The 2017 Easy Allies Awards

  • First off, I'm not sure, if this fits better in Comments & Feedback, or Shows, but I'm going for Comments & Feedback for now because I'm mainly giving feedback.

    I just watched "The 2017 Easy Allies Awards" (the results, not the discussion). Here is some feedback/criticism from my side:

    What I liked:

    • I very much prefer your style of listing nominees first and then naming one winner over the "Top 10" ranking other publications / YouTubers create. Hearing all the nominees first in "random" order and then revealing the single winner makes it more interesting and "awards-show-like" in my opinion, so I hope you will keep this format.
    • I just love Brandon's voice describing the games and the reasoning behind the nomination/win. You are an incredible narrator!
    • The editing was great. Opening with Kass' song to reveal Zelda as the winner was awesome.
    • I like that you have multiple categories (Best Multiplayer, Best Strategy, etc.), this way people with a specific taste in gaming can focus more on their preferred genre/style of game.

    However, I wish you can bring back individual videos for each category, like you did at GameTrailers. Here is why:

    • Having it all crammed into one video will always lead to one of these outcomes: Either the video becomes very long and harder to watch if you don't have a lot of time, or the individual categories come too short. In this case, I felt the latter very strongly. I would love to give the individual categories more time.
    • I was a bit disappointed to not have any narration/reasoning for the individual categories' nominees and winners. Just having the names in text over some footage of the winner didn't do it for me. I want to hear and see about every nominee and get an explanation why you love a specific game's soundtrack so much, or what makes it the best sidescroller of the year.
    • Also some context about the category would be nice to hear: Did this category stand out this year? Is it a new category that you didn't consider last year? Was it a rather weak year for this category with only a few games standing out?
    • Last but not least: If you split it into individual videos per category, you can release them over a period of time, so I can come back and see what category you covered this time until it culminates into the main video about the "Game of the Year" in general.

    TL;DR: I love your style of GOTY awards, but I wish you would give the individual categories some more love and respect.

    What do other Easy Allies fans think? Do you prefer one video like we got this year? Any other thoughts or feedback about GOTYs?

  • admin

    Thanks for the feedback.
    There are a lot of reasons the video is presented this way rather than the multiple videos of GT.

    • First and foremost is the fact that we're now deliberating live. When doing them in private, there's plenty of time to write and produce a group of awards videos afterwards. Now that all of the winners are already known, it's really important for us to get any more packaged videos out as early as possible. In order to facilitate that, we did write and prepare the GOTY nominees in the week before so we could cut as much as possible ahead of time, only needing to add the winners the next day.
    • Doing so many category videos also requires them to be spread out a bit. Putting up more than four or five per day can be exhausting, and no matter what some parts start to get repetitive. In the old process, it worked out because people wouldn't know what's coming, but again, with the winners all out in the open, there's less anticipation and more need for a quick turnaround
    • For most of the years at GT, we had a team of a dozen or more full time video editors. Now we basically have three editors who are either part-time or who also handle multiple other responsibilities.
    • Writing all those categories was also a grind. Even spreading out the work, it's taxing to talk about a game for the third or fourth time and to try to make sure entries from different writers aren't merely bringing up the exact same points.

    There are probably more things I could bring up, but yeah it basically comes down to different needs with the live deliberations and our staff size. If you want to know more on any category, there's plenty to check out in the deliberations video, which includes time stamps for you to jump ahead.

  • Hi Daniel,

    those reasons actually make sense. Thank you very much for the reply.

    I think I will look into the deliberations video, although 7 hours (still 4 hours, if I leave out the nominee discussions at the end) look very intimidating. Maybe if I watch it in chunks of 30 - 40 minutes and treat it like 10 videos, it will be fine ;)

    However, there is still a difference between watching people discuss something and watching a professionally edited video with Brandon reading a well formulated script.

    Although I like watching discussions (I frequently watch the Podcast and Friend Code), the video productions are still more entertaining overall, and I'm always happy to see a new review or other short video uploaded to the channel.

    Thanks again for taking the time to explain your reasoning and keep up the good work! :)

  • Just to add some more feedback.

    In general I really liked the new approach. There's always something great about seeing all the deliberations no matter how serious or silly the category is.

    I don't necessarily think that doing the show live is essential. While chat did get a few nomination mentions in, it was mostly ignored and chat itself was either just very fast or very salty over the decisions being made. This is expected really with any kind of awards show.

    To add to that, I think there was definitely a stage where everyone was just feeling the length of the event. During the most GOTY award itself, you could kinda tell that both the panel and chat were a little bit tired.

    I'd be of the opinion that a pre recorded video would work out much better. You could keep the same format, have all the allies on screen and do it at a more reasonable time. It'd also allow for a proper break, whether that's an hour or another day. I think the fans would be okay if you were to cancel a group stream to do these deliberations.

    And if you were worried about missing some nominees from chat, you could always throw out a patreon post for the awards or something to get some feedback.

    Either way I'm definitely happy with the changes since the first GOTY awards and hope they continue to improve! Good job guys.

  • admin


    I think we'll probably still do it live, but maybe it's worth considering splitting it up over two days or so. It is kind of hard to predict how long game of the year itself can last as some years we've really had very little debate, but if we do the same thing where I make sure each game gets an explanation for why it's nominated, that's probably an hour in itself right there.

  • I just want to start off by saying congratulations on your first live GOTY deliberations and thank you for doing this. I just wanted to give my feedback.

    • I think the genre awards are dumb, I know you wanted to give awards to some games for their work. There are so many other genre's that didn't get an award dedicated to it so I don't see why Fighting and Strategy is different.
    • I understand Don didn't want to have anything to do with GOTY but he should have a video of his top 10 at the end that you could have played.
    • Instead of Genre awards something like best performance or best writing could be introduced
    • Upset that Huber didn't do best axe/shotgun
    • I wouldn't have mind seeing you guys bring the games down to a Top 10/5 for each category. I know this means longer recording but if you can make this work it would be a bonus. Maybe it can happen in the future.

    Once again thanks for your hard work guys :) Hope next year will be even better

  • @ib0show Huber did do Best Shotgun. The Schockhammer from Wolfenstein 2 won

    If you're watching the "recap" video, not all the categories made it into that I think.

  • @TokyoSlim where's the love for the axe

  • @ib0show He may not have felt there were enough notable axes last year to form a category.