Gaming Unpopular opinion thread

  • The western games industry and mainstream media is on a steady decline.

    The US government should enact an Art and Entertainment Media Protection Act to make censorship and deliberate false translations illegal.

    PC gamers are the bourgeoisie among the gamers.

    System exclusivity (full, not this time limited crap) is important and good for the industry, the idea that every game should run on every current platform is awful and would lead to less quality games.

    Japan #1

    While I enjoyed RE7, RE8 should go back to 3rd person, also RE2make needs to have static camera, it should be like the REmake.

    Modern pixel art most of the time doesn't has the charme of 8 and 16 bit retro games, they are either too detailed or too simplistic.

    The Secret of Mana remake looks great and I can't wait to play it.

    English dubs in japanese games are often awful because they try to emulate the often exaggerated japanese tones insted of speaking like normal english speakers, which simply doesn't work well in english.

    Konami needs to make a new Ganbare Goemon

  • @Black-Cell said in Gaming Unpopular opinion thread:

    • Tomb Raider 2013 and ROTR are 2 of worst games ever ever made
    • The witcher 3 is mediocre to average game and this generation most overrated game.
    • 90% of open world games are trash
    • 90% of third person shooters are bad
    • Bioshock infinite is worst AAA FPS game ever ever made. its really that bad
    • Wolfenstein new order, old blood, new collosus absolutely suck and disgrace towards wolfenstein games and FPS
    • Doom 2016 is best game of this generation and best FPS of decade.
    • uncharted, last of us are more of hollywood movies than games
    • Assassins creed 3 is better than 2
    • Only good AC is AC4 black flag. even 2 suck
    • nintendo were never great. at peak sega genesis was better than snes in every way.

    Wow. I usually come into these thinking "They probably have a point". But no, strongly disagree with all of these statements.

    I only really have a few unpopular opinions:

    • Batman: Arkham Origins is better than Arkham Knight. Origins > Asylum > City makes for a better trilogy in terms of Story.
    • Red Dead Redemption isn't as good as everyone says it is. Outside of the phenomenal voice-acting it's a pretty generic open-world shooter for the time.
    • Assassin's Creed 3 is the second best game in the series, just losing out to 2.

  • The Wii U is better than the Switch, at least right now. While Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 are great everything else I've played on the Switch that's actually good has just been a port or remaster. There's nothing inherently wrong with a console having a lot of ports/multiplats/remasters of good games but exclusives do matter at the end of the day.

    3D World is the best Mario game.

    I don't have a problem with games putting an emphasis on story, but story is never more important than gameplay. Even an 80 hour RPG needs to be fun to play first and foremost or the battles/dungeon crawling/etc. won't be worth slogging through for the story.

    On that note The Last of Us is an 8/10 almost solely because of the frantic gunfights and the scavenging. Could not possibly care less about "generic zombie apocalypse story #58302."

    Senran Kagura is a good series with a bunch of fun games that people only hate on since they can't get past the fact that the cast is made up of anime girls.

    Sonic Heroes is the worst 3D Sonic game. Even 06 is at least fun to laugh at. Heroes is just a chore.

  • Lol Mods should change the title to a"Black Cells Great Hits" or something.

    Also Black Cell, in the what 2-3 ish years since you started posting back on GT to now you've never once articulated how and why you came to your opinions.

  • Nioh is a poor imitation of the souls games. One thing that drives you through the souls-games is the exploration of the coherent, intertwined world, which is so damn fun to explore. I think Nioh sorely lacks the sense of discovery and worldbuilding that the souls-games have. I think i would finish Nioh if it had a coherent world maybe, Nioh levels are so bland and boring to me (even though they are very pretty), everything feels like a straight line with minor offshoots that lead to "slightly better sword #976". Also, i can't stand all the loot in this game! There's so much of it. Also also, i think Nioh has a way too convoluted upgrade/progression system. I like that the rpg elements of souls are pretty damn easy to grasp if you look at it for five minutes, and maybe this is because i'm an idiot, but i found especially the weapon/combo(?) upgrades to be very confusing. I think the combat is really tight and feels very good, but it just doesn't matter to me when that's the only thing i like about the game. The awkward, weird, disconnected story certainly doesn't help it either. I wanted to love this game so bad, but i ended up hating it in the end. Nioh might be the only game i hate, maybe because i can see some good in it, idk. 8.5/10

  • Wow. Somebody needs to spend a little less time on 4chan.

