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    you can't even make a wrong jump in a climbing section, try it... it won't let you.
    in the Church level in Uncharted 4, where you climb up the giant clock... remember that? yah, in any good game this situation would be tense and a challenge for the player, not in Uncharted...
    at one point you have to jump through the holes in a spinning gear, to land on a swinging part of the clock... in a good game this would require timing, not in Uncharted 4 where you LITERALLY can't jump until everything is aligned perfectly.
    you can literally just hold Left and mash the X button until tings align.

    It's so true though, sticky platforming I always called it. But to make things worse for me is that this is the kind of "platforming" that has infiltrated just about every modern action adventure game: Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider 2013/RotTR, Horizon Zero Dawn etc. There's actually quite a large, and deliberate platforming section towards the end of Horizon's story, where it suddenly requires you to scale a large mountain; it was about half way up these obvious, yellow ledges when I stopped and thought "what on earth is the point in this", as there's no real player skill involved in it at all.

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    I thought of a one today while playing Ys 8, I don't really understand the praise for music in Falcom games, it is fine but I don't think it is as good as people usually tend to say it is, it mostly just comes out to me as average jrpg music.

    I think the praiseworthy quality varies from game to game, but the distinct style of music is consistent so naturally every game has people praising it for that if nothing else.

    The PC-Engine would make my best argument why it is truly good though: Imagine this playing as you take your first step into the game's "Hyrule field" moment, which is also your very first encounter with monsters.

    Or maybe this will do it for you?

    Or my favorite X68000 track, Theme of Chester.

    Ys music has also a myriad of arrange albums, which feds into why people mention the music so often.

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    Mother Russia Bleeds has the best soundtrack of this entire generation by a very large margin.

  • I think FF X-2 is a superior game to FF X.

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    FFX is terrible.
    Also, FFXIII is great.

  • The Witcher 3 combat and "Skills" you could upgrade all put me to sleep.

    The upgrades consist of small percentage upgrades the entire game.

    It's specifically what stops me from finishing the game.

  • @Stormcrownn As much as I love the game that's just a fact.

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    Yeah Witcher combat has always been very meh. Thank god everything else makes up for it.

  • Not only that but the struggle of my poor old laptop trying not to dip into single digits fps while in combat in The Witcher 1 was very real, still worth it though.

  • FF9 is an average game.
    -Bad villain
    -Steiner, Amarant, Quina and Eiko are boring/annoying characters
    -Freya has a good backstory, but takes a back seat for the rest of the game.
    -Combat is slow.
    -Story had some good moments, but bored me most of the time.
    -Grinding is necessary to finish the game because of the last boss.
    -The soundtrack is average, one of the weakest from Uematsu. Not many tracks that I can say I enjoy.

    Relevant to this, here's my personnal ranking of the series :

    -FF Tactics

    Haven't played 2 and 3 yet. X-2 would probably rank in the bottom half. I don't remember enough of it to rank it properly.

  • Nintendo Switch is the worst console I've ever touched:

    • UI is misleading (for a long time I was convinced that by deleting a game you also delete its saves).
    • If you accidently launch the game that doesn’t support Pro controller you can’t even close it without Joy-Cons.
    • The simplest system functions are missing (no button remapping, no way to remove 10 keyboard languages I don't know)
    • No save backup.
    • No remote connection to PC and no web-based store in my region (how am I supposed to download games when I'm not at home?)
    • No headphone jack on controller (playing on TV with headphones is painful)
    • Games are more expensive than on other consoles (at least in my region)
    • Extremely overpriced for such underpowered hardware (price of console + controller + memory card almost equal to Xbox One X). Especially if you play only from your couch and have other consoles.

    And that is just the stuff I care about. If I need to stream/play online/virtual console/play multiplatform games, I would be mad at myself for paying for it.

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    I mean most new release consoles are pretty garbage until 1.5 years into the life cycle. You pay a premium to become an early adopter and get the games ASAP.

    I'm surprised you can't plug headphones in though. How do you use headphones otherwise on consoles? My TV doesn't have a headphone jack.

    I've bought PS4, Xbox One and PS VR day one and they had everything I wanted. Later they added stuff I didn't know I want. I highly doubt anything will be added to Switch (year one is almost over).

