NitW getting in, but I know there wasn't much buzz about it on the forums and a lot of people were waiting for it on Switch. Now that it IS out on Switch though you should definitely be checking it out! Like @tokeeffe9 mentioned above, the highlight of the game is the eclectic cast, the way it captures the atmosphere of a small dying coal town, and the great music. It's a really neat game!

    I voted for the first Yomawari game last year, so I knew the follow up wouldn't have a shot this year either but for me these have been perfect. I can't handle super intense horror games, but Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (And Night Alone) was just intense enough for me. Great blend of cute, creepy, and sad.

    Dino Frontier is a total 7/10, and I knew being VR meant very few would have played it, but I had so much fun with this game. It is just the epitome of jolly. It's definitely just resource management at the core but the dinosaurs and the animations are so charming that it makes it fun regardless. Picking up and examining the little Dinos is very neat. If you haven't, you should at least check out Kyle playing it!

    As always, thanks @Axel for doing all the legwork on this! It's so interesting to see just how things will play out every year!

  • I had the following:

    #1 Horizon Zero Dawn
    #2 Assassin's Creed Origins
    #3 South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    #4 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    HM's were Tekken 7, Injustice 2, LIS: Before the Storm and Crash Bandicoot.

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    So my top 3 guess was correct then!

    Thank you to everyone that voted and followed this list! Also an extra big thank you to @Axel for organising this whole thing!

    I had Horizon as my number 1 game and Nier as my number two. Yet now when I actually have finished ending E in Nier I almost feel like that would of surpassed it. I almost need to go back to Horizon though as I loved that world and Aloy are my favourite character in a long long time.

  • This was my list

    1: Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
    2: Prey
    3: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    4: Night in the Woods

    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Little Nightmares

    In retrospect, I probably would change it around a bit. Either way, this was clearly an amazing year for video games. I'm kinda disappointed I couldn't play a lot of the highest games on the list as they're mostly console exclusives. I'm kinda surprised Mario and Zelda were so high on the list tbh. I expected them to be pretty low (for their quality obviously. Maybe #9 or #10) as I figured most of us didn't have a Switch. I'm glad they got the positions they likely deserve though.

  • I finished Doki Doki Lit Club after the voting closed, but it would have gotten on my HM list if I'd have played it last year. Probably over Gorogoa, which I watched Ian's 2 play throughs of and think is amazing, but I have not played.

  • Games I've played of the final list:
    Sonic Mania, Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted: the Lost Legacy, Cuphead, Yakuza 0, Nier Automata, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5.

    Shoutouts to PuyoPuyo Tetris, Nex Machina, Picross S and a bunch of other amazing games that didn't make this list. 2017 was something else in terms of videogames, and this list represents just that. L & R

  • @FerrisK96 said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!:

    Games I've played of the final list:
    Sonic Mania, Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted: the Lost Legacy, Cuphead, Yakuza 0, Nier Automata, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5.

    I decided to have a look as well. Turns out I own 17 of the final 25, I've only beaten 10 of them though. I have a lot to crack on with lol.

  • Yey, a win for Persona 5. But overall, I more excited for future switch games. I look forward in getting the switch on its 2nd or 3rd year when more GOTYs are in placed.

  • results don't surprise me in the slightest.

  • Justice has finally been served.

  • I'm just now seeing how the top 5 played out here. I've never been more proud of you guys than right now. Making it right.

  • Bumping this again because I want to selfishly advocate for its move to the Hall of Fame category.

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    @Brannox Good Idea, I'll move it now!

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