Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link, a Platinum developed action-RPG

  • I just heard about this game, but apparently it was announced a while ago. There's a new trailer today:
    Youtube Video

    In a word: excited.

    I like the art style, and the main character. Why yes I would like to play as not-Celes and do battle against a Fate/Stay Night Berserker-type enemy. (I also like how "shield bashing" means something else when you are 20 feet tall). The visuals are really slick. It is what I always hoped the Tales series was going to evolve into someday (although I wouldn't slag on how Berseria looked or anything).

    Here's a polygon article with a few more details:

    Here's the game's official page, which has some more screenshots:

  • Looks great and since it's by PlatinumGames it most probably plays great too, I hope we get it.

  • I dig the style, and I'm always in for Platinum. Here's hoping for an English localization.

  • Im sold that looks great

  • I feel like I've seen ads for Granblue games on just about every train in Japan for the past few years... Don't know much about how they played, since I'm not a huge mobile guy, but looks like an interesting direction for the series!

  • I've been looking this for a long time. I will put money on it when they make a release date for the West. The game looks amazing and it already looks it plays Amazing too. I wonder if it will do the same thing like the Tales of Series, where you can switch between characters your control?

  • As heartened as I am that they're doing another fantasy game — or at least a single one that's not about guns — after Okami, that was one of the most underwhelming gameplay videos I've seen in a while. Literally the only impressive part was the shield dodging thing which was turned into a gif elsewhere. Everything about this game screams MMO, the combat probably won't be one of their best efforts since it's another brand deal game, and those floating numbers are real ugly.