    About headphones: I can plug headphones directly into DualShock 4 or Xbox One S controllers. With Switch I had to unplug my speakers from PC, connect them to the Switch itself, and connect my headphones to speaker's jack. It works, but it's far from convenient.

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    Yeah I feel that with the headphones. It sounds obnoxious. But I bought a PS4 early and I found it severely lacking compared to PS3. The media features went out the window. There wasn't anything worthwhile exclusive to play until Bloodborne in 2015. At least Switch has a few excellent titles already.

    IDK early adopting is hit or miss imo.

  • Fuck yeah, I love trashing everything I don't love. Here we go.

    • Breath of the Wild is not impressive and maybe it's going to ruin the franchise for me due to its popularity and thus demand for more of this boring "good-enough"-ness.

    • BioShock Infinite proves why you should never, EVER listen to journalists and their knee-jerky scores.

    • Resident Evil, contrary to koolaid opinionated people, has good writing under its belt, like in RE2. It's not actually bad, it's just not complex or psychologically in-depth and it doesn't need to be. You know who the good guys are and you know who the bad guys are, Leon goes from pedestrian cop to a hero, and screw you.

    • Mass Effect 3's ending controversy overshadowed how generally disappointing that game was (although, not saying it's a bad game by any stretch)

    • Witcher 3 vs Inquisition is a bit blown out of proportion, as DA:I still had redeeming qualities that Witcher didn't even attempt to include.

    • Witcher 3 is a masterpiece but its plot was a let-down for anyone who played 2 and liked it.

    • Uncharted 4 is not even a good game.

    • I did not enjoy Red Dead Redemption beyond the final chapter of its story at all. Narrative is good, but the game stinks.

    • The Last of Us is responsible for a lot of increasing pretension among the AAA developers nowadays, thinking everything is more mature and artsy because it is dark and depressing and forcefully emotional.

    • Firewatch's ending and reactions to it is a great example of gamer-mentality and illiteracy among them. I'm pretty sure if I had brought up this game in text-form at a literature class people would've agreed the ending was a very good conclusion and that the final moments tie up the lingering threads very well.

    • I don't understand what's so good about Gone Home but from reactions I gather people give it a pass for pandering to inclusivity and diversity because as a coming of age plot or as a story about identity it's painfully straightforward with little to no twists. It's basically a story that's broken like a shattered mirror and you just pick up the pieces and from the halway mark you go "Oh, it's this thing that happened, right?" and then the ending simply reveals you were right on the money. It depicts its characters and setting realistically but c'mon, that's not all a story is.

  • Pixel art sidescrollers are a thing of a past and people should just move on instead of gushing all over them.

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  • @Nillend recntly i've played Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, Iconoclasts, the Mummy Demastered and Sonic Mania. All of them are great pixel-art sidescrollers. I don't see how it's a thing of the past? I think pixel-art for indie devs in particular are great, 3d models on a low budget can easily look really bad.

  • The new God of War sequel looks great and I can't wait to play it, but this orange blood is so off putting to me that I don't know if I'll gain the same satisfaction I had playing at all times in the other games. The second to second brutality seems unintentionally more cartoony with all of this orange blood I'm seeing. I found Kratos' ridiculously heightened violent actions in past games to somehow be less cartoony than what I'm seeing now.

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    Fuck yeah, I love trashing everything I don't love. Here we go.

    • Resident Evil, contrary to koolaid opinionated people, has good writing under its belt, like in RE2. It's not actually bad, it's just not complex or psychologically in-depth and it doesn't need to be. You know who the good guys are and you know who the bad guys are, Leon goes from pedestrian cop to a hero, and screw you.

    I noticed that people started saying RE had a bad story or never had good writing when internet critics on Youtube started popping up. IE MovieBob or Korey (from, now Double Toasted). Now I like Korey, but I disagreed with him on this, and MB I used to like, but for all the latter's talk about how you can make a good idea out of anything, he sure seem to shit on people for thinking a good RE could be done. But I am getting a bit off topic. Honestly, the only time the writing was only insulting at its worse was RE Gaiden (non-canon) and some parts of RE 6.