    As for my own:

    DmC: Devil May Cry is mechanically superior to half the mainline series, and story/character wise better thab the entire mainline series.

    • N64 FPSes (Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Turok 1+2, etc.) weren't "good for the time". They're still fantastic games and you should learn to love to them again if you stopped playing them for whatever reason.

    • Sakamoto still knows how to make the best Metroid games. Keep his hands away from the writing/story and I'm a true believer.

    • Guns in Mirror's Edge 1 weren't clunky, flawed, or some marketing checkbox. They were a small but carefully inserted gameplay element that made that game greater than it could have been. (I haven't played Catalyst yet but I'm still down to party with that one too anyway)

    • Kid Icarus could equal Metroid in popularity if they ever decide to capitalize on what Uprising brought to the table.

    • Marche did nothing wrong.

    • When it comes to Ocarina of Time 3D, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Triology, or any remake of an early 3D game, the improved graphics DO NOT "look as good you as you remember it looking". This is a grammatical error, because you just have poor memory and may only use the pronoun "I" here at best. For the rest of us who haven't stopped playing those games, then originals look exactly like they've always looked.

    • Final Fantasy 6 > Chrono Trigger. Both are top tier SNES games, but that greater-than-symbol is exactly where I intended it to be.

    • On that note, Skyward Sword is a 5/5 and Zero Mission rivals Super Metroid on some days of the week. Secret passages in ZM weren't a bad idea.

    • Two for one: I'm probably going to continue enjoying replaying Quest 64 (average but fun) more than replaying SOTN (good I guess but the flaws bother me). I'd rather play at least 5 of the sequels of SOTN than SOTN itself.

    • "Fira/Firaga" was stupid. Fire 2/Fire 3 is cool.

    • Quintet died for our sins. They were too good for this world and we should remind ourselves to be thankful for the time they graced our consoles.

  • heres more

    Hitman is better stealth series than MGS
    Agent 47 is better character than solid snake
    Doom 3 was almost as good as Half life 2
    Quantum break is best third person shooter this gen better than likes of uncharted and tomb raider
    Goldeneye was never good. it was only praised because it was first console FPS. compare to PC FPS it was bad.
    Average FPS games have better story than average RPG.

    • If you use the term “overrated” to voice your opinion about a game, you sound like an entitled and spoiled child that probably doesn’t know what is actual good or what he wants from a game or other media. Underrated is okay since a game might not get any publicity. The only movie I can think that might deserve to be called overrated is Wonder Women because the alternative would be that you are misogynistic. But it’s okay.
    • the term “boring” is barely better, at least if you don’t elaborate further.
    • Walking simulator (same as above)
    • --> Fuck steam reviews
    • Sonic the Hedgehog was never good. If Sonic isn’t running his movement is sluggish and doesn’t allow precise jumping. Simply it’s no fun. If he is too fast he becomes barely controllable. After 2 second speeding you bump into some obstacle. No wonder that most (3D) Sonic game are basically autorunners that don’t require much player input… . If you like sonic you are into furry.
    • Japan #1 is not an unpopular opinion

  • 99% of contrarian opinions on gaming forums are narrow minded, ill thought out, self serving borderline idiotic & made by people with self confidence issues

  • @FutureCorpse said in Gaming Unpopular opinion thread:

    99% of contrarian opinions on gaming forums are narrow minded, ill thought out, self serving borderline idiotic & made by people with self confidence issues

    This is just mean-spirited. If you don't like the thread then no one is forcing you to post.

  • @FutureCorpse I like you already.

    Here is some of my own.

