Gaming Unpopular opinion thread

  • Not a "Love and Respect" thread, huh?

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    @Brannox I think a requirement for this thread should be that you have to justify said unpopular opinions.

    Basically saying "this game is dumb" is bad.
    Explain why it is dumb. Convince me of it's dumbness.

  • @El-Shmiablo True, and I think it should be an unsaid requirement to provide well reasoned evidence to your point in ANY thread, but "Gaming Unpopular Opinion Thread" is the most elegant, concise, and complete way of saying "This thread will have things that you will disagree with, and if you're immature, will get angry about. Expect potential for argument."

    I know that FULLY just by the title alone, that unless one wants to provide said "Unpopular" opinions themselves and shitpost about it, (For example, X is dumb. Y is god AWFUL and Z is the WORST THING EVER. %*^$ those games, without as you said "justification"), then it's kind of a negative feeling by its very nature.

    Are there things here I disagree with? Absolutely. Do I agree with provided reasoning? Not really. Do I understand some of the opinions provided? Sure. But this is a minefield where the careless could start something I don't want to be a part of. Yes, posting is entirely voluntary, but my post above was simply to convey the feeling: This has the potential to get out of hand.

  • @Brannox There's 2 ways to look at it. Its just a bit of fun people blowing of steam no ones directly being attacked (unless you worked on one of the games mentioned or value your own opinions over all others. We're all the1% here) Or its kind of a mean spirited post with mean spirited replies.

  • The Uncharted games (at least 1-3) are poorly designed and implemented games, I think there are too many instances of very poor design choices in both story, and gameplay aspects which simply don't hold under any kind of scrutiny. It is no surprise that the story is nonsense and has holes seeing how they admit they plan scenarios before story, but even then are too many instances of boring, frustrating and uninspired gameplay moments that result in an incredibly mediocre experience considering the efforts that were put into it, and for an experience that is as directed and as linear with a focus on flash over substance it is surprisingly glitchy and I might even say unpolished. Personally I also don't like the characters but I'll concede that mostly to my own taste even I fail to see what makes the characters appealing to other people.

    What is truly surprising to me is how the same team that made this bad games managed to avoid so many of this issues with The Last of Us which I think is a pretty good game

  • And I'm concerned about the latter. I mean, I have said unpopular views myself, but I don't want to post them for two reasons:

    1.) I've said them elsewhere

    2.) I don't see any point in doing so for myself. People will either agree (doubt it) or disagree (highly likely) and said disagreement wouldn't be "I like/dislike it because of X." "That's exactly why I like it." "That's cool!" that I enjoy but more in line of the moment when the sentiment "You're wrong" or "That/It's/You're stupid/ignorant" gets posted that devolves any sense of decorum.

  • Despite the fact that it uses my most hated game design mechanics (survival horror with no real way to fight back) Silent Hill:Shattered Memories is a underrated entry in the series and probably the best of the Western made Silent Hill games, and was honestly something I was hoping would become it's own subseries remaking the previous numbered entries with a similar esthetics and further developing on the "this game is psychologically analyzing you as you play" idea.

    Speaking of Western made Silent Hill's I think Downpour had it had more development time could have been something close to rivaling the Team Silent Developed games, as far as cut content I know there were about 2 bosses, and 3 large locations cut, and allegedly a second campaign playing as the female cop (which honestly if you break down a lot of the main story beats, and more behind the monsters of downpour seems like she might have been intended to be the main protagonist)

    The Half Life 2 (and it's episodes) storyline is just a bunch of generic dystopian future storylines told a thousands times before, it's only saving grace being fun gameplay, some nice setpiece moments and a OST that while generally bland throughout most of the game, when it hits it fucking hits.

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    The Uncharted series is okay at best

    Splinter Cell Conviction is the best game in the series

    Resident Evil 5 is better than RE4

    I liked GTA4 more than GTA5

    Hitman Absolution is better than the new Hitman

    Modern Warfare 2 is the best game in the series

    Metal Gear Solid V is the second best game in the series after MGS3

    Skyrim is garbage

    Both Fallout 3 and 4 is better than New Vegas

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    Unpop opin 1: i skip every cutscene in every video game. i am not watching an animated movie, im playing a game

    Unpop opin 2: i skip all text and dialogue in every video game. i am not reading a book, im playing a game

    Notice how classic games (Super Mario Bros, Zelda for NES) have barely any cutscenes. Even text is just a single line or two ("it's dangerous to go alone, take this.")

  • I just don't like to watch twitch streams.

  • You remix this type of thread every few months with the same uncompromising distaste towards the same games over and over. Just keep it to this one thread please...

