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  • Rockstar is "in your face "?

    As for Evil Within the first feels like a hodgepodge of ideas without much thought as to how they connected which yes i know it's supposed to be connected thru neural bathtub but it still feels extremely out of left field with it's environment choice. That and the technical issues on Consoles and the letterbox format didn't help much.

    That said Evil Within 2 is absolutely phenomenal and I wish it would get more love (granted it came out during a very, very stacked October if I recall)
    It is the closest thing in recent memory that has the tightrope pacing that RE4 had, and honestly Evil Within 2 just gets my mind racing when thinking of what a modern Silent Hill or a new Resident Evil could be like with the semi-open world structure.

  • @dmcmaster While you're right about the performance issues on consoles and PC with EW1, at least patched a majority of the problems. Including the option to get rid of the letter boxing. The game plays much better with it removed. My only real gripe with the first game was that a lot of bosses had one hit kill moves. To the point I would get paranoid and try equip myself just enough to not take any type of damage. Also, never touch the 360 version unpatched; it's unplayable.

    Yes, Rockstar still has this in your face attitude when it comes to their games. Mainly GTA, as other than Red Dead, they don't do much else. They act like they're the edgiest kid on the block, when in reality, they're not as shocking as they make themselves out to be, and other games in the market shot how flawed their opened world design is. That's just me. So who knows?

  • @brawlman
    I'm aware about the patch to get rid of the letterbox, but that was almost 6-7 months after release if I recall.

    And I remember the horror stories of the 360 version, hell if I recall the Sunflower section was completely removed on 360, and barely ran on PS3

    I don't really see any of Rockstar's recent marketing for GTA5, and RDR1 and 2 as edgy or "in your face " can you give some examples of what you mean?

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    I liked the original TEW. Hated the sequel. It surprised me that I ended up dropping it so quickly after hoping for a sequel for years. It just didn't have the Mikami magic, and the semi-open world only detracted.

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  • @brawlman said in Gaming Unpopular opinion thread:

    Ubisoft games are now so boring or lacking identity or personality that they're all one big, bland, sludge.

    This I strongly agree. So cliche but: They don't have soul.

    @brawlman said in Gaming Unpopular opinion thread:

    they make are still stuck in that "in your face" 90s/early 2000s attitude that has faded long ago.

    What do you mean by that? Can you elaborate?

  • @scotty
    I'm still confused about what he means by "in your face " marketing for GTA and RDR.

  • @dmcmaster

    Sorry, for the vagueness, but I meant GTAV. Not so much Red Dead. The dlc for Red Dead 2 was in your face of the, spends this x-amount-of-money-to-enjoy our-game. Even though it's already $60, and you're wasting money on cosmetics for the multiplayer. GTAV's mp had a similar problem down the road. I don't know exactly, but GTA V's story I found not that interesting aside from a quick laugh here and there. The satire I did not care for, and most the cast I found obnoxious. The torture scene (for me anyway), felt like they were trying to outdo themselves in the grim and gritty department. I apologize, if I did not convey it any better, but that is how I can only do at the moment. As for the advertising (single player anyway), I kinda take it back, but I do find it weird, when in one of the trailers for V, they kept emphasizing on the word fun. I.E look how fun you can have doing, x and y, while doing z. It's as if they were expecting their fan base to get bored quickly or something.

    Back to Evil Within, you're correct about 6-8 months later for patches, but luckily for me, I did not get the game until about a year later.

    @Ezekiel Too bad, you missed out on some great content. I like and respect Mikami, but him stepping down was the best idea to let some of the new blood take over. EW1 was literally RE4 again, but supernatural/cerebral. The problem was Sebastian was barely an entity, and the game was more about Ruvik, than any of the trio. Hell, the story had more to do with Kidman when playing the DLC, than Seb and Joseph. The latter two were just along for the ride. EW2 gives Seb more agency, develops his character (especially doing his personal side quests), better support characters (probably because they're not just expies of the RE4 cast), better and more straightforward plot, and the semi-open world is good. Not a masterpiece, but it does the job well with plenty to do without overstuffing nor going overboard. How you tackle it is up to the player. You're doing yourself a disservice by not finishing it, but is your choice. If your not going to do that, you might as well watch a playthrough on YouTube. Assuming you hadn't that is.

  • @brawlman I found GTAV's story so unappealing that it is probably the only game I've enjoyed that I had no desire to finish, it just lost all of the appeal previous games had (and playing SA right now on PS4 I can vouch for that), and I also agree with their design being pretty poor, I played Red Dead for the first time last year and I found it to be an boring game with absolutely horrible mission design.

