Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  • I got the chance to try out the open beta last night and I came away very impressed.

    I'm not a big fighting game player but I love Dragon Ball, and simply by going through the tutorials I fell in love with the game.

    Visually it's perfect, it's what the show wishes it looked like. The animations are so smooth and dynamic, the gameplay is buttery smooth, every single thing you do looks cool, badass and powerful.

    It's quite simple to learn, there are no complicated button combinations, but there's so much depth too, the combo possibilities feel endless. I'm still going to be way too intimidated to play it online much, so my final decision to buy the game will depend on how generous the singleplayer mode is. And not to sound like a broken record but... Switch version please?

    Is anyone else hyped for this??

  • Did someone say hype
    alt text

  • Even Nappa is fun, the hype is real

  • This is one of my most anticipated games of the year. Fighting games never top my anticiapation list, unless it's Smash, or this.

  • looks great, but I think casuals are gonna hate the game online
    they don't understand how dirty the game really is
    just know don't dash in like a retard, you'll get blown up

  • Embargo lifts soon

  • I just pre-ordered the limited edition with that statue and sweet ass steelbook. Dragon Ball is in a good place again and I couldn't be happier about it.

  • The reviews so far confirm what we all expected/hoped: it's freaking awesome!


    Sounds like the single-player campaign is quite beefy, 10-12 hours if you try to see it all, that's impressive. Although it seems like it gets repetitive after a while. Since I would probably only play single-player, I'm not in a rush and I'll probably wait for a sale (or a Switch port??).

    Is anyone picking it up this week? I'm excited to check it out on twitch!

  • I'm getting this day one but I'm only mildly interested in the single-player and I doubt I'll play much online at all. I'm mostly getting this since my brother and I loved playing Budokai 3 together growing up and still do it once in a blue moon, and after trying the open beta I thought this might be right up our alley. The only thing that could make me more excited would be some Dragonball DLC, like Kid Goku or Jackie Chun.

  • @DeweyDTruman said in Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4, Xbox One, PC):

    The only thing that could make me more excited would be some Dragonball DLC

    Don't you mean DLZ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • @DeweyDTruman said in Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4, Xbox One, PC):

    The only thing that could make me more excited would be some Dragonball DLC, like Kid Goku or Jackie Chun.

    Oh man, I didn't know how much I wanted this until now!

    And yeah, if you have somebody to play local co-op with, I'm sure it's going to be a blast! Can't wait for the inevitable EZA tournament by the way.

  • First DLC fighter announced

  • Is anyone else sad this guy isn't actually playable?

    alt text

  • @YYZDrew There are many characters I would like to see before Recoome. Albeit I don't know the whole roster..

  • @Fridge-man
    Same, Bardock, Broly, Vegeito, Hercule/Satan, Supreme Kai, One Armed Adult Gohan, Kid Goku (GT), Pan, Videl, Chi-Chi, all spring to mind.

    Huzzah for working the weekend, will hopefully get a chance to play soon.

  • This game looks amazing. I have always played fighting games for the novelty of the characters, and though I am one of the many that grew up with Dragon Ball Z, this game genuinely will make me attempt to give it a go and try to get good!

    Not a day one buy for me because of the beefy backlog, but will grab this as soon as the first price drop. And again when it comes to the Switch. :P

  • Practice/ idk

  • This game is ruining my studies. 10/10.

  • Game is really great, better than i expected i even could say.

  • Broly reveal

    Bardock reveal

    Why no sound, I hear you ask. Ask Bandai.

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