EZA Personal Picks Aggregated ("The TRUE GOTY Rankings")

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    In case anyone was curious (like me).

    My scoring was simple; 10 points to 1st, 9 points to 2nd, and so on. No points to nods. I gave 10 to both Zelda and Persona for Brad, and two points to the fighting games Kyle put at #9 in his list.

    Essentially you get a top 10 of well-diversified but all highly-regarded games. Based off of what I've seen, Yakuza 0 seems higher than other 2017 round-ups (which I agree with), and Horizon seems a little lower (which I also agree with). Nier Automata seems to be one of those games that are either high up on people's lists or not on it at all.

    Notable observations include:

    -Mario beating Persona 5 for #2
    -Resident Evil 7 looking good at #4
    -Mario + Rabids, Steamworld Dig 2, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 JUST MISSING THE CUT

  • Thanks for gathering this! I, too, was left wondering about this kind of scoreboard after what Ian said in the final moments of the whole GOTY talk.

  • @notjack You wouldn't happen to have a text list (or spreadsheet) with each of Allies's individual top ten lists would you? I wanted to do a comparison of my own and I know I could scrub through their video again, but I was hoping someone still had it copied down.