The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2017!

  • I really enjoyed ME:A. Sucks that it launched too early to fix certain animation bugs, but the rest of the game was solid and a lot of fun. I was hoping it would break top 20, but hey! 22!

  • I have to admit I enjoyed my time with Mass Effect more that a lot of better critically acclaimed games
    Probably should have put it in my honorable mentions.

  • Out of the games I played this year (Six, one watched, and one that didn't ORIGINATE this year), this was the biggest disappointment. My concise thoughts are in the March 2017 Community Comments video (next to last comment), but the bullet points with a few additions:


    • I felt the dialogue was improved, not a clear "this is the good option, this is the neutral option, and this is the bad option" from the original trilogy.

    • Some of the character relationships and development were pretty good and spread out in an even manner.

    • The act of exploring space and on the ground was pretty cool.

    • The Tempest is a better ship than the Normandy in it's interior design and functionality.

    • A lot of callbacks to the original trilogy provides a lot of that Mass Effect feel.

    • The Journal's organization with dedicated categories for things such as missions, map, etc.

    • By the end of the story, the galaxy has transformed from a place filled with isolated outposts and planets in a single connected ecosystem between the terraformed planets, the Angara, and the OG species.


    • Glitching and Bugs were severe and angering, ranging from quests not being able to be closed to not being able to move when stuck in a corner or wall, and massive visual pop in.

    • The Multiplayer's unfavorable design to players without established teammates/friends.

    • Necessity to be online for some functions (APEX missions, saving, etc.)

    • The over-reliance of the scanner, and its eventual pointlessness.

    • All of the callbacks to the original trilogy keep this from being its own game.

    • Side quest organization needed massive work (some types were unnecessary, the missions tab in the journal was daunting and confusing to keep up with, and some of them were straight up not good in terms of scenario and writing).

    • Audio cutting out A LOT, most specifically when listening to two teammates chat with each other and the conversation stops dead if you get close to ANYTHING, lost forever, without being picked back up or repeated; enemy, point of interest, quest marker, etc.

    So yeah, exploring and some character development made it fun, but glitching, boring quests, and other technical problems made it even more aggravating. Absolutely not a personal top five game, but I needed to fill out the Honorable Mentions.

  • My feelings on Mass Effect Andromeda are certainly coloured by the original trilogy being my fave series, and not in a good way.
    A lot of my problems are on me, that I expected too much, but there are too many issues that I think are valid. The characters are boring and the story is uninteresting, which is a huge problem for me since story and characters are the main reason I love the original trilogy. I have played those games multiple times not because i love the shooting, but because i wanted to spend more time with Garrus, Kaiden and Wrex. I didn't connect to anyone in Andromeda. Not to mention we all can agree it was sadly rushed out and had too many glitches.
    That being said, after taking time to regulate my expectations, I don't hate the game. It did improve some things like the ship, and the worlds to explore, not to mention after patches it's certainly better, so I am not surprised people liked it and had fun.

    In the end for me it's the perfect example of a disappointing game. Not good, but not terrible. Just not what I wanted.

  • I've played Mass Effect: Andromeda when it launched and it was an interesting experience. The game itself (besides first and last missions) was average, but I had some Skyrim-like fun with game bugs. Also I'm still intrigued with game's biggest mystery: why The Tempest was separated into three separately loaded zones (hangar, the bridge with two side rooms and everything else).

    Well, I did spend a lot of time with it despite being... let's call it underwhelming. The combat is really fun despite everything and some planets I really like (Havarl) and a handful of missions have been fun. Story, characters and essentially everything else was disappointing. I'm glad that I put it back on the shelf but I'm not regretting the 50 hours I have put into it and for this reason I'm glad it had made it on this list.

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    Woah! did not see that coming! Mass Effect? After all the stuff I heard about I thought it was a hot pile of.. well no fun game. Very interesting to see it here. I assume a lot of the issues are patched so it might be worth further down the lane to give a shot.

  • I haven't even looked at Pyre outside one video, it's just really not my thing. ME however I have bought, but have yet to start it. I was always disappointed with how Bioware took the series more and more into shooter territory, and can honestly say I only truly enjoyed the first one of the trilogy, that said, I do somewhat enjoy the story and lore, so I do want to get around to Andromeda some time soon.

  • @Sheria I' pretty much agree with this, ever since two I started disliking the direction the games were taking, even if I do think that 2 is the best game of the trilogy, but I do think that the lore and world building is fantastic but horribly underutilized in the games, so I think there's a lot of wasted potential there.

  • Pyre got the same amount of votes as a Mass Effect game? That both speaks to the quality of Pyre and the "disaster" that was Andromeda. This makes me really happy.

    alt text

  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    #21. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - 10 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 0
    #3: 2 (Yoshi, Tragosaurus)
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    HM: 4 (bard91, Axel, Whiskeyjack, MiserablePerson)


    Release date: August 29 [US/EU]
    Developer: Ubisoft Milan
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Genre: Turn-based tactical role-playing
    Platform(s): Nintendo Switch


    EZA Review

  • I'm absolutely not into strategy games, but real talk: This game should've won Most Surprising from the Allies. There was so much 180-ing on this game like nothing I've ever seen. I mean Yves Guillemot and Shegeru Miyamoto shared the Ubisoft stage and the later's praise had the director in tears.

    There is no greater example of jolly vibes I've seen in all of 2017.

  • @Brannox I 180'd on the idea of this one when it was revealed, in a big way. When I do get a Switch, it will be a sure purchase.

  • Just finished it. Good game, but it needs to be on PC, because such games are meant to be played with mouse. Also, there is no zoom for camera, so fighting on big battlefield is too confusing.

  • @Brannox Do honestly find it kinda odd that this wasn't Most Surprising. PUBG blew up like crazy but I mean, battle royale settings have been popular since, well, Battle Royale (but the release of the Hunger Games movies in particular pushed it harder than ever, I know I've seen and even played some browser simulators taking random video game/TV characters in the past.) Meanwhile this was a game that nobody was excited about until it was actually revealed. If anything I think the leak helped it since it put everybody's expectations so low before the actual game blew them outta the water.

  • I definitely find this one the most surprising, and for a reason I was surprised wasn't brought up. People liked a game starring Rabbids. I don't hate them, but I know most people do and they really didn't want to see Rabbids in a Mario game.
    I look forward to trying it now that I own a Switch.

  • i will pick this game up eventually theres just way to much to play right now

  • just finished it myself, definitively some stuff I would have liked to be different and I think it could been better in certain areas it was a pretty good effort and the end result is a very solid game, so props for that at least and bringing such an odd mix together so well.

  • Yeah, I found myself agreeing with Ian's argument against it, that I just don't really get surprised when random games blow up on PC. I feel like it happens often enough that it happening again doesn't surprise me.

  • Oh man, what if in a couple years, we all flip on a Minions action platformer cross over with LoZ??? I'm calling it now.