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    Assasin's Creed peaked at II and Brotherhood. Everything afterward is the same old shit.

    This, this so hard! I loved 2 beyond words, same with brotherhood. After that it just crashed and burned

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    • Max payne 3 is best rockstar game of all time despite its weak max payne game
    • Mafia 1 is best third person game in general ever made


    • Xbox One should have stick with its original digital, and always online plans. 1st who the hell plays offline anymore? 2nd this would have made it different than the ps4 and maybe serve as another option. 3rd We are all going digital sooner or later, this actually game you some freedom with your digital content, in that you could actually lend your digital copies to friends.

    • The Batman Arkham games are overrated

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    • Xbox One should have stick with its original digital, and always online plans. 1st who the hell plays offline anymore? 2nd this would have made it different than the ps4 and maybe serve as another option. 3rd We are all going digital sooner or later, this actually game you some freedom with your digital content, in that you could actually lend your digital copies to friends.

    • The Batman Arkham games are overrated

    Imma stop you right there. I'm not sure about you or your circle of friends, but I have met plenty of people who prefer playing offline or don't do multiplayer only games. Some of us prefer single-player. And you have to remember at the end of the day not everybody has perfect internet. You got people who live out in the rural areas, you have guys in a military that are all somewhere outside of the US or whatever Home Country they're from, and they don't have the best internet connection, and at the end of the day your internet is always not going to work. Or God forbid you forgot to pay the bill or can't afford it. That is why the Xbox One failed pushing for something most did not want, and why and All Digital console should not be pushed so soon. Plus there are people who like having physical copies of games. Because what happens when a game is no longer available and there was never a physical media for it. If the game gets delisted, there's no way to play other than hopefully find somebody with a console that still kept the game. That is the main flaw of digital only games. Yeah, some of them might get lucky enough that they get so popular; they get a physical version later, but that's not how it works for most digital games.

    Also, why the hell should anyone sign on to a server for a single player game? The Hitman reboot was proof of why you shouldn't do shit like that. What proves this further is that you got plenty of single player games from the Japanese Market or smaller indie titles (that got a physical release or digital) where you don't have to sign on or be on PS plus to play the game. That further destroys Microsoft's argument. Now granted Sony, was originally going to do the same thing, but they backed out at the last minute because Microsoft happen to go on first on E3 of 2013. So the scenario could have gone either way.

  • @edsortiz I don't live in a huge city in a major state, and I don't have the best wi-fi. It doesn't kick-off constantly but it does happen sometimes. I can only imagine it'd be worse for someone in a smaller city around here. When it does I usually play games or something instead of browsing the internet so yeah, I can safely say an always-online system is anathema to me. And I can't speak for the rest of the world but I'm adverse to a digital-only future. I already can't buy games like Transformers Devastation on PSN since they've been de-listed, so it having a physical release is nothing but a good thing. I don't wanna live in a world where three years from now my entire library could go the way of PT.

  • @edsortiz I too play offline.

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    Blackcell/Diesel has been a highly important and entertaining part of the GT/EZA community, for close to a decade now actually.

    Thankyou my friend, but it seem like most of time you agree with my views even since GT days. right sher?

    theres very few people think the witcher 3 suck. as majority believe its masterpiece lol. you also didnot liked TW3.

    Oh, there was pleeenty that I didn't ^.^ Hell, you think that Xenoblades title screen music is one of the worst pieces in video games.

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    ou think that Xenoblades title screen music is one of the worst pieces in video game

    you still remember? thats so 2012. haha

  • @CoCage

    I cant say i know someone who plays Xbox one and doesnt have internet in his home...playing a single player only game does not count as playing offline, if you have a wifi connection in your home you can connect to it with an xbox one.

    From what i remembered it would have required you to log in every 3 or more days.. to check in, more of a identity verification kind of thing. So you can do that with whatever internet is available at your house... all you need to do is get online.. you dont need to actually play multiplayer.

    You could still use physical games. Could you? I mean in my opinion (And i love having physical media) having physical games for ps4 and xbox one, defeats all purpose since you have to install it in your hard drive, the only good thing is trading them in, which i never do for games i buy physically. ( i suffer trade in PTSD) They dont even come with a booklet anymore, it might as well be a blank cd, with the code on it, like for PC... And btw you almost always need to download a patch for it first kinda proves that both of them where trying to do the same thing from the beginning, both consoles are more like a pc now. Its only a matter of time.

