question about upload on ps4 (pro)

  • So i got a situation that i am not sure how to fix.

    I have 20Mb/s upload, yet my ps4 only go as high as 5~Mb/s - the download speeds are at the higher end of the spectrum varying from 150Mb/s to 190 Mb/s, yet the upload does not go any higher than 5 to 6 Mb/s (sometimes go even as low as 1.2Mb/s)

    Anyone know why? is it a limitation of the ps4 or is there something else going on?

    it is connected with a cable, and i have a ps4 pro.
    I tried using the same cable as my computer (which shows correct values), but no dice.

    thanks you in advance for any input.

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    Depends on your location, the location of Sony's servers, etc.

    I have an 80mbs connection but usually only get speeds similar to yours, and I'm on the East Coast.