    • Metal Gear Rising is the best MG game ever made.
    • Most Dynasty Warrior games or spin-offs aren't bad, but not for everyone. I find them to be time killers or blowing off some steam.
    • Shadows of the Damned is one of the best RE4 style shooters ever made. And a better remake of Splatterhouse
    • Sonic Forces was just okay. Not the worse thing ever, nor worse than 06. A lot of people like jumping on the Sonic hate bandwagon.
    • Platinum has made only one bad game (TMNT). Everything else ranges from excellent to good, and one average.
    • The original XBOX had the worse variety in 3rd party support.
    • Most sandbox games are boring, tedious, checklist of stuff to do.

  • @Hazz3r Don‘t you see the irony

  • More!

    Remember Me was a good game and if the Ghost Trick style memory altering sections and rhythm based combat had been more fleshed out, would have been a great game.

    Xenoblade 2 is a bad direction for the series stylistically. Veering off from the cool mecha Tanaka semi realistic style to full on KAWAII DESU NE UGUU~ waifubait weeb pandering bullshit you would find in an Idea Factory or Compile Heart abortion.

    Destiny has absolutely superb gunplay. Like seriously bravo Bungie you nailed that shit, now put it in a better game that isn't everything wrong with large budget AAA gaming today.

    Resident Evil 5 is an terrific game. It is less a casualization of 's mechanics, and more a refinement of the. Also, 6 is not just a bad RE, but a bad game in general. Some like to say that it is a good action game when viewed seperately from the rest of the series, but there are far too many broken mechanics, far too much terrible pacing, far too many shark jumping moments, and just overall poor game design for it to be anything other than a raging dumpster fire and a blight on the RE name that I am glad even Capcom are distancing themselves from.

  • @FutureCorpse "People who don't conform to the popular consensus are poor AND stupid."

  • Not a "Love and Respect" thread, huh?

  • @Brannox I think a requirement for this thread should be that you have to justify said unpopular opinions.

    Basically saying "this game is dumb" is bad.
    Explain why it is dumb. Convince me of it's dumbness.

  • @El-Shmiablo True, and I think it should be an unsaid requirement to provide well reasoned evidence to your point in ANY thread, but "Gaming Unpopular Opinion Thread" is the most elegant, concise, and complete way of saying "This thread will have things that you will disagree with, and if you're immature, will get angry about. Expect potential for argument."

    I know that FULLY just by the title alone, that unless one wants to provide said "Unpopular" opinions themselves and shitpost about it, (For example, X is dumb. Y is god AWFUL and Z is the WORST THING EVER. %*^$ those games, without as you said "justification"), then it's kind of a negative feeling by its very nature.

    Are there things here I disagree with? Absolutely. Do I agree with provided reasoning? Not really. Do I understand some of the opinions provided? Sure. But this is a minefield where the careless could start something I don't want to be a part of. Yes, posting is entirely voluntary, but my post above was simply to convey the feeling: This has the potential to get out of hand.

  • @Brannox There's 2 ways to look at it. Its just a bit of fun people blowing of steam no ones directly being attacked (unless you worked on one of the games mentioned or value your own opinions over all others. We're all the1% here) Or its kind of a mean spirited post with mean spirited replies.

  • The Uncharted games (at least 1-3) are poorly designed and implemented games, I think there are too many instances of very poor design choices in both story, and gameplay aspects which simply don't hold under any kind of scrutiny. It is no surprise that the story is nonsense and has holes seeing how they admit they plan scenarios before story, but even then are too many instances of boring, frustrating and uninspired gameplay moments that result in an incredibly mediocre experience considering the efforts that were put into it, and for an experience that is as directed and as linear with a focus on flash over substance it is surprisingly glitchy and I might even say unpolished. Personally I also don't like the characters but I'll concede that mostly to my own taste even I fail to see what makes the characters appealing to other people.

    What is truly surprising to me is how the same team that made this bad games managed to avoid so many of this issues with The Last of Us which I think is a pretty good game