    With that said,

    • Mario's smug aura mocks me and I don't find him cute at all.
    • Majority of Twitch streams/streamers are insufferable.
    • Uncharted series has achieved the feel and tone of the pulp adventure romp genre far better than any Star Wars sequel or anything alike has since maybe Romancing The Stone.

    It's Black Cell, do you really think he's going to listen to anyone's advice?

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    @DIPSET I think he keeps hoping that we'll all suddenly have some sort of epiphany and realize his 4chan influenced contrarian bullshit is some sort of Lovecraftian alltruth that drives everyone but the most enlightened (i.e. PC master race) to the brink of insanity.

    But hey, more of my OWN bullshit:

    Yooka-Laylee is bad only in the capacity that Banjo-Kazooie was never really all that good to begin with. It is the exact same game but with better graphics and controls.

    Battlefield 1 is objectively the worst game in the entire series. It eschews all the cool, zany shit you could do in previous BFs in favour of some dumb semi-realistic style of gameplay that just makes it a very boring large scale shooter. 2142 a best.

    Call of Duty: WWII has one of the most satisfying shotguns in all of modern gaming.

    The story of CoD Black Ops is insultingly bad. Like holy fuck who thought it was a good idea to put that in a game jesus christ. Makes Micheal Bay look like Lars von Trier.


    Uncharted, the whole series but especially 3 and 4, are absolutely abysmal games.
    they disrespect the intelligence of the player, could only be more casual oriented if even the shooting was automated.

    you can't even make a wrong jump in a climbing section, try it... it won't let you.
    in the Church level in Uncharted 4, where you climb up the giant clock... remember that? yah, in any good game this situation would be tense and a challenge for the player, not in Uncharted...
    at one point you have to jump through the holes in a spinning gear, to land on a swinging part of the clock... in a good game this would require timing, not in Uncharted 4 where you LITERALLY can't jump until everything is aligned perfectly.
    you can literally just hold Left and mash the X button until tings align.

    but if that wasn't enough, the game will literally tell you everything... like every solution to every puzzle (sometimes the solution to things so obvious you can't even call em puzzles)
    the Jeep mechanic with the cable that you have to attach to tings in order to destroy stuff or get up hills could have been so cool, but it boils down to 100% busywork and 0% challenge. not only does the game mark every pole you can interact with with a HUD icon... nope, the game even tells you the solution in addition to that.
    it gets so bad that at the first point where you had to get up a hill, the game will literally tell you that you have to accelerate in order to get up the hill... HOW STUPID DOES NAUGHTY DOG THINK THEIR COSTUMERS ARE?

    I could go on about the series about how awful the shootouts are in any mode above Normal, while being too easy on normal, making them almost as bad there too.
    or how the game even scripts AI behavior in a way to f you over...

    know what, I'll tell that AI story, the moment I trough the disc of Uncharted 3 at the wall in frustration and disbelieve.

    so I was playing uncharted 3 and I wanted to finish it because a friend and I wanted to play it basically in tandem (like people do to have something to discuss n stuff), and I was like 75% into the game I think (definitely more than half way through) and was bored and discussed enough by that point... but I pulled through till then.
    I tried to stealth through everything since that was literally the only thing in this game that I could get at least a tiny bit of fun out of.

    I came to the open area with smaller buildings (ruins n stuff) and there was this sniper dude up in a window that I had an eye on as I killed every single bad guy in the area after like 5 attempts (I reloaded the checkpoint everytime I got detected). after my hard fought victory I just had to get 1 last guy... that sniper dude in his high up window that I had an eye on this entire time.

    as I said, I had him in my view almost the entire time to make sure he wouldn't see me... so I climbed up to the little room he was looking out of, and I knew he didn't move EVER... he was perfectly in place not turning around, not even moving a bit.
    I made double sure that he is perfectly stationary, and after like a minute of observation I finally pulled myself up to his room, which was easy enough since there was an open wall (looked like there was supposed to be a door back when the building wasn't in ruins).
    NOTE that this action does not create a noise that could draw the attention of an enemy, even if said enemy was really close... and that guy was a good 10 feet away...

    so what happened? THE F-ING DEVELOPERS PUT A TRIGGER THERE! the millisecond I pull myself in there the guy turns around, alarming everyone instantly, spawning 10 new enemies...

    as I said, I opened up my PS3 Super Slim, took out the disc, through it against the wall.
    I was so fed up with this godawful game. never had I hated a game this much.

    so yeah... that was my 2 cents on the Uncharted series, and why IMO it is the most overrated and absolutely awful series in gaming history

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  • @kevboard i love the uncharted games, even though i agree with all your points. I see them as fun movies with some braindead shooting, and sometimes that's enough for me

  • I thought of a one today while playing Ys 8, I don't really understand the praise for music in Falcom games, it is fine but I don't think it is as good as people usually tend to say it is, it mostly just comes out to me as average jrpg music.