  • @dmcmaster said in Gaming Unpopular opinion thread:

    That said Evil Within 2 is absolutely phenomenal and I wish it would get more love (granted it came out during a very, very stacked October if I recall)
    It is the closest thing in recent memory that has the tightrope pacing that RE4 had, and honestly Evil Within 2 just gets my mind racing when thinking of what a modern Silent Hill or a new Resident Evil could be like with the semi-open world structure.

    I have to say that I am a big fan of both The Evil Within 1 & 2 but the sequel was very disappointing to me. I spent like 6 hours in Chapter 3 alone just collecting items in the open part. These open sections are meandering and the only real reward was the green goo. Your narrative shouldn’t be able to sit still for that long. Playing on Hard / Nightmare you can honestly spend a looooong time in that first section when you aren’t leveled up.

    Then there isn’t much exciting between the open world sections in the beginning. I liked the Pyro guy in context but then they just throw like 3 or 4 of him into the open world sections. It feels cheap.

    I know TEW1 reused bosses like The Keeper but at least they were placed into fun gameplay scenarios. TEW2 is still fun and my roommate likes it more than the original but I feel as though it’s missing the crazy, fun, and varied gameplay scenarios that made the original amazing.

  • Link's blue outfit from BotW is MUCH MORE beatiful than his iconic green ones.

  • DQ VIII and XI plots are kinda meh. I suspect DQ stories have never been a strenght of the series (can't say it for sure since i haven't played them all).

    I can't believe for that many years fans kept saying that DQ VIII is great for the story when it's the typical JRPG story "save the world" full of clichès, and really nothing that feels new or surprising, and it doesn't evolve much. You should play any DQ more for the jolly vibes, the cool monster designs, the classic JRPG gameplay,... and never expecting a particularly interesting story.

    That said in this period i'm reading War and Peace which has such a rich and detailed narrative, any game couldn't stand against it; it's making me question if stories in videogames are just incredibly overrated and they will never reach that level of depth.

  • Half Life 2 is the most overrated game of all time, and anyone saying it still holds up to this day against all the other modern FPSs is blinded by nostalgia. Seriously I'd take Bioshock or Timesplitters over this game any day of the week.

  • @father-time

    I played Half Life 1 in full for the first time in 2011 and Half Life 2 or the first time in 2007 and again in 2011 and both felt amazing. By contrast, I went back and played Bioshock in 2012 and it felt pretty dated and chunky.

    So basically, I feel the opposite of you.

  • @dipset The only thing dated about Bioshock is Infinite, since it's simplified even further and removes whatever complexities the other prequels had. The only reason Bioshock 1 feels dated is because, so many games during the 7th generation copied it. Yet Bioshock was spiritual successor to System Shock (as was Dead Sapce and many others afterward). In reality, many of the game copying Bioshock, was copying System Shock and Half Life 1 & 2.

  • @brawlman

    Dated is the wrong word. What I'm trying to say is that Bioshock feels clunky, chunky, sluggish. It's still one of my favourite FPS games, but I hate the endless cycle of dying against a Big Daddy, coming back with no ammo or anything and just dying again and again. Aiming, moving, navigating just felt very RPG-ish to me on a second playthrough. Like the immersive world they made is a lot less illusory when you feel the faults in the gameplay with fresh eyes.

  • I still have strong memories of how highly and consistently praised Half-Life 2 was during its time because I too bristled against that opinion. I think HL2 is 'okay', although at the time I disliked it a lot more for feeling like it represented the opposite direction of the FPS genre that I wanted.

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    Played through the entirety of HL2 recently and completely disagree. Shit was massively ahead of it's time in almost every regard. Still controls amazingly, still have a fantastic story and characters, and with the updates it has recieved over the years still looks pretty good.

    Also agree about Bioshock being a clunker.

  • @gageblackw23 I agree with DQ plots, I don't remember anything about 8's really but I know I enjoyed the game, 11 was so unintestesting that I had zero interest in keeping going even 20 hours, but like you said I think that is an incorrect approach to the series for the most part.

    I don't think it is controversial to say that games stories are not as advanced as profound as those you can find in other mediums, for various reasons, but I would definitively say there's a lot of interesting stuff you can find if you look for it, but particularly in the popular games I don't believe is a good place to look for interesting narratives.

  • I think I'm in the middle here. I played Half Life 2 when it first came out at a friend's house and later on the PS3 Orange Box. I do remember it looking really good on PC at the time (the water!) but I always found the game to be good, not great. I can't deny the joy of gravity gun + saw blade though.