    And all the other things that have been always said about it, like the military and not paying for internet?.. If you cant afford an internet bill.. i dont think you should be playing an xbox one.. probably need to sell it. I also believe most military bases have Wifi... if you are in a military base without wifi.. what are you doing playing xbox one??? Is there an hdtv and no wifi? is there a power supply and no wifi?? Is it really dangerous? This are all unrealistic scenarios, and irrelevant to the conversation of THE FUTURE. XD

    At the end of it all,... the change to digital is "Inevitable" (in Agents Smith's voice). All i wanted to say is that this would have made the xbox one different from the ps4 in which it gave you MORE options and uses for your digital media, since they are already leading the way to a more centralized personal digital library, in which all the games you bought on your 360 digitally you most likely can play it on youre "one"

  • Digital copyright may dissapear.. but NOTHING is worse than playing through FF VII aaaaaaaannnddd VIII to get to the 3rd and 2nd CD respectevily.. and the cds NOT working... Yea... physical media can be broken and scratched.. digital dosent suffer from that stupid crap. XD

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    I understand but, the always online thing meant, that you had to connect to check in once in a few days. It didnt mean you where streaming games and needed a strong internet.
    And I understand the all digital worries, but in the end of it all.. your physical media can get stolen, and broken.. and cds dont last forever.. they are already starting to degrade. Games get discontinued and some rare games are so hard to get and so expensive because of their limited manufacturing, that you will never get to play unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for them. So it goes both ways

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    What do you mean by offline? You play on an Xbox one or PS4 with no internet connection at all?

  • @edsortiz i do quite often i live in a area where i cant even cable

  • Digital games are the most ridiculous thing ever. WHY would you want to have thousands, and for some tens of thousands of dollars all locked to a service? You cant trade, give away, or sell them (possibly you can with steam). They have zero value and are literally digital clutter. You can't tell me you'll be playing all these games 20 and 40 years from now. It's insane and I hate that it's so supported. It's so ridiculous, that ppl ask for the ability go hide their purchases on their purchase list lol.

  • @edsortiz Just because digital is "inevitable", doesn't mean it should be pushed so soon. You shouldn't force technology on people like that, it will backfire. Like I said, everyone's internet is different, but I shouldn't be having to go online to play games digitally all the time. Because there will be times where I don't want play the game, or I want to delete it and make room for something else. And like what another person said below; you can't trade a digital game. Once you bought it, there's generally no refund for it, unless you're on steam or GOG. Least with the physical game I can play something 10 to 20 or 30 years later. And most CDs can last a long time as long as a person who has them take great care of them. I still have games from the Sega Genesis days that work fine. Yeah those are cartridges but it still counts. And I got plenty of CDs from the PlayStation 1 era that barely have any scuffs or scratches or no scratches at all. All of my GameCube stuff still work, and there are no scratches on it. As long as a person takes care of their game CD/DVD or Blu-ray, there shouldn't be any trouble in the game working. If the game doesn't work you're just have to find another copy second hand.

    That's life. Sometimes you find games that are cheap, and other times there are games that become expensive. So it's a case of: is this game worth it? Which is why most people prefer physical media. If you want an all digital console that's fine and dandy but you're really not going to see that till at least another 15 to 25 years.

  • @edsortiz My PS4 is EXCLUSIVELY a single player machine. I do not have a PS Plus account, nor do a own, or want to own ANY game with a Mulitplayer component for the system.

    My Xbox One is my Co-op/MP machine, but that is a little off, as I don't play without friends, and that is so few and far between. For example, it's been AT LEAST three months since I've played a game with anyone else. And I don't play Multiplayer alone ever, so there's that. So while I'm logged into an Xbox Live account, I wouldn't lose any sleep if the online components were inaccessible (Unless that cripples a game. Then I'm pissed [see: Mass Effect Andromeda]).

  • @edsortiz I find your view on the always online relatively absurd. Within 12 months, an internet provider that isn't my own had unplugged my cords from a telephone box twice. My internet was out for at least 7 days each time. With the XBO's original policy, I wouldn't have been able to play. I live in one of the largest north american cities. I also have JUST signed up for PS+ to play Monster Hunter but hadn't in YEARS.

    The original XBO policy was anti-consumer and the general public agreed. It fits the mold of an "unpopular opinion" thread but I don't understand how the XBO's original policies would benefit anybody in any way whatsoever.

  • @CGamor7
    Thats exactly my whole point with xbox drm original policies.. you would have been able to turn physical games to digital, and then sell, loan digital copies